Central State WR #83 Dayvon Ross could make an impact on Sunday's next season.

Miami Dolphins Scout's Take: Interview With CSU WR Dayvon Ross

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I am going to start this piece a little unorthodox in that I am going to give you [the reader] some insight into my personal life.

So as I was sitting at home on facebook after a rough day of classes, I noticed I had a friend request from Rahim Moore. I thought nothing of it to begin with and figured it was just another one of those fake accounts, and then Rahim Moore proceeded to send me a few messages. We went back and forth for a few minutes about who I was and what I did. He then told me about one of his best friends from where he grew up and about this young man’s past.

Rahim then asked me if I could throw together an NFL Draft piece on a small school stud receiver, who Rahim believes could end up going anywhere from round 3 to 6.

I told Rahim I would do my best to get his friend’s name out there to push him up the draft boards becoming a more known small school prospect.

I recently was in contact with Rahim’s friend. I want to introduce you to Mr. Dayvon Ross. Dayvon Ross is a small school receiver who is listed at 6’2”, 210 pounds. He ails from the division II school known as Central State University. Where? Exactly.

I was able to conduct a small interview with Mr. Ross to get to know him a bit better and give you [the reader] some more knowledge about this small school product:


TM: “Coming from a small D-2 school, it seems as though the odds are not in your favor. What are you doing to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal of playing in the National Football League?”

DR: “Well being at D2 it was hard for me seeing how I came from two D1 programs. One of the things that kept me motivated was seeing some of the top NFL draft players coming from my high school conference knowing that I led that conference in receiving yards and touchdowns. Guys like Robert Woods, Marqise Lee, DeAnthony Thomas,Titus Young, Rahim Moore, and many more.”

TM: “What type of player do you try to mold your game after? Are you more of a Calvin Johnson do it all guy? A Larry Fitzgerald strong hands possession guy? Or a Desean Jackson purely speed kind of guy?”

DR: “I would have to say all of the above. I really take pride at this position. My hands are my greatest asset and I feel I can catch anything over anybody. I think I can do it all. Also please don’t sleep on my speed.”

TM: “Is there any player currently in or who previously played in the league that you look up to for guidance?”

DR: “Yes, Desean Jackson and Rahim Moore. They both grew up in the same area as me and they still both are success stories that gives me great advice.”

TM: “What can we expect from Dayvon Ross in the future wherever he may end up?”

DR: “On March 15th I am going to the combine in Chicago. Then waiting for draft day. My training is going better than expected, so look out for me.”

TM: “Do you like to talk a little trash on the field? Or are you more of the Andre Johnson style in that you let your play talk for you?”

DR: “I let my game talk for me, man. Action speaks louder than words.” 

TM: “Give us a little background on what exactly happened to you straight out of high school as a highly touted recruit. What happened? How did you bounce back? Does it still motivate you to this very day?”

DR: “Yes, it definitely still motivates me, but I was one of the top wide outs in the country decided to stay home and attend UCLA. They told me at the last minute that I was missing courses, so had to go the JUCO route. Then I balled out there and got another offer to play at the University of Virginia in the ACC, but again the NCAA told me that all my college courses were not all transferable. But now I look back at it as a blessing that lead me to Central State, a place I called home.”

TM: “What kind of numbers do you expect to post come your combine?

DR: “Lol i want give numbers, but please follow me. They will be spectacular and i can promise that.”

TM: “What kind of player is a team getting off-the-field when they take a chance on Dayvon Ross?” 

DR: “They will get a very nice guy who does not draw attention to himself. Just wants to take care of his family and play some football. I have never and never will be a hazard.”

TM: “What kind of work ethic can a team expect from Dayvon Ross?”

DR: “My work ethic and my determination is why I’m still here, man. As you can see I’ve been through a lot, but by me working hard and the grace of God I’m still going, so you will get a guy who won’t quit.”

TM: “What is one thing that you are humbled about when you look back at your journey to where you are now, and potentially could be some day?”

DR: “I would have to say still playing at a high level and out playing a lot of guys who are going in the first two rounds. If there were no politics, I’d be going in the first round.”

TM: “What kind of offensive scheme are you most comfortable in? What experience do you have in different schemes?”

DR: “I feel that I can be successful at any offense. My body type and my ability allows me to be a duel treat receiver, so I think whatever team drafts me, I’ll fit in just right.”

TM: “How are you in terms of blocking? Can a team expect you to stick your nose in there and seal the edge for their star running back?”

DR: “Oh yeah, I love to block. I have a 215 body frame. You will be crazy to think I’d let a DB make a tackle while I’m blocking. I’m too physical for that.”

TM: “Lastly, when it’s fourth and six on your 10 yard line, time is expiring, and your team is down by four and needs a touchdown to win the game, who should they call on in that situation?”

DR: “Me all the way. It’s nothing i cant do out on that football field. I’ve been playing this game since i was 7. I’ve been in that situation before and won us the game.” 

CSU WR Dayvon Ross has a very similar skill-set to Washington Redskin Pierre Garcon.
Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Before I was contacted by Rahim Moore, I honestly had no idea who Dayvon Ross was and I had never heard of him before. I can honestly say that I am glad that I have gotten to know Dayvon.

We have seen it time and time again, small school or even undrafted receivers are making a name for themselves in the more modern NFL.

It’s a passing league”. All teams covet their top five receivers and typically stash at least two younger receivers who present some upside on their practice squad.

From what I have seen from the very limited tape on Dayvon Ross, he could very well be the next small school receiver to make it big-time in the league.

Dayvon has been compared to players such as Michael Crabtree, Victor Cruz, etc. and I will not take it that far because those are lofty expectations – plus I don’t think they fit his style well.

I liken Dayvon’s abilities to that of Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskins. Garcon, like Dayvon, comes from a small school (Mount Union) and was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the sixth round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Both players possess nice speed, good route running, but their hands are clearly their best asset.

I know this is not the last time you will hear the name Dayvon Ross.

If you’d like to hear more about Mr. Ross, he will be joining us next Saturday night (February 8th) on our post-Super Bowl edition of the Direct Snap. He will be giving us some updates from week-to-week on his training and how everything is going along. We will hopefully be joining him for the ride throughout his NFL career.

And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night at 8:30 PM eastern time for our LIVE and UNSCRIPTED full first round 2014 NFL Mock Draft!!


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