Nov 17, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes (21) intercepts a pass during the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Grimes Closing In On New Deal


A day after it was reported that the Miami Dolphins were not keen or likely to use the franchise tag on Brent Grimes, it appears they may not have to.  The obvious number one in house free agent said yesterday that he and the Dolphins are talking and that he is confident that a new deal will get done.

This comes as good news for a franchise that needs quality leadership on and off the field.  Last season Brent Grimes was far and away Miami’s best defender.  Losing him would not only hurt the team but fans confidence as well.  In his one year with Miami, Grimes has skyrocketed his popularity with fans.  It’s also not such a bad thing that his play on the field earned him a Pro-Bowl spot.  While Grimes will be inching his way towards the other side of thirty the Dolphins would do themselves well locking him for a few more years.

While Brent Grimes is wanting to stay in Miami, it appears that Jonathan Martin does not.  According a report earlier today, Martin’s agent met with Miami staffers in Indianapolis.  It was reported that Martin doesn’t really want to return to Miami.  Joe Philbin has said that the Martin “camp” could have avoided this entire fiasco had they done a better job.  Or something like that.  Frankly I don’t find this amusing anymore.  Aside from the wish to see Martin traded instead of released, I hope he doesn’t return to the team.  He wasn’t that good when he was here.

In other FA news, Paul Soliai has moved out of his Miami home.  No word on whether the property has gone up for sale yet.  It could be a signal to Miami that he is serious about getting paid.

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  • 1sb1

    I seriously doubt any other team will give Miami more than a pair of used cleats for Jonathan Martin.
    I’d even take a 6th or 7th rounder for him–anything rather than nothing.
    Nobody probably feels the need that they’ll have to give anything up for him, as he is most likely unwanted in almost every locker room.
    Hell, it’s not like he was even any good–and he walked out, quit his team mid-season, rather than try and resolve his problem.

    • Pentax Shooter

      You say Martin “walked out”, while he would say he was driven out. Several players on other teams have already stated that they would welcome Jonathon Martin. With more positive reinforcement and discipline he would probably work harder and might wind up being an adequate OL.

      • LostSok

        Pentax, Martin was just as much a degenerate as Incognito. What really bothered ME when I read through their texts to each other: the talk about getting wasted and picking up women…DURING THE SEASON. It’s not wonder Martin looked listless and slow during games. He was probably hung over.

        Clearly playing football was not Jon Martin’s #1 priority. He’s soft on the field, and a scumbag–just like his pal Richie–off of it. San Fran can have him. If it wasn’t for the almost certain fact he would start crying and running to his lawyer, Miami should just release him.

        • Pentax Shooter

          “If it wasn’t for the almost certain fact he would start crying and running to his lawyer, Miami should just release him.” Haven’t you been paying attention? He *wants* the Phins to release him. He’ll still get paid for it. Any team with a decent locker room and a need for an O-lineman will pick him up and kick the tires.

          As far as “getting wasted and picking up women”… he may have been saying that in an attempt to get along with the “crew”. And anyway, a lot of pro athletes do that.

          And as for the rest, time will tell. I just hope RT17 doesn’t have to get the tar beaten out of him again. Let’s hope Pouncey gets past this and grows up and becomes a leader.

          • LostSok

            Agree on Pouncey. If he has any intellect at all this should be a massive wake up call.

      • Johnny

        Of coarse other teams “said they would welcome him”… BS… Nobody wants a snitch that can’t play LT or RT at NFL level..

  • Bernie Shorts

    If they are used cleats, they certainly won’t be Martin’s

  • Ralph

    Maybe Jim Harbaugh will give us a 2nd and 4th for Martin and come coach here next year. :) lol

  • Pentax Shooter

    Happy that Grimes is coming back, and Martin isn’t.

  • Johnny

    3rs will be fine… Or 4 yr back ended contract… I’m still holding my breath tho.. Our Phins are probably low balling him right now..

    • Pentax Shooter

      Reportedly Grimes is optimistic about returning to the Phins, so I doubt they are low-balling him.

    • Chris

      Ireland is gone so hopefully we’re not lowballing top rated talent…again

  • tpl

    Here’s hoping Miami re-signs Grimes. And if Harbaugh is available Miami should fire philbin and hire Harbaugh. He’s a much better coach. But, Harbaugh might still be available after this year. Its a bit late for an NFL team to hire a new head coach now. Once Grimes is signed, I will be hoping Soliai gets signed as well. Miami will have to cut Martin. I will be very surprised if they get anything for him. Martin’s NFL career might be over.

  • DragonFly34

    Why wait for a 6-7 rd pk for Mr Wussy. Not many, if any, 6-7 rd pks ever make all pro so why do the dance? Release Martin now and lets get on with the “rat-kill’n”.

  • tpl

    Miami has re-signed Brent Grimes!