Dec 2, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Eugene Monroe (75) in play during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jaguars 34-18. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins To Have Left Tackle Options

The deadline to franchise tag players has passed.  In Baltimore, the Ravens will try to negotiate an extension for the LT they traded two picks to get midway through last season.  Eugene Monroe.  In the event they don’t, which is about four days of exclusivity, any other NFL team can start talking a deal with the LT.  Today, the Ravens opted not to use the franchise tag on Monroe.  As did Kansas City with Branden Albert.  The Miami Dolphins who need a LT in a very big way now have some choices to make.

The Dolphins won’t be the only team looking to add a 50 plus million dollar left tackle.  The Ravens of course will as will the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs who are not quite sold on Eric Fisher making the jump from right to left just yet.  Miami will face competition but with a 40 million dollar bank roll, they can dictate the terms of not being outbid.

Whichever decision or direction the Dolphins take it’s going to be a long term one.  None of these players are looking for a one year let me prove it kind of deal.  They will want money and they will get money.  The Dolphins could opt to turn their attention to the NFL Draft.  The Draft is in May and frankly it’s a bit risky to think that a top NFL ready LT will slide to the 19th position in round 1.  The Dolphins likely will not want to trade any of their draft picks either to move up.

The fact that neither of the top LT’s in the free agent market were tagged will help create a slightly more buyers market.  Had Monroe been tagged Miami would have been bidding on one player against every other NFL team looking.  At least with two top LT’s on the market the Dolphins have the choice of moving off one and concentrating on the other should it get too pricey.


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  • LostSok

    Veldheer not tagged either, but Oakland has Fort Knox in cap space.

  • tpl

    Hopefully, Miami can sign Monroe.

  • Johnny

    Great news!!! I was waiting all day yesterday to see if they tagged Monroe.. I was pretty sure Balt didn’t have the cap space to do it… ALL DAY, I’d take Monroe over Albert!!! Still very young at 26 (27 next month) was a 8th overall pick… Is more Athletic then Albert with the same strength….
    (Then draft T Zach Martin in first round and you’ve got 2 franchise tackles for the next 5+ yrs!!!)

  • Johnny

    Monroe is top priority!! No doubt!!!
    But the more I look at Zach Martin from ND, the more I like this kid…
    He was great at the senior bowl, not letting 1st round DEs past him..
    His size is not ideal..
    (That’s the only knock on him)
    What is ideal, is his versatility… He can play LT, RT, and can easily move to Guard…
    Martin also set a school record of starting and playing in 51 games!!!
    So, that proves he’s healthy, reliable, and NOT injury-prone…

    If he drops to 19, in which I’m starting to doubt, he can immedietly start day 1 at RT… Incase of injury he can slide to guard or LT… That’s ideal !!!
    When all is said and done, I don’t think he’ll be available at 19… He probably won’t get past the Giants and more likely wont get past Baltimore…
    If the deal is right and he’s still available one spot in front of Baltimore… A trade up a few spots would make sense…

    Making those 2 moves (Monroe is FA, and Martin in the Draft)… Will shore up both tackle positions on the OLine…
    With obviously Pouncy at Center, we’d just have to find a guard or two…

    Then this terrible 2013 OLine is looking up!!!! And would be a hundred times better with depth, versatility, and still very young with room to improve…

    Just keep Tannehill’s jersey clean and give him that extra 1.5 seconds to find his target…. And sky’s the limit!!!