Dolphins Making Move To Tradition

The Miami Dolphins have a long storied history of success.  Unfortunately that success ended when Don Shula stepped up to a podium willingly or otherwise and retired so Wayne Huizenga could hire Jimmy Johnson.  Johnson immediately put an end to Miami’s tradition.  He wanted Shula nowhere around the facility and wanted the past to be exactly that, in the past.  Through Johnson the team squeezed out it’s connections with it’s alumni in an attempt to build a new image for the Dolphins under Johnson.

It didn’t work.  While Johnson found some success in terms of his teams his replacement slowly took the team down a spiral staircase into the catacombs of a Westeros’ King’s Landing.  It’s a dark place that Miami really hasn’t climbed out of.  It was announced yesterday that Miami Dolphins chief public relations man Harvey Greene is moving out of his role as the teams go to PR guy.  Harvey will take over a new position with the team.  Vice President, Historical Affairs.

The position was created this year and will serve as way to better integrate the teams historical success with the modern Miami Dolphins.

The organization is making a concerted effort to make our unique tradition and history a more meaningful complement to our current team and its fans, and my new responsibilities will entail developing major initiatives to continue that process. Having been a part of the Dolphin organization for 25 years, the institutional knowledge and relationships I built during that time will serve me well to head this initiative. I will concentrate on developing historical programs that will highlight our special  heritage and enhance and expand our historical displays and commemorations; including an upcoming 50 year anniversary celebration. 

Harvey is a very easy person to deal with and his availability to the media, yes even us hack-media guys, went a long way in developing a relationship with the team.  Thanks for everything and good luck!

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  • Bryan Allen

    While that may be all & good, till the Dolphins can get a decent quarterback there never gonna go no where. And this coming from a Miami fan. That’s the ONE spot that has to be filled with a good player if ya wanna win in the NFL. Not since Dan Marino retired, has the Dolphins been able to put out a good team. Now I know there will never be another like him, much like there will never be another Elway or a Montana. But ya get the picture. No quarterback, no playoffs. Its that simple. I like what Ryan Tanhill brings to the table for the future, but ya still need receivers to throw to. All I can say is, Marino was something special. He had this knack of making receivers look better than they really were. The problem in Marino’s career was the fact that the Dolphins more often times than not, had no running game.That, plus there defense was mediocre at best & had trouble stopping the run game.And that, you cant blame on the quarterback, you blame on management / ownership, cos they never really drafted well. If I was in that role, I would draft way better, & I would draft some players from the east coast teams that could play in cold weather, cos come playoff time, you just know there’s gonna be at least 1 game played in cold weather. And if ya look to the Dolphins past, you know as well as I do, there not a good cold weather team. But the good news is, I’m not a band wagon jumper. I will always be a Dolphins fan no matter what. I just wish they would draft better & start putting a better team on the field. Cos I for one, am getting tired of either a fast start, & a bad end, or a bad start & a good end. And the latter of the two usually means no playoffs, cos by that time you have a hole so deep, ya haven’t enough games to dig yourself out. Unlike in baseball, you don’t get 162 games a season. Here, ya get just 16. So once the season starts, you had better take the ball & run with it, or you’ll be home on Super Bowl Sunday instead of playing in it.

  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    I have my own issues with Dolphins history. There was once a proud team, owner and coach who could do no wrong. They brought an up to then divided town together, introduced football perfection to the world and out of the seemingly boring setting of a tourism oriented / retirement town, it’s youth emerged waving white hankies and onto the streets in exuberant celebration… it was the best of times. I can’t say it was the passing of Joe Robbie and the tax laws which forced his children to have to sell the team that started the downhill slide, but whatever we are to attribute it to, I will focus on one person… my chosen “evil-doer”… Jimmy Johnson. No, I don’t think Johnson is an evil man, but I have selected him to be the antagonist, because he was and continues to be grossly overrated as a football mind, but the truth is Johnson is no Don Shula, would’ve never been and will never be regarded as such. What did he do which led to all the Johnson hype? Nothing.

    When Howard Schnellenberger took over as UM coach after yet another Saban, Lou Saban. He brought in the local recruits from the area and put together a national champion. Johnson inherited most of those players and when the core was about to graduate, saw his opportunity to join his friend Jerry in the pros and draft those players… he just took advantage of what Schnelleberger had done and squeezed it to its maximum. When he realized his “free ride” was over, he left us with Wennstead who had been fired from Chicago, who in turn left us too.

    • Pentax Shooter

      In all fairness, though, it was JJ who really set up Dennis Erickson to win 2 national championships. And, quite honestly, I don’t think Shula ever took full advantage of having Marino as his QB. Too many bad personnel decisions.

      • Miami Jules (Julian)

        Hmm, OK, you do make a valid point there Pentax. I still don’t like what he did and still think he’ over rated though.