Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What’s Left To Address On The Miami Dolphins

After a busy start to Free Agency, the Miami Dolphins have addressed the Offensive Line’s left side, the Defensive Line, and the Secondary.

Dennis Hickey’s main priority has been to beef up the trenches and add aggressive veteran presences to the Secondary.

He’s taken to changing the culture in the locker room by replacing departing free agents with new veteran leadership while being selective as to whom he resigns and at what cost.

On paper the Dolphins have upgraded the positions they have addressed so far, which leads me to wonder what is left to address for the Miami Dolphins before they enter the upcoming draft.

At this point in Free Agency, looking for the best deal is prudent but at the same time you want to bring in players that are going to benefit your team with their intangibles as well as their physical contributions.

After looking over the roster, Running Back, Right Tackle, and Linebacker loom as the most prevalent positions left needing to be addressed.

With Zach Strief hell bent on returning to New Orleans, the Miami Dolphins are better off addressing the Right Tackle position in the NFL draft instead of bargain-basement shopping with the likes of what remains on the market. None of what is left on the open market would provide better value than Nate Garner, while I would be open to resigning Bryant McKinnie as a stop gap and swing Tackle.

At the Linebacker position, it doesn’t look like we can add anyone who can provide impact to the position, so again the Dolphins are better off waiting for the NFL draft and/or developing what is already on the roster. My vote still goes to moving Dion Jordan to WLB but I’ll save that for a training camp rant.

Running Back seems to be the only position that can be addressed in free agency with a decent option, providing an upgrade to the current status of their backfield.

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The one name that stands out the most for me is Maurice Jones-Drew, he is a veteran back who led the league in rushing not too long ago and can at the very least provide quality pass protection for Ryan Tannehill.

Even though Jones-Drew has plenty of wear and tear on his tires, I do believe that he can have a bounce back year. He’s a complete back that would give Bill Lazor the ability to get creative in the passing game as well as provide solid production on the ground and excellent leadership in the locker room.

Rumors are swirling around a possible addition of Knowshon Moreno and while I’ve never been a fan of his, he produced very well last year. For me though, it’s like, well who wouldn’t produce with Peyton Manning setting all kinds of passing records? But I digress, Moreno does have skills and would be an upgrade to our current situation.

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Personally, I’d like for the Dolphins to continue drafting young guys at running back till they hit on greatness, Tre Mason and Charles Sims are my draft favorites, but bringing a veteran stop gap and jettisoning Daniel Thomas may not be a bad idea.

While the Dolphins have had a productive off season so far, there are still holes left to address, and they’re going to need a big draft to be the playoff team we all hope for them to be. FINS UP!

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  • Johnny

    Strief already signed with NO earlier today… I was wishing he’d come here, he’s the best RT in the league.. But stayed with a contender (NO) can’t blame him … Still don’t understand how NO can afford to Franchise TE Graham, sign RT Struef and pay out of the “you know what” for S Byrd… When they didn’t have cap space to begin with…
    Dolohins really struck out when it comes to rebuilding the line… They basically overpaid for LT Albert and got a back-up G with Shelly Smith… Really needed to add a top RT or G in the first 2 days if FA… Miami is still way under the cap and nobody left to spend it on..
    Other moves I liked… Especially DR Earl Mithcell who’s young and on an upwards trend… Resigning Grimes and Starks… Think they over paid Finnagen.. Landed the top LT with overpaying… But.. Didn’t address the other 3 positions on the OLine… Would have liked to go into the draft being flex able to go BPA in such a deep and talented class… But now will have to get a 2nd round Tackle in the 1st round.

    • Pygskyn

      Ummm, so I’m a touch bit confused on one thing… You post, “They basically overpaid for LT Albert…” and then go on to post in the next paragraph that we, “Landed the top LT with overpaying…”
      So, um, do you think we overpaid for Albert or not?

      • Chris

        I see this alot. But I think when you sign the best player available at the position you need most, you’re not really “overpaying.” When you sign the best guy avaliable, you overpay, when you don’t sign him, you “struck out” on the deal. It’s really a lose-lose way to look at it. Go Fins!

        • Tony Lopez Jr

          Look at the end of the day the Fins got the player they wanted at LT since last year, who cares the cost, Aponte structures deals in a way we can get out of in year 3. As far as Finnegan goes, the kid can ball when healthy, again Hickey has to make sure he does the right thing and hedge his bets through the draft. Nothing is given, injuries will happen, the teams thy succeed are the ones with foresight and plan for the inevitable and have the depth to withstand losses in personnel

          • Chris

            You’re right……stupid Bill Belichick…..

        • Pygskyn

          Totally agree. I was just surprised to see in Johnnys post that he actively played both sides of the argument in the same post. At least he waited until a seperate paragraph before contradicting himself I guess.

  • Johnny

    As for Delmas over Clemons.. It’s not an upgrade.. Delmas has given up double the TDs and Yards then Clemons.. Clemons was sound.. But Delmas is alittle more of a hawk and hard-hitter then Clemons which probably leads to him having more injuries then Clemons… So, it’s a wash, but Clemons was a safer pick… Oh yeh, he got paid and I’m sure $$$ was an issue..

    • Chris

      What if I told you Delmas had as many picks and sacks last season as Clemons has in his entire career? Career numbers:
      Chris Clemons – 4 picks, 1.5 sacks, 207 tacks, 17 PDef’s
      Louis Delmas – 6 picks, 5 sacks, 239 tackls, 24 PDef’s, 1 SFTY

      Wouldn’t really call it a wash. Delmas is the bigger playmaker and is better in just about every statistical category. Clemons is also infamous for taking horrible angles at ball carriers.

    • Tony Lopez Jr

      I agree with Chris, while Clemons has been more durable, Delmas is the better player. Plus Delmas has never played with the level of talent in the secondary that Clemons has had the opportunity of playing with in Miami, Detroit’s secondary as always been a mess for years. Plus a good GM will double down in the draft and select a developmental kid, interested in how hickey does with that

  • Dario Comuzzi

    I think Tre Mason would Be A Great addition to the Dolphins ! I believe he is a steal in the second round ! He is durable , fast , and has great hands ! He is explosive out of he backfield and plays with a chip on his shoulder ! We should do what ever it takes in the second round to get this kid to be a Dolphin ! If he is around !!!! Mark my words he will be a great NFL player !

    • Tony Lopez Jr

      Agreed 100%, Tre Mason reminds me of a cross between MJD & Marshawn Lynch. The kid has the juice. Would be an every down back in NFL, I am
      Not worried about his size one bit, he’s put together the right way

  • Johnny

    2 Guards, RT, depth on OLine and the secondary.. RB, Big TE, etc..

    • Tony Lopez Jr

      All teams would like to address every need on their roster and have quality depth but the fact of the matter is that does not exist in the NFL, you’re gonna have deficiencies, the good teams persevere and mask their holes and excel at what their good at. Not sure if dolphins can do that but bringing in a fresh young mind to call the shots on O is a start, hopefully this is the year Coyle takes defense to next level. All
      Of it though will come down to how the coaches utilize the talent they do have. This is a 10 win team if they can close out games, remember that, through 14 games last season and all the turmoil, we were in the drivers seat to a playoff seed. Playoffs are attainable with a great draft. It is possible, also possible everyone gets fired after the season too, so let it play out

      • Johnny

        Did you see our 2014 opponents??
        DENVER, KC, GreenBay, Chicago, SD, Detroit, NE x 2… Not an easy schedule… Must sweep Jets and Buffalo to even think about the playoffs.. (And then some !!)

        • Tony Lopez Jr

          Yea, but doesn’t matter, the playing field is level any given Sunday. Once you cross those lines, the men they are facing gotta put their pants on the same way the Fins do. They’ll be in every game more or less just like they have been the last few years, just gotta learn to finish games. Not gonna be the best without beating the best. The fins can’t worry about their opponent they gotta worry about themselves and execute, the rest will fall into place

          • Johnny

            I don’t believe Denver playing Miami is a very even field.. It comes down to Talent on the Roster… Period.. that’s why they do extensive research before signing a guy to their roster.. Are there “UpSets”.. Yes.. Phins got a lot of work to do.. A few years before we can start thinking playoffs… Talent on rosters, Manegement, that’s why you see the same teams in the playoffs every year!!! No playoffs since 08 and even then.. We had the easiest schedule I’ve ever seen…