Miami Dolphins Secondary…Please Stand Up

Miami Dolphins Secondary…Please Stand Up

On the way to the gym this morning, a song came on my iPod that I couldn’t get out of my head…..


May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We’re gonna have a problem here..

I couldn’t help but start thinking about our revised secondary and how this song should be blasting in our locker room, with a hidden message to our recently signed players.

Are we going to have a problem here? Or will our new secondary really stand up?

To say the Dolphins secondary has been completely revised wouldn’t be that farfetched. We have seen that our new regimen has decided that one of our weakest facets was our secondary which is evident by passing on resigning some of our previous starters.  Time will only tell if those were the correct moves, but many fans are questioning whether we are better today than we were yesterday.

I have always believed that when you start building your secondary you start with your Free Safety.  I could be bias, as this was my former position, but I strongly believe the Free Safety is the quarterback of a secondary.  No other position has an eagle eye view of the opposing team’s line up and movement.  The Free Safety must orchestrate the movements of his teammate by seeing how the opposing team is lined up.

Will the real Louis Delmas please stand up?

Louis Delmas has potential written all over him; however, his injury concerns have labelled him as a fragile player.   Coming out of Western Michigan in 2009, the hype surrounding this fierce player was that he loved contact.  Watching his college highlights you can understand how NFL scouts labelled him a first day potential which eventually led him to be selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft.   Delmas didn’t live up to his potential with the Detroit Lions mainly due to the fact that he couldn’t stay on the field.  His game is strong, and he does have a nose for the ball.  Comparing his NFL career to his college tenure one key aspect that I found was that he is playing out of position in the NFL.  Detroit plays a strong Tampa 2 defense that doesn’t best fit Delmas needs.  In college, Delmas played a true free position, where he was allowed the flexibility to disguise his coverage and play a Robber technique.  This is the type of Safety that Mike Nolan would have jumped on – our former DC under our previous regimen.  However, with Kevin Coyle implementing a Zebra technique in our secondary I believe Delmas will have bounce back year due to his athletic ability IF and ONLY IF he can stay healthy. Coyle is one of the best mentors and coaches for the Safety position as he brought Rashad Jones and Reggie Nelson from NFL players to Pro Ball players.  Under his tutelage, I believe Delmas will live up to his 2nd round draft status.

Will the real Courtland Finnegan please stand up?

Rewind two years ago and there was no doubt that the player Wide Receivers would hate to line up against was Finnegan.  He found a way to get under your skin and cause you to play his game, just ask Andre Johnson.  Finnegan loves to create chaos and sometimes that chaos can either fire up your team or be the reason why things have all of sudden have started to fall apart.   His play the last few years has started to decline, some would argue that was is due to the same reason as Delmas; injuries.  Finnegan started his tenure with the Saint Louis Rams in style be starting the year with four straight interceptions.  That type of desire, cannot be taught, and if can still find that inner desire than we have gotten one of the best steals in free agency.  However, that is asking a lot….Time will tell whether or not Finnegan can really stand up.

Will the real Jamar Taylor please stand up?

We all know what we saw this past year with respect to Jamar Taylor, and that was a player that was surprised to be playing in the NFL.  To be honest, I was a little shocked surprised that this 2nd round player played so poorly. Taylor couldn’t stay in his zone and his man coverage was just terrible. Drew Brees picked on him, all day, every day.  Many of us believed that Taylor would have been a first round pick. I am not sure if he lost his confidence or if his hip injury was bigger than what we thought. Taylor needs to really stand up this offseason, otherwise, we are going to have a problem here.

Perhaps I need to update my Ipod, but sometimes old school music, provides some old school lessons.  We have players within our secondary that really need to stand up.  The attention is now on them, class will be is session soon, and it will be up to them to stand up or Emimen was right…we are going to have a problem here.


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  • LostSok

    If they don’t stand up, we’ll be cleaning out our closet.

  • Gregory Hutchinson

    Im hearing that us letting go of some of our players from the secondary is just as much to do with us liking some of our younger players more so than not liking the players you let walk.. They are expecting atleast (1 of their 2), 2013 drft pks.(2nd. rd. pick Taylor & 3rd. rd. pick Davis) to contribute this yr. if not the both of them.

    • Chris

      I hope so. First of all, I don’t think Carroll played well enough to warrant being resigned to Miami. He was so frustrating to watch. Hopefully, Taylor or Davis can take his place and should be an upgrade. Patterson just couldn’t stay healthy for 2 consecutive games and was getting paid more than we’re paying Finnegan now. I also believe Delmas is the better safety over Clemons. Even though Delmas has dealt with injuries, he still has more tackles, picks and forced fumbles than Clemons in the same amount of years in the league.

      • dj

        Clemons play can be summed up in one word – safe.

        His best asset was his speed, but he didnt use it properly. He should have attacked and went for the play, but was either too scared to take the risk and play the game rather than the ball. He a stop gap player, he never really impressed me during his tenure with the Dolphins. Unfortunately, this persona is shared with the rest of the league, which is evident based on his free agent offers.

        I got nothing against Clemons, i just would just try and ask him one question…do you want to play safe for the rest of your NFL career or do you want to start showing your potential.

    • dj

      Davis is our sleeper….He had a nose for the ball last TC, but then got hit with the injury bug and only dressed for a few games. He has the potential, but we just need to see if it can translate when it matters

  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    Bravo! Well put together and a fun read. I am not liking what we have so far… except for Grimes of course. I saw the same thing you saw when my pick from last year Jamar Taylor was taken to school (yes, I can admit it… not saying he’s a bust just yet but I don’t feel he is ready, at least not yet). This year, I have two (2) guys, either Jaylen Watkins in the 2nd (I think he’s be a better fit for the Phins) or local hometown hero by way of Nebraska, Stanley Jean-Babtiste, but as it stands right now, I am nervous and hoping the Phins don’t make the same mistakes they made last year, when they though Martin was ready as an starting LT. I think right after the OL, the secondary needs to be prioritized. Stay thirsty my friends.

    • dj

      Thanks my friend. From what I have seen and read, Taylor is blaming his rookie season on his hip injury. If that is true, I am hoping that our first wave of OTAs and TC we will start seeing the player we thought we drafted