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Dolphins’ Thigpen Needs Competition

While the most evident problem within the Miami Dolphins last season was their abysmal offensive line and inconsistent offensive production, another phase of their team that struggled was kickoff and punt returning.  It would be easy to say that KR/PR Marcus Thigpen struggled as a result of a poor return team, but the games I noticed “Thiggy” struggling it was a result of his own poor decision making.

Marcus Thigpen two seasons ago was a highlight of this Miami Dolphins team.  In 2012, he totaled 316 yards on 26 punt returns (12.2 avg and 1 TD) and totaled 1,040 yards on 38 kickoff returns (27.4 yd/avg and 1 TD).  Overall, Thigpen had a great rookie season, and provided multiple flips of the field for the Dolphins’ Offense.

Last season, Thigpen dropped off big time.  On punt returns, he had just 264 total yards on 34 returns for an average of 7.8 yards/return and 0 TD’s.  On kickoff returns, he had 878 yards on 39 returns (22.5 yards/return and 0 TD’s).  The statistics speak for themselves, Thigpen just did not produce as well has he did in his first year.

I was personally glad that Miami passed on FA special teams star Devin Hester.  I think Hester is past his prime, and though he may still be able to produce the occasional big return, he is not worth the money.  I hope to see the Dolphins draft a speedy receiver or secondary defender who doubles as a return specialist.  If not, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dolphins promote someone already on the team to compete with Thigpen as a return man.  I think the competition would do both players some good.  Special Teams is too important for a team to just be average at it.  Arguably Miami’s most consistent and therefore valuable player on the entire roster is P Brandon Fields, who continuously pushed teams back and flipped fields.

It is worth a thought.


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  • Ralph

    I hope we Draft De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon

    • Eric Roddy

      Wouldn’t mind that pick in a later round. That being said I would also like to see fins go after a BIG and BRUISING RB!

  • Bill Stowers

    I think mike wallace would be a phenominal return man. Help him earn that massive contract too

    • Eric Roddy

      I think the only reason we didn’t see him at KR/PR is safety and health issues. If he practiced, I totally agree he would be a weapon at that position.

  • TylerMcMullen

    Time to bring in Jacoby Ford! Get it done!

    • Eric Roddy

      A one year/ 2million dollar contract for Ford would be perfect!

  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    I would personally like to see Thigpen in a different role, or at least in an added role as a receiver or RB coming out of the backfield as a WR. Last year during training camp, I had the opportunity to attend 3 of the open to the public work outs in Davie, and I was convinced that Thigpen was going to be much more involved with the offense than he turned out to be. He was lining up on just about every play with the 1st squad. He was lined up from the slot, lined up on the right, on the left, as an RB and believe it or not, he was even lined up as a halfback going out and catching passes (he is a little guy). The ball found its way to Thigpen often enough for me to think he was going to be a regular. All the plays he was involved in while I was there, Thigpen was electrifying on… previews in a way, of what he went on to do against the Saints, on the one play I saw him on the field for in that game. I’m not saying he should be our # 2 or even # 3 receiver but I would definitely like to see him get more opportunities as part of the offense… sure he can still return punts and kicks too.

    • Eric Roddy

      I would like to see that too. You have to wonder if it was idiotic Sherman who kept the Offense in a cage or if it was something bad the coaches saw in THigpen. I wouldn’t mind a skilled PR/KR to come in and just focus on returning kicks and punts though too..

      • Miami Jules (Julian)

        During training camp last year Philbin would go on the local TV sports segments and praise Thigpen without being asked so I was shocked when I didn’t see him contribute, especially in the wake of the 40 yard run after the catch against NO… that’s why my only question to Philbin during Webbies weekend was regarding Thigpen’s minimal involvement… it’s beyond me