Sep 22, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan (95) reacts after defeating the Atlanta Falcons at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins Still Looking To Trade Jordan?

Travel about 32 miles North of Philadelphia and you will come to a town called Pottsville.  In that town is a newspaper and somehow they have some information that for whatever reason no one else seems to have.  It seems as though Bob Grotz of “The Mercury” has learned that the Eagles and Miami Dolphins have spoken about a possible trade for Dion Jordan.

According to Grotz, who quotes an “respected NFL insider”, the Eagles were willing and apparently offered OLB/DE Brandon Graham and their 2nd round pick for last years number three overall.  Now as far as rumors fly there isn’t much here except the fact that this isn’t the first time we have heard that the Eagles and Dolphins might have tossed around some conversations regarding the subject.  The problem here is, that seems to be lost is the fact that had an offer actually been made, two months ago, it couldn’t have been consummated until the start of the new year which is now at one month and teams usually don’t discuss trades in detail leading up to that time.

We can however assume one thing here.  If, and it’s an “IF” no way around it, this is true, that the two teams have indeed spoken, then the Dolphins despite the cap ramifications and denials are indeed interested in moving Jordan out of Miami.

Philadelphia is of course a natural landing spot for Jordan given his college coach Chip Kelly and the teams need for an edge rusher.  Philadelphia can absorb his contract as well.  The question is are the Dolphins genuinely interested?  The answer to that has to be a yes.  If as I said, there was interest enough to hold a conversation.  What it comes down to is compensation.  Could the Dolphins simply be holding out for the Eagles first round pick?  If that is the case, the Eagles who hold the 22nd pick in this coming draft could package that with a player and Miami very well may bite.

For the Dolphins it would be a huge slap into the former GM’s face who moved up to three to draft Jordan only a year ago.  Joe Philbin however didn’t see the same potential and limited his game reps all season.  When Jordan was playing he appeared quick at times.  The Dolphins are deep on the edge and Olivier Vernon played well most of last season making Jordan’s playing time harder to obtain.  The Dolphins would however take a 10 million dollar cap hit in 2014 by trading him prior to June 1st.

If the Dolphins did in fact pull the trigger on the trade and obtained the 22nd pick in the draft it’s possible they could double up on offensive lineman in round one or at the very least have the affordability to draft BPA with their 19th overall pick and then draft a lineman at number 22 three picks later.  What appears to be a boring draft for Miami in round one given their needs on the offensive line could shift to being an exciting time with two first round selections.

If of course anything that has been printed is true.

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  • Johnny

    Id take that deal in a heartbeat… This is the draft to have extra picks.. Especially 2 first round picks.. This is the deepest draft in 10 years…
    Deep at:: OT, WR, CB, RB (OT again)
    Least at:: ILB, DE, G (ILB CJ Mosley!!)

    • Miami Jules (Julian)

      I like your thinking Johnny… slightly different from mine but yours sounds good too>

  • dolphinmofo

    I wouldn’t trade jordan for eagles first draft pick. Why don’t we see if the first defensive player taken off the board can play a von miller type roll before we ship him off as a failure. The draft is deep. Let’s forget mosley and trade back no deeper than houstons second and gain as many draft picks as possible and fill our holes. Their’s luxury outside of the first round.

    • Johnny

      How about Graham and their 1st round pick??? Vernon held his own at DE, 11 sacks.. Plus Graham I believe is a former 1st round pick.. Coyle doesn’t seem to know what to do with Jordan.. And I like Jordan… But having 2 1st round picks are priceless in this deep draft.. Or can keep trade back one of the 1st round picks for more picks.. Possibly 2 1st and 2 2nd round picks.. If true, they’d be crazy not to take that deal..

      • Johnny

        Bit like stated above.. It is probably just a RUMOR… It’s just the link between Chip Kelly and Jordan.. With Kelly coaching him with the Ducks… I wish it was true tho..

        • dolphinmofo

          Don’t get me wrong I’m not apposed to trading jordan even though I think his upside is better than mosley. But it’s gonna have to be jordan for lane Johnson or we go our separate ways. Jordan is too high a commodity for a 22 pick. 2013 number one defensive pick for number 3 ot or nothing. Too much invested to just settle.

          • Johnny

            Highly doubtful.. I believe they need T Lane Johnson… But it sounds good..

          • Miami Jules (Julian)

            That’s who I thought they were going after when Goodell announced Miami was picking next last year… BUT we could’ve gone for Fluker who turned out to be a heck of a player.

          • Johnny

            We all did bro… And they should have made that trade up for T Lane Johnson.. Probably would have been in playoffs… That’s how important LT is.. (58 sacks)

  • Ralph

    Jordan ain’t going no where. Period

  • DragonFly34

    This is so typical Dolphin. I do hope Hickey will trade him to the Eagles and he turns into the best RLB in the NFL,,,,At least the kid will have a good HC in Chip Kelly.

  • Carl2222

    I think Brian Miller is constantly spewing negative articles to a point that it’s bringing the fan moral down; especially one such as this, which its very foundation for the argument is based off of hypotheticals. I understand that you wrote the word “if” in there a few times; while this may aquit you of your personal view on the situation, writing the word “if”, however, doesn’t aquit you of making a negative article.

    How does the Eagles offering to trade for Dion Jordan mean that the Dolphins are interested in getting rid of him? For all we know the Eagles just came out of left field and offered something and the Dolphins said no. For all we know somewhere down the line someone offered to trade for Tom Brady, does that mean the Patriots wanted to ship him off? Someone offered to buy my car from me last week, does that mean, I now, because of someone else’s action, am interested in getting rid of my car?

    See I can make a argument based off hypotheticals too. It’s easy.

    Plus, it would be stupid of any team to not listen – key word there being listen – to ANY offer made for a player. It’s part of keeping your team on the “up and up”, even if said team never had the intension of getting rid of the player.

  • tpl

    If miami were to trade Jordan, it’d have to be for multiple picks, maybe a first and a third rounder.

  • David Thompson

    Jesus your logic is terrible. IF they talked THEN they must be interested? I didn’t realize NFL teams were in the habit of screening their calls and refusing to talk to other organizations because of what they assumed the topic was.

  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    Well, when there’s smoke… there could be fire or then again, somebody may just be smoking… either way, “IF” there were some truth to it, I wouldn’t be opposed to landing the 22nd spot because it would give Miami 2 first rounds which could be conceivably traded for 1 higher pick which could possibly lead to landing a Lewan in Miami, thus erasing errors of the past, as in not drafting Lane Johnson or Fluker last year when we should’ve started to address the OL. I remember yelling in excitement when Goodell came up to the podium and said Miami had traded up which turned into yells of disgust when he announced Miami was picking somebody other than Johnson (no matter how great a prospect they may be) and as you know Brian (or at least may remember on Oct 21 or 22 of ’13) , I expressed that to the former GM in person in the form of a “do you regret…” question. I stand by my disappointment and my question since the Dolphins allowed the embarrassing number of 58 bloody sacks last year. People often find excuses to justify the unjustifiable by saying things like “-Tannehill held the ball too long-” which is called being in denial. Anyone who wants to revisit all 58 sacks again, which mostly came inside of 3.5 seconds from the snap by the way, view the tape (you can find it on the site where they also have music videos) and you will see that no sooner had Tannehill turned from his 7 step drop, he already had a collapsed pocket (which the fact he was dropping back 7 steps instead of 3, is Sherman’s fault) but its’ only Sherman’s fault because he knew we had OL problems, but make no mistake Sherman or not, QB’s all overt he NFL drop back 7 steps without necessarily turning from their drop to find a DE, DT or LB in their face, so Sherman or not the OL issues were real going into last year and to say the contrary is to plainly and simply be in denial of the obvious. I’m not planning for any trades but IF they happen, so be it.

  • Patrick Keegan

    Personally I feel Dion is a great asset to this team as far as versatility goes. Guy can rush the qb, drop back into coverage and blanket TEs and dont forget Wake has maybe what, 3 years left at the most,,,, knock on wood. I liked the pick last year . It was also a great deal for us because we still were able to keep a second round pick to get this years starting CB in Taylor,,, again knock on wood.