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TE Seferian-Jenkins Meets With Dolphins

In two and a half weeks, the 79th annual NFL Draft will take place at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  There is great discussion over who the Miami Dolphins will select with the 19th overall pick on Thursday, however the Dolphins continue to work out players that will seemingly be looked at on Friday’s draft day.

According to reports,  Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins will meet with the Phins on Monday, a week after recieving the John Mackey award, for the College Football’s best tight end last season.  In addition to this award, Seferian-Jenkins also earned second team all Pac-12 honors, and was named a preseason All American by many.  Seferian-Jenkins accumulated 143 receptions, 1,801 recieving yards, and 20 touchdowns in his college career, making him the all time recieving tight end in Washington history.

Seferian-Jenkins labels and prides himself as being an all around tight end, being exceptional at blocking, receiving, and running.  Seferian-Jenkins weights in as a physical 262 lbs. and a 6’5″ figure, making him a tantalizing prospect in the upcoming draft.

According to many expert’s mock drafts, Austin Seferian-Jenkins is projected to be a second round pick, between the picks of 36-50.  The Dolphins, who hold a second round pick at the 50th slot, may look into the young physical tight end to provide some depth behind the last year’s success story, Charles Clay.

Reports earlier showed the Dolphins had met with former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, who had ended his 5th NFL season with a season ending neck injury.  Although talks have not resumed since last week pertaining to Finley, it is evident the Dolphins are looking to add a physical tight end to the mix.

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  • Johnny

    Now.. This visit makes sense.. Not sure he’ll be available at 50… But if he is (and RT is taken in 1st round).. This would be a great pick…
    1st:: T Martin
    2nd: TE Seferian-Jenkins
    3rd : LB Borland (Zach Thomas clone)

    That would be the best 3 round prospects we could hope for..

    • David Thompson

      Martin is a guard in the NFL and I’m sorry but I just can’t be convinced otherwise, other than that I’m on board. Honestly I don’t care if it’s a “reach” when we’re picking at 19, but I’d be fine with
      1. TE Sefarian-Jenkins
      2. OT Moses/Ju’Wuan James
      3. LB Borland
      4. Plenty of OGs left to compete with Garner, Brenner, Thomas and another veteran FA.

      • Johnny

        Martin can play 4 positions on the OLine.. Kid started like 52 games in a row at LT.. I’m sure he can play RT.. His size isn’t far off.. Actually stats are that the best OTs are 6’5… Is an inch a big deal.. Yes.. Must be his arm length.. He is technically sound, great balance, and knows how to use his hands… He can play RT or Guard… No doubt..

        • Johnny

          I highly doubt Moses will be available at pick 50.. He’ll go either as a late round to early-to-mid 2nd round pick… Like I said, there’s a lot of OLine needy teams in front of us..

          • LostSok

            Yeah, Moses is rising fast. Good chance he’s right there with Kouandijo, and both could be right on the heals of Martin. If we don’t go OL in the first, we likely don’t get any of those three. We could probably trade down 3-7 spots and get one, but if we pass it’s for good.

            I’ve got to think they’re looking at Seferian-jenkins in case he slides…or with a possible thought of moving UP from 50 into the mid-30′s.

        • LostSok

          And yes, the word is that some teams like him at G over T due to the arm length.

          If we did get Martin, and a G somewhere in the mid-rounds, I’d still love to see us use a late pick on a third guy. Leno from Boise State, Siddoway from Miss St (tons of experience on the right side, with ideal size for our scheme…assuming Lazer still wants a more zone-block-oriented apprach). Hard to guess what happens with Seantrel Henderson now. Some teams may have removed him from their boards completely, and he slides all weekend like Burfict did. I’d loath him as the #1 option…but as a flyer late in the draft, he has steal potential.

          That would give the team competition for Smith inside, and insurance if Martin really does struggle on the outside at the next level.

        • David Thompson

          His size is pretty far off, he’s 2 inches shorter and his 32′ 7/8 arms give up nearly 5 inches total wingspan on the two guys I mentioned. (James – 6’6–35′ Moses – 6’6–35′ 3/8). Whether we can get either of them in the 2nd is, of course highly debatable but anyway he’s going to look and play significantly smaller.

          I dunno I might eat my words but I can’t see him as a tackle. I’m a pretty big fan of drafting physically gifted players and worry about coaching up later as a general rule so that should tell you something too. I really believe technique can only compensate for so much in the NFL and in the draft, college production is nice but I want players who can impose their will and dominate the guy lined up across from him. That’s not Martin, he’s simply not big enough.

          The avg. might be 6’5 for the top 5 or 10 depend how you rank but flipping through the Bleacher Reports Top 35 RTs I count 4 guys that are 6’4 and none shorter. Could he be #5? Sure, but I still say guard.

      • LostSok

        James isn’t a bad choice IF we gamble on a 2nd day tackle. He or Bitiano, and possibly Mewhort, seem like good fits.

        Two weeks ago I’m right on board with that plan…but I’m starting to come around to the must-go-tackle thought at #19. Martin would be a value-pick, and may lack the arms for LT but should be fine on the right side, and while Moses or Kouandijo would be slight reaches…we’d be in position to take our choice of the two, which is a strategic positive.

        One thing about “value” in the draft: if you need a guy, you take him. If Martin is gone and we’re fairly certain neither Moses nor Kouandijo will be there at #50…then you have to put the need over the value. It’s not ideal, but we MUST have an improved line above all else.

    • dolphinmofo

      If this worked out I’d be happy. I’m just afraid borland won’t be there in the third. We have to hit on mosley or borland and rt in first and second or will miss on a big need in mlb. I think because of where he’ll be drafted asj is a luxury we can’t afford.

      • Johnny

        Tough decisions bro… I like CJ Mosley.. If Tackles Lewan and Martin aren’t there at #19… ILB CJ Mosley would have to be the pick.. Then we’d have to go RT in 2nd round.. Hopefully Moses is still there, but that’s doubtful with all the OLine hungry teams picking in front of us..

        • LostSok

          I’ve been on the Mosley bandwagon, and dreaming of Clinton-Dix…but more and more it just feels like we’re in a situation where OL just has to be the pick. It’s the biggest need by such a wide margin it’s hard to imagine them not addressing it. With Moses and Kouandijo picking up steam, the likelihood of a 1st/2nd tier guy being there at 30 just feels slimmer and slimmer.

          There’s a LOT of talent in the this draft at most other positions. And enough guys that project to guard or could move there that we can probably wait until the 4th/5th, meaning 2-3 picks at impact positions after we get that tackle.

          I’ll hate it when we go for a non-glamour boy at #19. But…sigh…it just makes sense.

          Rooting hard someone of value slides and we’re a target-slot for a trade-up team. Just impossible to gauge that possibility.

          • Johnny

            Yes.. Moses and Cyrus is moving up the board.. It all depends on who’s available at #19.. Note sure I would like Miami to reach for one of those 2 in the 1st round.. Best case scenario is to maybe grab LB CJ Mosley and hope 1 of those 2 are there at 50… It’s all a gamble.. Don’t want to trade up and lose precious picks .. An even better option is to trade down and then grab Moses.. And an extra pick.. IDK

  • Johnny

    Well… Eitherway… I can definetily tell you this:::: This sucks!!! Why?? In a deep draft like this… We have 7 picks and even worse… Only 1 pick per round!!! Oh yeh.. And we pick LAST OF THE 5 TEAMS THAT WENT 8-8 !!!!

    • David Thompson

      Oh I know, how sweet would those 2-2nds and 2-3rds be this year?

    • tpl

      Miami’s best bet, if a offensive lineman isn’t available, miami should trade down for more picks.

      • Johnny

        In this draft?? I agree..

  • tpl

    Hope miami trades down from the 19th spot for more picks. That might enable miami to draft jenkins.

  • Dingee Gang

    i really hope he’ll be available at 50. but if he is when we’re picking at 19 i’d be fine with
    plenty of ogs left to compete with a veteran fa. His size is pretty far off, he’s 2 inches shorter and his 32′ 7/8 arms give up nearly 5 inches total wingspan. I highly doubt Moses will be available. however, that would be the best 3 round prospects we could hope to trade down and up for. vertical hold horizontal hovering prospects would be far out of reach, but something to someday hope for.