Dolphins Make Changes In Wake Of Martin Case


You likely thought we had heard the end of the Jonathan Martin saga.  I wish that were true.  So do the Miami Dolphins.  Yesterday the team added a couple of new faces to their staff.  Former Toys R Us and Target executive Dan Caspersen has been hired to in human resources and Joe Cicini has been hired to head up the teams security force.  On the surface it seems like normal moves but the Dolphins also moved legal affairs specialist Brandon Shore to the training facility.  Shore will have a huge presence in the locker room.

The idea is that by having a dedicated person available to the teams players, incidents that occurred last season and before will be curtailed.  The idea is to give the players someone to go to if there is a problem.  Initially it may be viewed from within as a “big brother is watching” type of situation.  In reality it’s probably a good move for a team that needs absolutely no trouble this season.

With team off-season workouts starting yesterday, it’s the first time since seasons end and the Ted Wells report that the Dolphins have been back together in their locker room.

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  • Miami Jules (Julian)

    I don’t like it… I think the locker room has been and should remain a player area for whatever athletes do while showering after a practice or game and getting ready before either. It’s a bonding place and this is like 2 wrongs to right one. The Martin/Incognito affair, was a freak incident perhaps brought about by extremely poor player evaluation before either signing or drafting. I would’ve expected this sort of drama coming out of the old Raiders facility and not the Dolphins’, and if Miami do what they preach for a change this year, and the character of players matters, then there should be no more problems, but the locker room should be left to the players and the lack of planning and evaluation by the management and staff, should not be taken out on the athletes as if the were scapegoats.

    • Chris

      And so it continues…whenever something bad happens and it receives a huge amount of media attention, we (as a society) will often overcorrect the situation. The shifting going on at the Dolphins facility is not only because of Martin and his attrocious problem solving skills, but all the sports pundits with a mic, or a blog, or a news column or whatever sitting up on their high horses, casting down judgment: “How could they have let this happen?” “I would have never…!” “The locker room in Miami is deplorable!” “rabble, rabble!” *Finger pointing* “Rabble!” Etc…

      Of course, no one’s really talking about Ray Rice knocking his fiance unconscious or Aldon Smith’s ridiculous wrap sheet, or Jim Irsay’s DUI/drug problems. I guess none of this gets dragged through the media trenches because nobody’s feelings were hurt. Certainly makes sense in today’s times.

      Go Fins!

      • Miami Jules (Julian)

        Chis “overcorrecting” describes exactly what I was trying to state. I do think there’s fault on all sides here and it isn’t just about Jonathan Martin or Ritchie Incognito, but too often I couldn’t understand why the Dolphins described a certain kind of player type as their preferred kind of athlete, and then go out and get he polar opposite. What is most amazing to me is that if in fact Ross (the proponent of locker room vigilantism himself) wants to draft Taylor Lewan, then he is the image of living contradiction and the circus may continue sooner or later, albeit with different actors. Ross may be the biggest contributor to the drama of dysfunction. Don’t get me wrong, I think in a good locker room environment with good leaders who will not stand for, or be intimidated by those with “over-the-top” behavioral issues risking the common goal of the team by becoming distractions, Lewan should do fine, because he will be coming in as a rookie and he’ll have to leave his baggage at the door and be molded into character shape by those leaders, as the majority will rule and establish boundaries.

        You make a good point about these other players from other teams but a s far as I’m concerned, and because I don’t root for those teams, let them be besieged by their own distractions and current players who may eventually go missing from their line-up because of their legal issues catching up with them, regardless of how much media coverage they get.
        Go Dolphins!!!

        • Chris

          I agree with “let them be besieged by their own distractions…” but the point I was trying to make is that the league/media created a mega-distraction out of the Fins locker room, when it really had no moral ground to do so. Will/has the NFL open internal investigations on Rice, Smith and Irsay? Their actions were (in my mind) far more egregious then picking on a teammate, yet all three of these stories combined didn’t receive as much attention as “Bully Gate”.
          It would be nice to see other teams forced into overcorrecting, investigations, reports, psyche eval’s, possible suspensions, etc. Think about how much screen time Jonathon Martin got, then think about how much screen time Ray Rice’s fiance got. Things that make you go “Hmmmm….?”

          • Miami Jules (Julian)

            Yes, you are right, and I should’ve focused on why again, it is always a case of the media VS our beloved Dolphins. The media (cough) ESPN et al, will undoubtedly claim in their defense, that teams that are winning deserve the exposure and merit being the subject of discussion, to which I would say “… so what’s up with the Cowboys, because no matter how badly their season ends, one can not tune to ESPN without some story being discussed regarding Jerry Jones’ boys…. ” I get your point.

          • Miami Jules (Julian)

            How about the Jets? Another favorite of talking heads around the discussion table… they didn’t do much better than us, and yet, they get mentioned daily.

          • Chris

            Maybe you’ve noticed this too…everytime ESPN is talking about a team/player, their highlight reel for them ALWAYS shows them making plays against Miami. Seems like 99% of the time. Gotta love it!

          • Miami Jules (Julian)

            LOL… I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy… we get no respect… I’ll play close attention from now on, as I don’t doubt it is the case… ESPN hates us… I think they just hate Miami, Dolphins, Heat, whomsoever… just because we’re beautiful lol… now I know how that model felt

  • DragonFly34

    Im always coming to the party late,,,This silly assed bully case won’t go away,,,its like be caught in groundhog day. Brian,,,why oh why has his majesty Rodger Goodell not mention one word about Well;s report? Why does the media really think there was some kind of skull duggery going on inside the Dolphins locker room, which by the way, Philbin still doesnt know what went on in the locker room, other then the usual player banter. Ill ask every one who has responded to this article,,,,How the F do you bully a 6’5″ 325 lb NFL linemen? The best trainer in the NFL lost his job because of Well’s report and O’Neil was not the focal point of the investigation, but lost his job, non the less. Neither Martin, Incognito, Pouncey or others received so much as a harsh word from Goodell. Brian,,,doesnt this lack of action by Goodell tweak your curiosity just a little bit?