Sep 28, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers offensive tackle Morgan Moses (78) during the first quarter against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh defeated Virginia 14-3. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins Draft Talk: Right Tackle Options

The Miami Dolphins have done a decent job of filling some holes along the offensive line this offseason locking up left tackle Branden Albert and guard Shelley Smith, but the team still needs a right tackle and potentially another guard or even two. With Dallas Thomas, Sam Brenner, and Nate Garner all still under contract with the team, Miami could opt to select one right tackle and go best player available (BPA) with their remaining picks – although that is not the best idea.

This year’s class is incredibly deep at tackle, but the value for a dominant guard really tinkers off after round 3. If Miami is hoping to find a dominant guard – I somehow have a bit of doubt – the team will need to spend a high pick in hopes that they pan out – why not give Dallas Thomas time at right or left guard to prove his worth? Right tackle, on the other hand, is a position where Miami could realistically wait until round 4 or even 5 to find “the guy”.

Here are some options in each round that Miami should be looking at to fill their right tackle void:

Round 1: Zack Martin, Taylor Lewan, Morgan Moses.

Analysis: I’m not a fan of over-drafting Moses at 19, but if the team could work a trade down scenario with a team such as Cleveland, San Francisco, Carolina, or any team wishing to jump ahead of Arizona and Cleveland to grab a quarterback in case of a free fall at the position I would be fine with Moses becoming Miami’s new right tackle in the late 20′s to early 30′s.

As for Lewan and Martin, at this point it would seem like a dream come true for either player to fall to 19 with offensive line needy teams stacked in front of the Dolphins. Teams such as Tennessee, St. Louis, both NY squads, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore which does not even include the top 10 teams all are in need of tackle help. Martin and Lewan both would be instant upgrades and instant starters for this squad, but don’t hold your breath Miami fans.

Round 2: Cyrus Kouandjio, Antonio “Tiny” Richardson, Morgan Moses, Joel Bitonio, Jack Mewhort.

Analysis: I am a huge fan of Richardson, who could step in and be the most dominant right tackle Miami has had in years, but the question remains if he will be available at 50. Both Richardson and Kouandjio are falling down boards due to durability concerns, but tackle will likely be in high demand so do not expect them to fall too far.

Moses would be an excellent option at 50 if he falls, but I see him as a late 20 to mid 40 guy at the latest. Bitonio has seen his stock rise ten fold in recent weeks and could be an interesting option at 50, but something tells me that he will be over drafted just a bit by a team needing offensive line help that fails to fill that void in round one.

Kouandjio would be an interesting option at 50 for two reasons. First off, he was one of the top rated tackles in this year’s class before an awful bowl game and a terrible lead-up to the draft. Secondly, Miami may even be able to grab him in round three as his knee concerns are causing teams to drop him off their first round board, I would not be surprised if he was there in round three.

Round 3: Cyrus Kouandjio, JaWuan James, Cameron Flemming, Billy Turner. 

Sep 7, 2013; Manhattan, KS, USA; Kansas State Wildcats offensive tackle Cornelius Lucas (78) waits to make a block during first-half action against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Analysis: JaWuan James is a guy to monitor Miami fans. James’ stock has been rising as of late and could even push into round two. The former Tennessee right tackle has experience on the right side of the offensive line and would be an excellent plug and play option. Not to mention he fits the bill of what Miami would like their offensive linemen to look and perform like. Keep an eye on this guy.

Cameron Flemming is an interesting prospect, but I don’t think he fits what Miami would like in their offensive linemen. He failed to live up to expectations at Stanford and reminds yours truly a bit of Jonathan Martin in that he possesses a very “soft” body and just looks too soft. Definitely a pick I would throw my arms up over.

Billy Turner is a prospect who not only would fit Miami’s ideal offensive lineman, but would also give the team the flexibility to shift him inside to guard. At 6’5, 315 lbs. Turner has the ideal size for a dominant guard and ‘okay’ size as a right tackle. I’m getting the feeling that Miami would like a mammoth right tackle in the 6’7 range, however.

Round 4: Michael Schofield, James Hurst.

Analysis: Both these players have the ideal body type that Miami likes, but Hurst would be the pick in this round if Miami was to wait until round 4. Hurst has a great body with good size to him, but is coming off a nasty knee injury. If not for that injury, we may have been talking about this guy in round one.

Round 5: Seantrel Henderson, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Justin Britt.

Analysis: Don’t sleep on this kid from Canada, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, who has been on the rise after coming out of nowhere. He has excellent size at the position and could become a nice addition to any squad looking for an athletic, young big man.

Seantrel Henderson is a mammoth right tackle who failed to live up to expectation as a Miami Hurricane. Henderson has questionable work ethic and conditioning/weight management concerns. Don’t put all of your faith in this guy as your top right tackle option, Miami.

Round 6: Meh.

Analysis: There isn’t much value in round 6, but expect some tackles to either drop or be over drafted from round 7.

Round 7: Cornelius Lucas

Analysis: Cornelius Lucas is in that mammoth category with Henderson coming in at 6’8, 316 lbs. Siddoway would be an interesting pick in round seven as he realistically could come in and challenge for a starting role immediately.

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  • Dolfandave

    I personally wouldn’t draft Martin if he were there based on the fact there are veteran free agents out there and potential 2nd and 3rd round prospects as well. If it weren’t so then Martin would have more value. I believe he will be a good player but a no 1 pick for a RT, no thanks. I think we should go BPA in round 1, ie WR, Safety, maybe even CB or DT, then settle the RT spot in round 2.

    • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

      You only select BPA when you dont have huge holes. Miami gave up 58 sacks last season id say they need to address it ASAP in the draft. Miami doesnt need the average at best and project players you find in round 3 and up. Of course theres solid to great guys in the mid rounds but the percentage on snagging one of those is not something i’d bank on. If Miami whiffs on their first round tackle/guard it would hurt but at least they would be trying and thats what this team needs, a GM who addresses and attempts to fix the problems not one who hopes for a lucky star. Although i do see WR value in the first but if I had my pick of the litter based on Miamis draft position then the Penn state WR in the second has potential to be very good in the nfl

      • Dolfandave

        You select BPA every year, just try to match best player to biggest need. Yes we gave up 58 sacks last season, watched every single play and that is why we started addressing it in free agency w/ 3 players. RT at No 1 isn’t in our best interests imo given the fact there are players there in rd 2. They won’t be avg RTs in rd 2 and no, given what we have done we do not need to address it ASAP. Sorry but we need to build for this year and beyond. This isn’t do or die RT in the first round. Neither Martin or Lewan will most likely be there in rd 1 anyway. We should trade down.

        • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

          I believe in BPA but not when our O-line was horrible and especially since we need to see what Tannehill is capable of behind a good line. We Finally have a franchise QB i think Miami should not waste time optimizing other positions when they only signed one starter on the line in FA, the other two additions were not even full time starters. I understand if neither Lewan or Martin is there they should trade back but if thats not an option they must take their man then and there they cant wait.

          • Dolfandave

            Yeah, hopefully we don’t do that. Again it’s a bad move to take a RT(not LT) w/ a first round pick. We need more of an impact w/ our first pick. It’s not a waste at all to help build the overall team. Also I count 2 starters, Brendan Albert and Shelly Smith in free agency and free agency has a 2nd leg after the draft. I would much rather pick a RT in Rd 2 as opposed to free agency of course but whatever works as long as it works. I don’t want another Tyson Clabo there either.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            Free agency post draft only offers Tyson Clabo like players. Why do you think RT is not a valuable position, especially after that mess we called an o line last year. Look at New England when they drafted Solder. What if Albert goes down and we have to move our right tackle over. With our position in the second round 4 tackles could be gone in between our first and second pick. Look what happened when buffalo picked glen one spot before us in the second. The only solution is tackle in the first and guard in the second, we need the best guys on the line the draft has to offer

          • Dolfandave

            I never said RT isn’t a valuable position. I watched every snap there last season, even the preseason. Every play of every game that is. I know it’s important but I feel it can adequately be addressed in Rd 2. Yes, I have thought of the injury situation there. Albert routinely got hurt during Chiefs games though not seriously. Anyway I think our fallback is have McKinnie, who is a free agent, play RT there for a season but that is a clear second alternative. Rd 2 will be the answer imo. Also per Gil Brandt yesterday there is heavy talk that we trade down. Martin and Lewan will be long gone and I will faint if we trade up for a RT. I think we can drop into the late first or early second and get an extra mid third. That would probably be our best move.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            McKinnie is old and slow and did a below average job plus hes getting worse not better due to age. Dont believe the hype on Lewan and Martin being long gone becuase theirs a good chance one will be there. All it takes is for 2 QBs to go in the top 5

          • Dolfandave Uyemura

            Yes I realize mckinnie would be a total stopgap
            I would take Lewan because he is a T but I would pass on Martin and grab BPA or better yet trade down
            Very interesting though
            Only two more days!

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            awesoome just when you think lewan will fall to us he gets picked by the least expected team

      • Dolfandave

        We didn’t sign Shelley Smith to a 5.5 million, 2 year deal to be a back up.

        • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

          problem with that is he has always been a backup. I hope he starts and does well i just would not bank on that either. Miami had money to burn thanks to Ireland so why wouldnt they spend a little extra to land potential starters. Problem with that is if Smith doesnt start, i hope Miami does not think they have solved problems with their offseason signings, they need more

    • Johnny

      There really isn’t any decent FA RTs..
      Eric Winston maybe.. But RT is the biggest need of this team.. But, I agree with there being a decent RT in the 2nd round.. It all depends who’s there at 19, if we can trade down and get a RT, then maybe go with CJ Mosley in the 1st and RT in the second.. Which would be ideal..
      1. ILB Moses
      2. BPA RT:: Moses (doubt it), Cyrus, or Botonio…

      But, like I’ve said before.. There are a lot of OLine needy TEs in front of us..

      • Dolfandave

        I don’t think Mosely will be there at 19 either. I am going by Nolan Narwocki’s ratings for the most part plus my own independent opinion. I usually go into the draft thinking “Well if we really like this guy he won’t be there” and unfortunately I am usually right. I think the realistic players there we would be considering would be S Calvin Pryor, WR Marquise Lee, WR Calvin Benjamin and maybe Eric Ebron = trade down to me. Of course things change in the days leading up to the draft but that is what I am sensing. I definitely don’t see us moving up not that anyone is suggesting that. I agree that RT is the biggest need so therefore the trick is getting down far enough to make it worth taking one around the end of round one or the top half of round two. I think the trade down is the most logical and best move. Just my 3 cents. Thanks.

        • Johnny

          No ILB CJ Mosley?? When I said Doubt it.. I meant Moses won’t be there at 50 in second round.. I’m pretty sure he’ll be there at 19.. But I think he might be a reach at 19… So, Im with you to go BPA (Mosley) in 1st round (if Lewan and Martin aren’t available)

          • Johnny

            I’d wouldn’t take a WR.. But if TE Ebron is there.. I’m all in..

          • Dolfandave

            Heard Ebron and Sefarian-Jenkins both have maintenance issues, big red flag is playing for this team. I see 2 schools of thought on Mosely, one is he won’t get past Tennessee and the other what you are suggesting, 15-25 pick. I think the market for his position being scarce will push him above us. If he is there at 19 I think that would be a good pick for us. Not sure if we like Moses, if we do we are hiding it well. Bill Lazor was his OC in college so we should have a very strong idea of what makes him tick. Interesting if we DON’T pick him.

          • Johnny

            Smoke screens??? A lot of times teams (Miami) will use a visit on a player they have no intention on drafting… IMO (especially when they brought in Watkins, we are not picking a WR in the first round).. Not fooling anyone .. But they also see who they might be playing against also..

          • Dolfandave

            Yeah, who knows this time of year? It’s good to do the interviewing. Maybe we see something in a guy that the initial scouting didn’t get a good grasp on initially. The teams know who brings in who but you never know for sure how the interview went. That’s always the black box to the interviewing but I am glad they use the alloted visits like the other teams.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            we have a guy that is the same size and speed and we drafted him in the 7th.

          • Emmett Buck Stiernagle

            Martin will be available. Giants are not drafting lineman again and ravens line was not bad enough for them to take one either. There is a very realistic shot at Lewan.

  • Jcartwright67

    Yeah, Martin or Lewan at 19 would be difficult not to pick, in fact, it would probably be career changing for Hickey if Lewan was available and not drafted at 19. I think common sense dictates BPA if both those players are off the board. I like your trade back scenario if QB’s fall.

  • Johnny

    I would really like to trade down, get more picks and land T Moses.. The more picks the better.. (If Lewan and Martin are gone).. But if CJ Mosley is still on the board, to trade down andoss on him would be hard to swallow..