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Grade The Miami Dolphins Draft: Poll



Every year someone is always giddy about the Miami Dolphins draft and many are not.  This year is no different.  Everyone views the draft in their own way.  Did the Dolphins reach at 19?  Did they reach in round three?  Should they have traded back, traded up, or not at all?  Those are questions that no longer will or can be answered because the draft is over.

As one reader pointed out, no one should grade the draft after one weekend.  While there is nothing accurate about it, it is a good barometer on the popular opinion or on the secular opinion.  So rather than me stick my neck out and then get crucified for having an opinion I would like to know what you, the Miami Dolphins fan thinks about this draft and the players they drafted.

The grading is simple.  A, B, B-, C, D, and F.  It’s your opinion so what grade you give is up to you.


I have rated this draft a C.  It has thus far NOT been the popular opinion.  I feel the Dolphins risked a little too much going so far in with smaller school players and I think they would have done better trading down in round one and trading up in round three.  That being said there are some gems in this draft that I am excited about seeing.  Jarvis Landry could be a major acquisition for this team and I do like the future potential of Jordan Tripp.  Walt Aikens is another player I look forward to seeing develop.  As for the offensive line goes, it should be shored up if James can transition to the NFL where he will face immense pressure from opposing DE’s.  Billy Turner is a raw talent but a talent we may not see on the field until 2015 on a regular basis.

So what is your thoughts on this draft?  Anonymity can sometimes be your friend.


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  • Bill Stowers

    As far as the players i give it a B-. But as far as where we took them and the trading strategies i give that a C-

  • Johnny

    D-… Reached for everyone except WR Landry out of LSU… He was a great pick.. I think we need a big WR or TE to give THill a Big Target.. BUT??? I like this Landry kid.. He’s scrappy, physical, runs great routes, and probably has the best hands of all WRs in the draft… Other then that??? All reaches.. Picks the 56th ranked player and 8th best Tackle with your first pick at 19??? Could have went BPA with Ha-Ha, in which Safety is a need and STILL get James in the second round…Then get all these small school kids.. Jumping from a small school right into the NFL has struggle and that dreadful word “developemental” all over them…

    • Johnny

      And BTW… The stinking JETS got better.. With the top Safety in the draft and 2nd rated TE…

    • Johnny

      And probably the worse draft I ever witnessed in my life… (And it was such a deep draft class)

    • http://phinsnews.com/ Phinsnews.com

      Landry was a great choice i totally agree with you on that!!

      • Johnny

        Yeh.. I really like this kid.. Rather have a bigger target for THill.. But Landry play “big”.. Great hands..
        Go to You Tube and watch those 2 crazy, amazing catches he made against Arkansas… You’ll flip bro..

    • Fraziel

      Could not agree more Johnny. Glad i found someone who agrees with me as i have been getting a lot of abuse for not being impressed with the draft. This is my opinion.

      Awful draft form start to finish with reach after reach. 5 small school ” prospects” A reach in round 1 when we could have traded down or even got James or Moses in the second, a 3rd and 4th
      round pick for Turner which was ridiculous for a small school guy who will have to change posiiton and is very raw ( even if he does look good). We should have taken Yankey who would have been plug and play, passing on elite franchise talent like Carlos Hyde to take a small slot receiver who is good but no better than what we have, a blocking TE when we took one last year and need a seam
      threat TE, a DE when its the strongest position on the team. The CB could be good but is a prospect and Tripp again could be decent if he develops but leaving addressing LB until the 5th round was not clever. Out of the draft i expect only 1 to start full time, James. You seen the new
      power rankings and what the Jets have done in the off season and the draft? Unless Tannehill moves to elite as we all hope, we will not even finish 2nd in our division. It pains me to say it but it looks like 8-8 or 7-9 again. Philbin to be gone by Christmas and possibly Hickey with him. I think this draft showed every inch why he was about to get fired by Tampa and was our 7th choice for the job. I was prepared to give him my support and have some faith but not after this draft. C- from me.

      • Johnny

        A lot of people just talk up the Phins cause their Fans… I’m a fan, but I’m realistic… I was yelling at the screen to pick RB Carlos Hyde!! They even traded back and STILL had a shot at him… All reaches.. First round I would have went BPA and also a NEED with Safety Ha-Ha… And STILL get James in 2nd round.. Lost S Clemons and have Delmas back there who’s injury-prone.. They reached for every single pick.. Except WR Landry.. I like bigger WRs, but I like this kid who’s physical with the best hands in the draft.. But other then WR Landry??? All terrible reaches… And what sucks more??? You won’t see a deep draft like this but once every 10 years.. How can you screw up such a deep draft… And then you draft all these small school guys and ask then to jump right into the NFL?? Yeh.. Don’t get me started bro… I wish the both of us was in that draft room… Us fake GMs would have done a heck of a lot better… But everybody on here will defend the Phins draft picks… I TELL IT HOW IT IS… WORSE DRAFT EVER!!! lol

        • Johnny

          Plus you don’t want to hear the word “Developemental” with your 3rd round pick… Your right and I said this before… Your going to ask a Small School kid to go against NFL rushers… and BTW change positions while your at it??? lol.. Ridiculous!

  • dolphinmofo

    I’ll join in I think this draft was an A. We drafted with purpose. We filled our need at rt with the best rt in the draft. Not a subpar lt that we force to play out of position. Then Billy Turner will be a stud guard. Landry is our new slot that can play outside and compares to boldin and Hines ward. Solid depth at cb, another need. A tight end that compares to fasano. A lb that I believe will be starting by years end. Then more quality depth at wr and d line. I’ll take high character highly productive guys at smaller schools than under achievers at big schools or guys who fall because of character flaws. These guys that fell that we could’ve gotten later just think we’re not the only team that passed on them. That should tell you something. In my opinion the team we field this year is head and shoulders above the team we fielded last. Just my opinion.

    • dolphinmofo

      Larry Allen an Jerry rice came from small schools too. Just saying.

  • Bryce

    Johnny- I noticed you seem to ooze with negativity on just about everything the front office does. Is there anything they have done that meets your approval?

    • Johnny

      Like WR Landry… So, do you think Miami did NOT reach??? How do you honestly grade their draft… A+??? Hey I’m a Dolphin fan my whole life… I’m a season ticket holder.. There’s thinking like a fan and then there’s being realistic… I’m realistic…

      • Johnny

        And not “everything the FO does”.. Just THIS draft…

      • Bryce

        Ok kool. No disrespect. I too am a lifelong fan (well since I was brainwashed at age 5 anyway). There is probably nothing more traumatic in my life for the past 10 years plus, than watching these guys invent new ways to lose. That said, I think we are real close to finally turning the page. I saw this before last year also and expected more before the bully thing (another self implode invention).

        I’ll give the draft a B. It addressed some specific needs and provided low risk- high possibilities especially understanding the character guys they targeted.

        I expect at the very minimum a 10-6 record with the draft and the FA moves.

        Peace man and fuk the Jets.

        • Johnny

          Tough schedule and tough opponents.. 10-6 vs. Denver, SD, Green Bay, Det. KC., Chicago, and of course NE X 2… I think your predicting 10-6 as a Fan bro.. I’m thinking 8-8, and maybe 9-7 tops… Not far off… We haven’t had a winning season in 5 years (Brady got hurt and broke out the Wildcat, before defenders learned how to defend it)… BUT, as usual I’ll be there for every game… I must be crazy, I even went every single GE in 07 when we went 1-15..lol

  • Buckeye Finfan

    I was so offended by the NFL video of Michael Sam kissing
    and cuddling his boyfriend and the act of repeatedly pushing that agenda on us
    with the constant replays that I feel it necessary to speak up. The video actually made me nauseous. People are free to live any lifestyle they
    choose but there are lines of public decency that should not be crossed nor
    should that lifestyle be forced on those who disagree.

    So I took a moment of my time today to call the NFL and they
    actually have an extension for leaving a comment and the operator very kindly
    transferred me to leave my message. I
    simply expressed my thoughts to them about the video and added that the NFL was
    no longer safe for family viewing. If
    they continued down this path they risk alienating a large segment of their
    audience and losing viewers. I
    encouraged them to get back to the game of football and leave behind the
    politics and Liberal Agenda.

    Here is the number: (212) 450-2000

    I would also encourage people to call the Miami
    Dolphins. Their number is (305)
    943-8000. They will verbally take your
    opinion and are very politely receptive to it.
    I called them because they suspended and fined Don Jones for a tweet in
    reference to the Michael Sam video. There was no hate or name calling yet they
    took a severe action against him for simply expressing his opinion. Remember
    that many players in the NFL made hateful comments against Tim Tebow for his
    religious views yet not a single player was reprimanded for it.

    • LostSok

      Wah, wah, wah. Get over it.

    • Fraziel

      Its you thats got the problem, not Sam. People are sick and tired of this hate and intolerance. Its 2014, who gives a flying who kisses or sleeps with who? Get over it and stop being such a narrow minded bigot. Don Jones is entitled to his opinion of course but not when it reflects badly on the team, His timing after the bullying scandal was very poor to put it mildly. It beggars belief that anyone would think a kiss crossed public decency. There are a lot worse things around than a kiss ffs.

  • LostSok

    Anthony Johnson, Dieon Blue, Damien Williams, Tyler Larsen, Derrell Johnson and Ryan Lankford could all make some noise in camp, in addition to the draftees. Our roster is remarkably changed…with the biggest improvement the hope for a quality offensive line.

    The vast majority of players are 3-4 year starters with leadership qualities. You say small school; I say dedicated over-achiever. These are not development players. They are potential starters.

  • Daniel Nemzek

    I believe that the dolphins missed out on the first two picks they were actually trying to get regardless of their typical “thats the guy we wanted all along” bull. Dallas picked our tackle for some reason even though they are short a very popular and productive Demarcus ware and their pathetic corner situation!!! Then with Hickeys trading down trading down trading up routine he missed out on what i believe was their second target just one pick before ours which was Morgan Moses. With that being said I am not inclined too be too rough one them seeing how I have no clue who most of the small school guys are that they picked!? I guess time will tell wether out scouts are worth their salt. I hope they know what they are doing because it sure looks like one long shot after another with no immediate impact to the team this year!!! get ready for another long season fans!!!

  • Daniel Nemzek

    I gave them a solid C by the way