An Updated Look At The Miami Dolphin’s Offense

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There was not much variation at the quarterback position coming into the offseason.  However, following the draft the Miami Dolphins signed North Dakota State’s Brock Jensen, adding depth to the existing quarterback position.  Although the Dolphins added a few young names to the quarterbacking position, we will likely see Ryan Tannehill start for the Dolphins in his 3rd season, and hope for continuous improvement from a young quarterbacking corp.

Ryan Tannehill

Matt Moore

Pat Devlin

Jordan Rodgers

Brock Jensen*

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  • Devin

    I like the O-line upgrades for sure. I didn’t we had Jordan Rodgers either

    • Andrew

      We actually released him about an hour ago, lol

  • BartDePalma

    I think MIA is looking at Hoskins as a FB/H-back.

  • Pygskyn

    I’m not sure if you were listing them in depth chart order, but if you were, you have Thomas as the #2 RB behind Moreno. Probably should be Miller in the #2 slot. (Hopefully soon Butterfingers isn’t on the list at all, but thats for another day)

  • Pygskyn

    Looking at that list of Wideouts, all I can think of is “Embarrasment of riches.” We are fricken STACKED at wideout. Especially if Landry ends up as good as I believe he will be.

  • Johnny

    TE Lynch a “Playmaker”… Come on!! Kid is a blocker and short to intermediate reciever… Nothing special.. No Speed… Another wasted pick..

  • Dewbert

    Let me school this author, who is studying “Communication (Journalism & Public Relations)”: “Noot” is spelled “not.” “Continous” is spelled “continuous.” “Breakthrew” is spelled “breakthrough.” “Reciever” is spelled “receiver.” “Recieving“ is spelled “receiving.“ “Dolphin’s fans” is spelled “Dolphins fans.” The University of Wisconsin should be embarrassed for allowing you into a program that requires one to be able to spell simple words. Invest in a spell check or, better yet, go back to elementary school and take a spelling class.

    • Andrew


      • Dewbert

        Your chick is hot, though. :)

  • Buckeye Finfan

    I don’t normally do this but I was so offended by the NFL
    video of Michael Sam kissing and cuddling his boyfriend and the act of repeatedly
    pushing that agenda on us with the constant replays that I feel it necessary to
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    So I took a moment of my time today to call the NFL and they
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    If enough people speak up it could have a positive impact.

  • PhinPhan1227

    A couple of things, Miller is probably #2 not 3 and I’m pretty sure Turner will play guard and he’s probably ahead of Nate Garner