An Updated Look At The Miami Dolphin’s Defense

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Yesterday I had written an article that recapped the current Miami Dolphin’s offensive depth chart, today we are switching to the other side of the ball, and taking a look at the new defensive depth chart.

During the 2014 free agency period, the Miami Dolphins looked to address departing players like Paul Soliai, and safety Chris Clemons, with a variety of talent including safety Louis Delmas, cornerback Cortland Finnegan, and several more.  Last season the Dolphins stood in the middle of the league in regards to opponent’s passing yards, and ranked in the bottom half of the league in regards to opponent rushing yards.  Here is the current state of the defensive depth chart, post draft.

*Notes a 2014 rookie


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  • Johnny

    Should have went BPA and NEED with the 19th pick with Safety Ha-Ha.. (And still get James in 2nd round)… Delmas is injury prone and after him?? Don’t have much after losing Clemons in FA… Ha-Ha would have been the great pick and turned this D draft into a B+ draft… Well, shoulda, coulda, woulda… And you got to love that kids name.. Everytime he hits someone or intercepts, everybody would scream “HA-HA”…

    • PhinNomenal

      I’m actually with you on this one, Johnny. Right down to screaming “HaHa” a la Simpsons. I think James would’ve been there, but he’s 2nd tier anyway so next best tackle would’ve been OK with me. Ha Ha would’ve been a potential playmaker to address an already leaky secondary. And if we worked miracles with meh secondary talent, imagine if we get playmakers!

      • Johnny

        Thank you… He was the BPA and we need a Safety… I was actually hoping for either CJ Mosley or Pryor (and Martin) but wouldn’t you know.. Those were the exact 3 picks 16, 17, and 18.. The perfect storm.. But Ha-Ha would have definetily eased the pain of this horrible draft… Instead of reaching for James (who was the 56th ranked player and 8th best Tackle.. And only Right Tackle at that)… AND actually our 2nd round pick (Landry, who is the only pick I like) is rated overall at 50… Ahead of James!!! That just shows you how much of a reach that was.. We actually would have been lucky to get Ha-Ha who in a lot if Mocks had him going before us… Well.. That’s that.. Another terrible Dolphins draft.. Where we have only 1 Pro-Bowler who was actually drafted by the Dolphins… And the our Center Pouncy.. Not very sexy…

      • LostSok

        James played 49 consecutive games in the SEC allowing 5 sacks in his career. That is not “2nd tier.”

        That is not even CLOSE to “2nd tier.”

        James was initially graded low because he projects as a RT with questionable LT upside. We don’t care about that. We needed a RT. He is the perfect fit for our system and our primary need.

        • kidjoker1991

          And agin here we go with the small school prospect in turner he is a aggressive lineman who helped lead his team to 3 championships allowing 0 sacks his senior year was projected as a guard and will also be a plug and play back up if albert does go down. Also yes we needed safety insurance in case delmas does go down. Delmas isnt a bad safety at all if it wasnt for injuries the guy is clearly a talent showing that could maybe even be pro bowl caliber if healthy and he hits hard and plays the run well unlike clemons and he is a way better coverage safety who has made plays that we need our safety to make. And for linebackers when we saw our linebackers struggling in pass coverage they should have played jelani jenkins but they were afraid his size would weaken the run game which is why im kind of upset with the nfl look at zach thomas ray lewis luke kuechly and i could go on with a list of small guys that were underestimated because of size look at the seahawks those linebackers are not huge but they are aggressive and you can tell that they are look at cam chancellor he looks like he is suppose to be a linebacker according to height and weight measurements that are supposedly required to play in todays nfl. This isnt basketball it will never be stick to football you rarely come across monsters unless they are lineman if you do thats great but stick to football. And back to linebackers trilp is an upgrade jenkins and derrell johnso is the sleeper could be a mlb and passrusher at 262 pounds running a decent 40.

          • David Thompson

            Jimmy Wilson – Safety Insurance

    • LostSok

      He would have had a lot of tackles, too, considering that without James we’d likely be 3 and out most the year (again!) giving our defense lots and lots of opportunities.

      The reason our defensive rankings dropped so bad last year was not due to lack of talent. It was due to being on the field most of the game.


      It cannot be said enough.

      Jeff Ireland dithered on the o-line last year…and got squat in the draft to help. It destroyed our year. Thank GOD Hickey did not make the same mistake, and take someone like Clinton-Dix because he was “best available talent” at a position of arguable need.

      • Johnny

        Yes… Instead he reached for James who plays Right Tackle ONLY.. Albert goes down…James was ranked 56th and you pick him at 19… Yeh, that makes sense.. Oh Yeh.. Don’t forget about Turner.. Turner???? Who is Turner??? He’s a Small School Tackle who going to play against NFL pass rushers!!! That’s a big jump from a small school to the NFL.. Oh and BTW, let’s ask this Small School kid to change his position to Guard while we are at it.. Come on…Get real… Well, You can say the OLine didn’t get any worse.. But that’s not saying much… And the secondary… What happens when Delmas gets injured AGAIN with his bum knees….Ha-Ha would have made sense… And could have STILL could have drafted your James and no name small school T Turner…
        (I’m trying to move on from this terrible draft)

        • David Thompson

          You really didn’t know who Billy Turner was before the draft? That’s on you. As far as North Dakota State, they won the last 3 FCS titles so harping on the small school point is pointless. You’re aware that even FCS kids get Senior Bowl invites right? Get to go play with your “big boys.” Billy did and stood out. We’re not asking him to do anything his skill set doesn’t demand and the kid didn’t talk about preferring multiple times before the draft. He wants to move, that’s why he was an attractive OG prospect. Body type + Talent + Attitude. He did not give up a sack this past year, not one. I really don’t care where he played that’s impressive. And he faced Kansas States this past year, the result was 10 pancake blocks and obviously 0 sacks given up. Actually that game he was given a 96/100 grade. You may have noticed that we drafted 5 FCS players and I’m not sure why you aren’t complaining about them but anyway that is what happens when you use analytics. Computers and math don’t have institutional biases. Generally speaking that is a good thing. As for James, we needed a Right Tackle more than any other position on the field by far and asking a LT to become an RT does not work the first year if ever. We needed a sure bet, that was James, that was ONLY James. Nate Garner and Billy Turner can both play LT fine as backups. We knew before the draft that the Dolphins (and several other teams) saw James as a 1st round player.

          • Johnny

            I don’t mind if they stick Turner at LG.. and LG only .. Don’t try him as a versatile player.. Those guys are usually OK at all positions, but not good at one… That’s the Shula way.. If you can remember that.. You draft a player… Put him in his position he was drafted for.. And keep him there.. They don’t do that in Miami anymore.. They need to stick Turner at LG so he gets all the reps he can.. Especially a small school kid changing positions… Why are they in a small school… Usually because they were NOT invited or have the ability to play or good enoug, for say a SEC team like James… But their will always be exceptions… Always…
            And as for SAFETY??? Who do we have??? Jones and Delmas??? After that?? Where’s the depth??? We don’t even know if Delmas can at a full season!!! Who’s after Delmas??? He’s more then injury prone!!!!! Who??? Wilson??? Come on… Safety Ha-Ha would have been a great pick.. And yes he was BPA and it’s a NEED!!!! Could have got S Ha-Ha… And still get T James in 2nd round… If they were scared (and panicked, which they did when trading up for Turner)..They could have picked S Ha-Ha and then trade up and get James in the 2nd round giving up a 4th round pick.. Also still get Turner in the 3rd…
            So… Your basically still getting Ts James and Turner, AND adding a dynamic, ball hawk of a Safety in Ha-Ha… So what if we lose a 4th round???**** I’d rather have 2-3 immediate impact players then 8 developemental projects***** That makes sense!!! BUT ITS OVER AND IT WAS IN FACT A TERRIBLE DRAFT…… PERIOD!!!

            1. S Ha-Ha
            2. T James
            3. T Turner
            Sound good right????

            Like I said … It’s over and another terrible Dolphin Draft is in the books!!!! Let’s move on kid…
            And if you believe the Phins are great in the draft … Quick stat:::
            We have ONLY 1 player who made the ProBowl that the Dolphins actually drafted.. And that’s our Center Pouncy.( not a very sexy position)
            That’s it!!! I’m done!!! It’s over!!!
            I pay $2,000.00 a year to drive 1.25 Hrs each way to watch the Phins lose every year… And I made every single game if that 07 1-15 season… I CAN’T SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE EVERY GAME!!! Home or Away… So, don’t test my Fanship… OUT..
            Love, Peace, and Happiness….

          • David Thompson

            It is over but one amendment to your point, Ireland (isn’t there a 4 letter word we can turn that name into?) only drafted 1 Pro-bowler.

          • Johnny

            Let’s hope that changes really soon… We are both stuck as Fish Fans for life.. So, let’s make a push this year… Phins up!!!

          • Johnny

            And BTW… The OLine didn’t get worse.. Even though James was a reach… I do think he will hold down RT for many years to come.. And I like the “Potential” of Turner.. He’s got size and is a Physical guy… So, I’m hoping it works out.. Not crazy about 2 rookie on the OLine.. But, like you said, Ireland screwed us and we have to start somewhere… Peace Out Bro.. (Until the next debate) lol

          • David Thompson

            Hell ya dude, can’t wait to see these guys put pads on! And for that matter see what Taylor, Davis and Jordan are going to bring to the table this year. Phins up!

          • Miami Jules (Julian)

            Johnny, I get your point and you do have valid concerns especially when it comes to the secondary… you may remember my pre-draft mock, where I had corner/safety Jaylen Watkins as a 2nd round pick, because much like you, I did, and still have reservations about the Phins’ secondary. I am not so much on board as far as the “reaching” issue is concerned. One would have to place “too much” value on draft analysts’ rankings in order to determine what “reaching” is.
            I have posted a video on Aikens on my Miami Jules F/B page and I still wish Miami would’ve drafted Watkins, EJ Gaines or someone with a bit more of a record. I’m also not crazy about the F/A secondary signings except for Grimes, so either Philbin’s Hickey don’t fully get the secondary or I don’t, so I am with you but only as far as the secondary is concerned. I love what’s happened on offence. I love the TE. and I was borderline between Fiedorowicz, Gillmore and Lynch in the 4th round leading into the draft, and as I wrote on my article, I would’ve been fine with either one. Maybe the secondary pick suggestion came from Coyle (who, by the way, has been on my suspect list now for this past season).
            Going back to “reachingate”, with the # 26 pick, the Eagles “reached” for a player ranked 57… that, if one is to base reaching on the analysts’ rankings, that was a bigger reach… an entire 31 spots (26-57) compared to Miami’s 20 (19-39). I gave Miami’s draft effort a score of 93.4 (5th best in the NFL), not only because the OL was addressed early and without hesitation as well as throughout the draft (2 O/L and a blocking TE) but also because so many teams, including New England, had, in my humble opinion, such a terrible draft. Consider that the Oakland Raiders had a “perfect draft” (if there’s such a thing) with a score of 100, based on the talent they drafted and where they drafted them, while Seattle the worst, with a score of 65. You and I both are eager for training camp to get underway and at that point and much like last year, I will be able to get a better hold on the situation. I do plan to make it to as may of the open-to-the-public work outs as my schedule permits.

  • Marshall summerlin

    try thinking positive sometime Johnny

  • John Violette

    What about AJ Francis at DT?