Oct 27, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Gibson (10) celebrates a touchdown reception with center Mike Pouncey (51) during the first quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Can Miami Dolphins C Mike Pouncey Mature Into A Leader?

The Miami Dolphins are desperately searching for an offensive leader to step up and begin to assert themselves as the true alpha male of the team. Miami had such a player in LT Jake Long, but when Long left to play ball in St. Louis ($$$), Miami was left without a true leader especially along the offensive line.

That’s exactly where C Mike Pouncey comes into play.

Omar Kelly tweeted this about Pouncey:

So, the question of the day here is CAN Mike Pouncey mature enough to become the true leader of this offensive squad that has a BUTT LOAD of talent? Pouncey has been one of the best players this team has fielded in his 4 seasons with the team, yet has been caught up in a few incidents such as the “Bully Gate” scandal, the Aaron Hernandez situation, and his tweet about Miami’s first round selection RT Ja’Wuan James, which ultimately caused Pouncey to delete his twitter account.

Can Mike Pouncey become the leader and true alpha male of this offensive group? Do YOU think that new LT Branden Albert fills that role? Or is there another player whom you think fills that role? Leave us a comment in the comment section below with your thoughts!

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  • trinity

    I doubt it. This guy has had numerous incidents where you had to question his sensitivity, common sense, and intelligence. To put it bluntly, he seems like a stupid a**hole.

  • Frank B13

    I don’t think you can let him be our leader w/ his past record(although he is an excellent player) I personally think Tannehill has to be the one and after some time and proof Pouncey maybe able to work into it for the line.

  • Babaila

    No, he’s a knucklehead.

  • CD

    There are 21 coaches on this team. Is it really necessary to have players designated leaders. Seems to me there may already be too many cooks in the kitchen.

  • Johnny


  • gofins60

    Pouncey is no leader. His close ties with (and continuing support of) someone like Hernandez prove that in his case he’s nothing but a punk. I’d bet that if he had been drafted by the Pats, he’d be in jail with Hernandez. If I were Ross, I would have canned his butt; he doesn’t deserve to be a Dolphin.

    • Pentax Shooter

      I haven’t read anything about Pouncey supporting Hernandez since last year’s subpoena.

      • gofins60

        That doesn’t mean that he’s no longer “friends” with Hernandez; it just means that his lawyer and/or agent told him to keep his mouth shut. Hernandez was trouble in college, and Pouncey had no qualms about associating with someone like that. Leaving college and joining the NFL gave Pouncey the chance to “redeem” his reputation/character by no longer having anything to do with someone like Hernandez, but that didn’t happen. To be fair, some of these punks do mature and change their lifestyle. Maybe Pouncey will eventually straighten up his act/attitude while he’s still a Dolphin, but in no way, shape, or form should he EVER be considered a leader!

        • Pentax Shooter

          You may be right, but look at Ray Lewis – gone from obstructing justice in a murder investigation to being the seminal sports leader of the 21st century. Time will tell. I don’t think there needs to be a “leader”, anyway. All that media hype…

        • Paulmatthew22

          Yeah,.The problem is that he will be up for an extension soon,. and we need to find out pretty quick if he can get his head out of his azz!

      • nlb

        See the jersey in his house?

  • Pentax Shooter

    Mike Pouncey is 24 yrs old and has been an “inner circle” guy through is years at Florida and in Miami. He’s made bad decisions. Now is the opportunity for him to demonstrate that he has grown as a man and a teammate.

  • keath sygman

    Thuggish low life . He will be indicted fr gun trafficking . The guns in the hernandez case came from Florida and Pouncey sent them up north. Feds have 4 years to indict . You can bet he was involved

  • Paulmatthew22

    I worry about Mike Pouncey becoming a respectable team leader,.I really do

  • edan

    Long was never a leader. Where did that idea come from? He hated being in Miami, and he hated Incognito. That was all painfully obvious during the Hard Knocks show. I don’t worry about Pouncey in the least. His indiscretions are minor, and taken far too seriously. He’s known Hernandez most of his life. Pardon his loyalty. His tweet about “buying gifts” was a jab at Martin’s immature accusations. And any abusive behavior Pouncey might have shown towards Martin was strictly to do with Martin NOT CUTTING IT. Only about 99% of Fin fans wondered what Ireland and Philbin were thinking having him START at L.Tackle, anyway. The blogs lit up over it. Pouncey doesn’t need any mental health counseling or evaluation, and he surely hasn’t earned a suspension. He is the O-line leader and everyone on the team likes and respects him. Leave him alone already!