Nov 11, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey (51) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins' Pouncey Needs Help

Forget about the hat that read “Free Hernandez” shortly after former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder, the Miami Dolphins should have seen his refusal to issue a statement as a sign of things to come.  O.k. so maybe the Dolphins opted to do the smart thing and told him to simply keep his mouth shut.  If that is true they have pretty much failed miserably since then.

Mike Pouncey is a very good football player.  A Pro-Bowl center who has yet to reach his full potential.  Mike Pouncey is one of those players who plays a position that the Hall of Fame loves to induct.  Mike Pouncey also has a serious issue with opening his mouth and putting his foot squarely in it.  Forget about the issues last year as one of the triad of Jonathan Martin’s night-terror’s.  Forget about the fact that in his living room hangs a framed jersey of Hernandez as evidenced recently in a picture.  Forget about the fact that Pouncey quipped shortly after Ja’Wuan James was drafted that he couldn’t wait to see what James was going to buy him.

No, forget all that, because frankly, Pouncey seems to be giving us fodder almost daily.

The latest?  His NFL mandated treatment as part of his involvement in the harassment of Martin last year.  Martin frankly doesn’t believe that he needs it.

“I don’t think I need that,” he said.

He may not.  He wasn’t the ring leader and his name in the Wells’ report often appeared but as the third party member.  The issue here is that he simply can’t keep himself from making dopey comments that every journalist will run wild with.  The headlines on Pouncey on the Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, and Sun-Sentinel were more prominent than the OTA reports.  Why?  Because Pouncey is supposed to be a leader and dirt sells.  Pouncey was asked if had any regret about 2013 and how it unfolded, he said he didn’t.

To Pouncey’s credit, this was the first time that he has spoken with the media since last years report was made public and he tried to keep the topic on the subject at hand, OTA’s.  He said he was ready for football and the past is basically the past saying “that’s all behind us”.  Still denial of what the league is mandating for you may not be a smart approach for a player who still doesn’t know if he will ultimately face suspension for his involvement.  Hopefully the local media hounds will let this sleeping dog lie and stop asking Pouncey questions about anything not related to the field of play…but alas, Pouncey can be too good of a sound bite to pass up.

John Jerry and Richie Incognito will need to complete NFL mandated training as well prior to their return to the field in 2014.

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  • trinity

    What a stupid asshole.


    seems like incognito has infected him with a bad case of stupids.. he might not want to jump through these hoops bet he sets himself up for failure much like incognito does. I bet next year we are drafting a center with our first round pick…

  • ConfoundedSoc

    All Pouncey is doing is calling the NFLs bluff. Pouncey didn’t break the law, violate any clause of his contract nor did he violate any NFL rule. The NFL has no right to demand psychiatric treatment.

    BTW, it’s interesting that Goodell is openly stating what Pouncey did (and Johnathan Martin did everything Pouncey did) was worse than what Ray Rice did.

    • Jim W

      It IS interesting to see the way that the Ray Rice situation is being handled by the NFL. I guess harsh language is now worse than an assault on a woman leaving her unconscious. And when was last thing we heard about the Darren Sharper rape allegations. NFLNetwork (read NFL) really buried that one. Again, harsh language is apparently worse than rape. Why was there no investigation into the Patriots after several Pat players came out about what a scary guy Hernandez was in the locker room? And it sure looks like money trumps the ‘justice’ system as Jim Irsay has shown with all 4 drug felonies being dismissed. Get out the broom, NFL, and sweep that one under the rug as well. But harsh language…

  • Jcartwright67

    He doesn’t act or think like you! Let’s ask him the same crap ten different ways

  • bk

    So he gets a pass from the press libtards (mike & mike & evan & Phillips, etc etc) because the press are basically bullies… bullies only go after easy targets and ones that cannot throw a race card back at them (Incognito)… Yeah, he is a doofus, but, was what he did (at the request of the team and with Pouncey helping) as bad as say… beating a woman unconsious or subverting a drug test or even failing a drug test (let alone 3 felony firearms convictions, claiming to have a bomb and 2 dui’s)????? The ESPN/radio libtards think so.. thanks to them, Incognito will never play in the NFL again and probably never work again, anywhere… is that really fair? NO… Media Bullies have made sure of this…
    I don’t condone the whole thing, but, when you compare it with killing 2 guys or DUI that kills people, it is pretty tame… but not to the aforementioned media douche’s….

    • edan

      Incognito wasn’t created by Ireland, but was sure set loose by him. I feel for Incognito. I’m really glad Ireland is gone. You want to blame someone. Blame the right person. I didn’t see Ireland’s name mentioned on the report. It should have been 1st on the list.

  • txmedic5

    I just wish he would realize that everyone who is asking him questions only wants a sound bite to drill him with.

    • Chris

      I think he does realize this, but I also think he doesn’t care. I don’t care that he said he has no regrets about what happened last year. I don’t care whose jersey is hanging up at his house. I don’t care what Ja’Wuan James has to buy him. All I care about regarding Pouncey is that he protects Tannehill and creates running lanes for Moreno and co. None of this matters.
      Go Fins.

  • gofins60

    Aaron Hernandez has been trouble since college and probably earlier than that (according to police reports via the media). The fact that Pouncey gravitates toward this type of person shows that he’s no different than Hernandez in his way of thinking and lifestyle. Some may believe that Pouncey just needs to “grow up”, but I think that he’s a thug and will eventually end up in trouble. While I have a very broad opinion of what could be considered “normal” behavior, associating with, supporting, and being loyal to someone like Hernandez is NOT normal behavior in a civilized society.

    • ConfoundedSoc

      Yes. Let’s fire and imprison people for things you think they might do. Viva la democracia,

      • gofins60

        Did you even read what I wrote? Hernandez has been in trouble numerous times while in college, and everything was covered up because he was a star player; even shootings. Pouncey may not have been arrested, but he was a close associate of Hernandez. I never said to imprison Pouncey (unless he gets arrested), but I did say that his behavior is not normal. Normal people don’t associate with known criminals. Would I kick Pouncey off the team? In a heartbeat! For far too long, colleges and the NFL recruit and draft thugs who should be in prison just because they’re good at sports. I understand that they’re just kids and deserve a second chance, but some of them are hard-core gang-bangers and thugs. These are the ones that should never be given a free college education or big bucks in the Pros, but winning and the almighty dollar are more important to colleges and the NFL than character and integrity.

        • ConfoundedSoc

          So everybody who has a friend who commits a crime is automatically abnormal. Got it.

          What are your feelings about Ray Rice? Ben Roethlisberger? Ray Lewis? Michael Vick? Ricky Williams? Mercury Morris? Jimmy Wilson? …. (the list could go on and on, but somehow, Mike Pouncey is scum?)

          • gofins60

            All I’m saying is that if your friends are criminals and you continue to hang with them, I’d consider you no different than them. Honest, law-abiding people don’t associate with scum.

            I have the right to form my own opinion, and you have the right to your own. We’ll just agree to disagree!

          • ConfoundedSoc

            “Honest, law-abiding people don’t associate with scum.”
            Happens every day, actually, all over the place. Criminals aren’t criminals 24/7/365. There’s obviously something you have against Pouncey and you’re desperately trying to justify it with false logic. Let it go.

    • edan

      Guilt by association? I’ve got big problems. So do a lot of other people. Pouncey has never been in any trouble. He and Hernandez have known each other a long time. So what?

  • Pentax Shooter

    Gotta do what your boss tells you to do, plain & simple.

    • ConfoundedSoc

      So if your boss told you to go to a psychiatrist or you’re fired, you’d be OK with that? That’s just stupid.

      • Pentax Shooter

        Please show me where someone threatened to “fire” Mike Pouncey for refusing to see a psychiatrist.

        Many folks in a position of responsibility have to go through at least one mandatory psychological evaluation. I’m guessing that during your career as a dishwasher at Applebee’s, you haven’t had to experience this.

        • ConfoundedSoc

          Roger Goodell said he couldn’t play (that means no salary.) You aren’t doing your job and you aren’t getting paid to not do it, how does that not equal fired?

        • ConfoundedSoc

          It’s only legal if it applies to everyone. You can’t pick and chose which employees to give exams to. What country do you live in?

        • 1sb1

          As a pro freelance photographer–Love your screen name “Pentax Shooter”…..
          …. K1000 rock on!!

  • jdk47

    Not just about sound bites. Very good odds he was present at, and possible accomplice to, at least one other of Hernandez’s shootings. He may just end up in jail before this is all over.

    • ConfoundedSoc

      Very good odds based on what?

    • edan

      Huh? Pouncey’s name has never been mentioned in anything to do with Hernandez problems with the law. You’re way out of bounds.

      • jdk47

        Not true. He was subpoenaed late last year by a Grand Jury for questioning in regards to illegal “gun-running” involving multiple guns Hernandez possessed, and specifically the gun Hernandez used in one of the shootings. Also, he, his brother, and Reggie Nelson were all present with Hernandez the night he was suspected of shooting 2 other people in Gainesville during their time at UF. I believe that case is probably being looked at anew given the charges he’s facing now. Don’t be surprised if Hernandez (and possibly others) eventually get charged in that case as well.

  • edan

    Pouncey doesn’t think he needs a mental health evaluation. So What? Is this really news? He is the leader of the O-line. Martin wasn’t cutting it, and all of us long suffering Fins fans didn’t think he should have been starting at Left Tackle anyway. Incognito is a loose cannon. Everyone knows that. Pouncey was dealing with strong personalities and trying to get them all on the same page. I agree with him. If the league wants to pursue an evaluation, have at it. But does he need it? NO! I hear he’s put on some solid muscle and looks like he’s ready to bust some D-line skulls. That’s what I’m ready for. What did you expect him to say? I’m a troubled kid from a bad childhood and that mean old Richie made me do bad things. LOLOL.