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Aug 29, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Miami Dolphins former quarterback Bob Griese on the field before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No Love For Dolphins' Griese


The Miami Dolphins love them some Bob Griese.  He was only the first NFL QB to take his team to three consecutive Super Bowls and despite missing most of the 1972 regular season with a broken leg, still managed to lead his team to a perfect 17-0.  Over on they are looking at the numbers from around the league, all time.  We are doing just the Dolphins.  So today they decided to pose good old number 12.

The poll question is an interesting one because a great many players, great players, have worn number 12.  So where does Bob Griese rank on that list?  Well, not very high.  In fact, here is a look at their poll thus far.

In first place with over 5,500 votes is New England’s Tom Brady.  You can chalk this up to the fact that most of the names on this list are older than most fans remember.  In fact, most New England Patriot fans have only been “fans” since the team started winning.  Which means they only remember reading about Steve Grogan and the likes.  Regardless, Tom Brady is the top vote getter right now and it doesn’t look to change soon.

In second and third, a distant 2nd and 3rd with just over 3,000 votes are Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw.  Both in reality should be tied for one and two.  Yes, they were that good.

After the top three it gets a little funny.  Seattle’s number 12 doesn’t belong to a player.  It belongs to the fans.  That’s right the number 12 is retired in Seattle for the “12th Man”.  With over 1,700 votes, Seattle is in 4th place.  Still no Bob Griese.  Jim Kelly takes up the 5th spot.  You could make an argument for Kelly given his four Super Bowls but they were all losses.  In addition you can’t discount the fantastic supporting cast he was surrounded with.  Aaron Rodgers makes a case at number 6 with over 1,700 votes as well.  Joe Namath comes in at number seven.  Amazing that he is so highly thought of considering he won only one Super Bowl and really didn’t lead his team anywhere after that.

In the 8th spot comes Ken Stabler.  Again, over Bob Griese.   The ninth spot goes to Randall Cunningham.  Both Stalber and Cunningham have less than 1,00 votes sitting at 760 and 508 respectively.  Finally, at number 10 comes Bob Griese.  He does not possess the passing stats that many of the others hold.  But is shouldn’t be about stats.  Griese played with the Dolphins from 1967 until 1980.  He coached one year in 1981 at the urging of owner Joe Robbie.

So while the number 12 has an historic aura about it, it’s amazing how many fans think so low of a QB who was one of the very few who called all of his own plays most of his entire career.  Shame.

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    we all love ya bob… I remember when the cardinals conrad dobler threatened to end your career.. you torched them for over 50 points..!! you were the calmest and coolest qb ever to play.. nothing rattled you.. FEAR THE FINS..!!

  • PHINS Relevant Again

    Just goes to prove that fans really have no clue, and should never be asked anything ever.

  • Scott Hodges

    It’s a different league, much more QB dependent, than it was in the 1970s. Griese threw eleven passes in SB VII (completing eight, five for first downs), and only threw seven in SB VIII (in part because we were up 17-0 by early second quarter, and it would have taken the Vikings until SB XXX to catch up versus our defense).
    That doesn’t diminish his importance or greatness, but it makes it hard to rank him higher than ‘modern’ QBs such as Brady or Manning. And contemporaries such as Bradshaw and Staubach played in more pass-heavy systems, so they likely deserve the nod as well given the equal or greater number of rings on their fingers and SB MVP awards.

  • Johnny

    Griese was a “Game Manager”-type of QB.. On a team with a great Running game and a great defense… Even in the 72 “Perfect Season” Griese goes down with an injury and Morrall comes in with out skipping a beat (who actually won more games then Griese in 72)… But I guess it comes down to wins.. Czonka and that No-Name defense did most of the work… Not hard to play-action pass once in awhile to Paul Warfield…
    But as far as Dolphins QBs goes .. He’ll always be second best to Marino (even without the rings)