Miami Dolphins What If Game

Miami Dolphins ‘What If’ Game


Let’s play the “what if” game. We are going to fast forward to December 2015.  Our Miami Dolphins have officially clinched a wild card spot with a solid and respectable record of 10-6.  They are second in their division and have clinched the 6th seed in the AFC conference.

The reason for the Dolphins finishing with a 10-6 record is due to their new high flying offense.  Bill Lazor high temp offense has changed the offensive philosophy in Miami.  Gone is the lame, boring and vanilla offense that was imposed by Mike Sherman and now Miami possess one of the most exciting offenses that we haven’t seen in South Beach since the days of Don Shula. Comparing the statistics from 2014 vs. 2015 we can see the following variations:


Table 1.1 – Miami Dolphins Offensive statistics overview

Statistics 2014 2015 Difference
Points per game 19.8 24.5 19%
Yards per game 312.9 410.3 24%
Passing yards per game 222.9 250.9 11%
Rushing yards per game 90.0 120.0 25%
Weighted average 20%

*2014 stats extracted from NFL.Com
**2015 stats calculated using a baseline percentage of 20% increase
***Percentage difference calculated
[((V2 - V1) / |V1|) * 100] 

Based on what we can see from Table 1.1., we see a clear and blended improvement across all major categories by a factor of 20%.  Lazor offensive mentality has provided a much needed focus on the running game where we can see the highest percentage increase. This statistics might have been altered due to the fact that we only had one offensive lineman being carried over from the 2014 season.  Nonetheless, Lazor presented a game plan that worked efficiently and effectively across the National Football League.

Lazor game planning and tutelage has also benefited Ryan Tannenhill game to the next level.  Working with Lazor; Ryan was able to take his game to the next level (similar growth to what we saw from Nick Foles in the 2014) season.

Table 1.2 – Ryan Tannenhill Passing Statistic review

Year Att Comp Yards Comp% TD INT Rating
2014 588 355 3913 60.4 24 17 81.7
2015 203 423 3498 75.3 28 12 85.9

*2014 stats extracted from NFL.Com


The key factor to pay attention in Table 1.2 is the numbers of attempts have drastically decreased. This is due to the aforementioned transformation in the run game which is noted in Table 1.1.  As Lazor has focused on decreasing the number of attempts by Tannenhill, due to the efficiency of the running game, his mental mistakes have decreased thereby leading to his confidence growing. This is evident by his highest QB rating of 85.9.  Reviewing the last year NFL QB rating for all QBs that made the playoffs, the rating puts Tannenhill on par to take our team to the next level.   As the 2015 season ends and the Dolphins are eliminated in the playoffs in the 2nd or 3rd round, we can see teams that have struggled in the 2015 campaign looking for their next head coach.

Due to the drastic improvements that have been implemented by Bill Lazor, struggling teams are now pondering about the possibility of adding Lazor as their next head coach. All of this is coming full circle. The What if question can now be presented to us the fans….if the 2015 season provides the above results that are reflected in this analysis, which candidate would be better suited to be the Miami Dolphins Head Coach in 2016; Joe Philibin or Bill Lazor?

Let the debate begin…

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  • Tom Allen

    How do you coplete 423 passes while only attempting 203 ? Also 251 passing yds/game is 4014 not 3498. These projections do not add up

  • Matt

    There is some pretty horrific grammar in this article.

  • James

    If it’s the December 2015 season then how did we do in 2014? Lol
    Also your grammar in this article is terrible!! How old are you? Jeez good luck in future articles!

  • Johnny

    They looked good in the Red Zone which is mostly what the reporters seen.. Tannehill is good in the Red Zone.. Just got to get to the Red Zone, that’s the problem… First OTAs RT started slow, but us looking pretty good..
    Moreno– problem. Working with the 3rd and 4th stringers. I guess he uses camp to get in shape.. Maybe if he stayed in shape, he’d be better off..
    OLine – problem.. Rookie James let Cam Wak get by him a few times.. Now, people might say.. Well, it’s Cam Wake!. But Wake doesn’t usually go all out in practice.. Probably at 50%.. At 50% and still getting by James?? That’s a problem.. Even with TE help..

    I think a lot of the pressure will be taken off the OLine.. With shifts 2-3 TE help.. And quick releases by RT.. (Roll outs)..

    Eitherway… I think the Offense is overall looking good…
    I think they were around 19.6 per game … Ranked in the bottom 3…
    If they can score 24.6 PTS a game, (which is around the average).. They will win a lot more games… (That 7pts for the last 2 games didn’t help that average)…
    I’m sure the Defense will see everything in slow motion after going against this high tempo offense all camp.. Which is a good thing…

    Tough schedule :; Denver, Chicago, New England x 2, Detroit, SD, KC, Green Bay… Very tough opponents..
    But it all starts in the division.. NE is still on top and NYJ and even Buff got better…
    Last year we went 2-4 in the division..
    1-1 NE.. 1-1 NYJ and swept 0-2 to Buffalo who were the bottom feeders..
    If we can go 4-2 in the division and Win the games we are suppose to (Minn. Jax. Oak.)
    We might a make a push to the playoffs .. I see 8-8 with a 1 game swing… Hopefully swinging up to 9-7..
    Not sure 9-7 will even make the playoffs though like last year…
    Tell you the truth.. I’ll be very happy with a 9-7 record against the teams we have to play… Playoffs or not..
    I’ll take a winning record aka. 9-7..

    Fish up!!! (From last article)

    • Johnny

      AND?? LEAVE THIS GUY ALONE… It’s not like he’s getting paid or anything… Look at my posts… I’ve never used spellcheck in my life.. And grammar??? SAT scores Math: 695
      English: 350 (and I think back then you get atleast 100 or 200 for signing your name correctly) LOL..
      Thank goodness for Math!!’

      • Pygskyn

        I’ll never rip a guy for his grammar unless it is beyond horrible. That said the whole thing is just… the combination of that plus the numerous numerical errors is just sloppy. Also, posting a comment is nowhere near the same thing as posting an article. Completely different levels of scrutiny for the two. (Oh, and 710 math, 710 english when I took the SAT a little over a decade ago. Still not sure how in the hell I got that English score.)

        • Johnny

          I know..

      • dj

        thanks brov!

    • Marshall Summerlin

      I think it is finally time to get back to the old days our high-powered offense: and I think with Bill laser and Ryan Tannehill making a big jump this year we will hopefully average 28 .5 points per game and if koa misi works in the middle and our defense improves in stopping the run then we will have a much better record. If we do these two things even with our tough schedule I think we will hit 10 and 6 easily. Also with everybody using shortcut writing on these sites, lol I always have a hard time figuring out what people are saying.And sometimes it might not be the grammar, it might be the problem which I have I can spell just fine and my grammar is OK I just can’t type lol have a great day and go dolphins

      • Johnny

        I hear you.. 19.6 to 28.5 would be HUGE.. I’ll take anything over 24pt average… I believe 24 is average.. But yeh.. If we they can average 1 full Touchdown more, that would put us above the average at 26.6.. In which is be very pleased with… But easier said then done.. Their will be a few 10-17 pt games… Scoring a 28 pt average is asking too much bro.. Be happy with alittle over the NFL average of 24.. Which could be higher this coming season…
        With a better OLine and Running game along with this high tempo, shift, roll out, Chip Kelly-like offense, I can definetily see a HUGE improvement over last year… Tough opponents though… So we will need some PTS on the board against Denver, NE, Det, Chic., and Green Bay.. (Among others)
        And what is the most important stat:: Turnover differential… Got to have more turnovers and give up less.. Basically that’s what a lot depends on..

  • Pygskyn

    Momma always told me if I didn’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all… So after reading this article… *silence*

  • Timothy Stamper

    Ummm…not one bit of the math seems to make any sense

  • Johnny

    Miami!!! Get some Flowers!!! aka CB Pro-Bowl/ 28yr old Brandon Flowers just released by KC.. Grimes AND Flowers?? What?? Got the $$$ cap room..
    Now were talking..

    • Pygskyn

      Would love it, but I got a bad feeling that Atlanta, the Jets, and Oakland all open their purses and we can’t outspend Oakland IIRC.
      If we can pull it off though… Grimes, Flowers, and Finegan…. just dayumn…. holy dayumn…

      • Johnny

        I know.. But it’s ok to wish.. lol

    • dj

      somehow i see him going to Dallas