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Knowshon Moreno To Have Surgery?

This offseason has been a rather uncertain one for Knowshon Moreno and Dolphin’s personnel, as Knowshon Moreno has drawn mostly negative media since the start of camp.

Throughout OTA’s Moreno was notably taking reps behind Lamar Miller, which brought a lot of questions about Moreno’s offseason training and work ethic.

On Friday, it was reported by multiple sources that Moreno was limited from Dolphin’s Mini Camp due to a bum left knee.   It has also been reported Moreno may need Arthoscopic surgery, however it is believed to not be a serious injury.

KnowshonMoreno has had a history of injury, as in 2011 he tore his ACL with the Denver Broncos, although he did fully recover from this injury.

Moreno is yet to make his debut with the Miami Dolphins, as he was signed this offseason to a 1 year, $3 million contract. Moreno is coming off of a career season in which he rushed for 1,586 yards and a Super Bowl appearance.

There has been a lot of optimism within the Dolphin’s organization towards Knowshon Moreno since his signing, as the Dolphins ranked 26th in the league in rushing last season and needed to fill a void in the backfield.  Moreno was expected by many fans to take the bulk of the reps throughout the season since Moreno offers a physical rushing game, as well as being an effective pass blocker.

It has been rumored if Moreno goes through with the surgery, he will likely miss most of training camp, however there are hopes he would be ready for preseason action.

Moreno plans to see a doctor in Miami next week for additional insight.


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  • Marshall summerlin

    ho hum…tweedle Dee… it figures I really wanted the Dolphins to draft tre Mason this year or Terrence west…..go dolphins…. play huge this year Miller we need you. fin4ever

    • phinphan

      He will be playing running back now as opposed to assigned to try to block for the QB.If are line gels early Miller will be dangerous not to mention Tanny,Wallace,Hartline,you get the point.

  • Brian

    When Miami Dolphins picked Knowshon Moreno I was worried about his capabilities in playing due to injuries, I figured that they wanted a experience running back onto the field first and would pick up Tre Mason as a back up. Well we have a better team we just need a running back still that has the capabilities of rushing 1000yds and being a very effective pass blocker at the same time.. I’ve been a Dolphin fan since I was a little kid, because Dolphins (mammals) always amazed me once seen on the helmet of this team it automatically became my team. I’m a die hard fan from New York and had a bar fight, was thrown out of the bar in my young days for cheering for Miami when they had a come back and beat the Jets. If there is teams i can’t stand it’s the Jets, New England, Raiders and Washington Go#Fins, #Fins Up.

  • Johnny

    Cut him and save a few Mil!!!

  • tpl

    I don’t think Moreno has a chance to make the team.

  • phinphan

    Barring injuries I expect Miller to shine this year. Everything else is about the number two spot.I think Moreno will cinch it.

  • Marshall summerlin

    thank you phin fan and Brian it’s awesome to have you as a Dolphins fan off in New York I agree with you I can’t stand the Jets the Patriots or the Buffalo Bills for that matter or the Redskins the Raiders etc cetera et cetera lol