Phinatic Faces

Is it your face or someone you love?  Is it someone you lost and wish to remember, or the survivor you wish to cherish?  All of us have lost someone to Cancer.  All of us have felt the pain of going through that loss.  Some of us have waited out the tests hoping beyond all hope that those tests were negative.  Regardless, Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and one of the worst nightmares for any family or person to go through.

This page is not a memorial wall for those that were lost.  It’s a wall for those who care enough to help stop it.  Some of the faces below are gone while others are fans who took the time to donate to fight the disease.  These are our Phinatic Faces!


In loving memory of Uncle Lyle Gowins, lost to cancer in August 2012




In Memory of John Laurito, Sr.




Stevie the Artist with Above the Mundane Events





Thanks to “” for their donation to our charity drive!