Daunte and Ricky have earned nothing!


Greg Cote of the Miami Herald would have you believe otherwise. In his article titled “Ricky, Daunte have earned the opportunity to prove their worth”, Cote implores all of us Miami Dolphins fans to “give them a chance.” He uses “talented” and says that they have endured great pain and suffering. He says that Cam Cameron is turning his back on these two “productive weapons“…….I say…… HOCKEY PUCK!

What have Daunte Culpepper and Ricky Williams ever done for the Dolphins to warrant any kind of loyalty from not only this ownership but our coaching staff? 4 games by Daunte and a 2nd round pick? Or is it because we have invested so much money in recumbent bikes? !800 yards rushing followed by a retirement, a 4 game suspension, and a 1 year suspension? Sure those sound like reasons to me.

No one will argue that Ricky and Daunte are talented. But both have some serious issues that should be taken into consideration. For example, if you were paying their salaries would you want to? I wouldnt.

To be fair, and something that Mr. Cote did not do, these two should not be lumped together at all. They both have a very different circumstance surrounding them. And I think they should both be viewed separate in this argument.

Go to a fan forum web site for the dolphins. Type your thread title with either one of those names, and you will hit 100 posts on that thread in a day if not an hour. But be prepared to take some pretty nasty comments back at you, regardless of what you say. Those names will separate a forum faster than Moses parted the Red Sea.

So to follow my own advice, I will separate them Mr. Cote. Daunte Culpepper deserves NOTHING from this team. He has not shown that he is capable of leading this team, or any team for that matter since his injury. Oh, he was rushed back too fast. Damn that Nick Saban. But wasn’t it Daunte Culpepper last year who declared himself 100 percent? Was it not Culpepper who argued with Saban over his benching? Yep, lets blame the coach for that one.

Daunte Culpepper has never shown himself to be a “thinking” quarterback. He has a great arm, no doubt, no argument. But if he can’t run, if he can’t buy time, he can’t do much. Cpepp is not able to make multiple quick reads and check downs quickly. He couldn’t do that when he was healthy and he surely can’t do it injured.

The fact is that Cpepp has to much working against him right now. His playing style, learning a new system, listening to the media, the lack of support from his coaches, his injury, his confidence. All of it playing against him. He will likely return to be a starting quarterback some day, but that isn’t saying much if you look at NFL starters as a whole. If Cpepp can’t get healthy or he can but can’t win the starting job from say a Trent Green, then he has no worth to this franchise, and this franchise owes him absolutely ZERO for 4 games and a 2nd round pick. It’s not about what he used to do, it’s about what he can do now, and so far, he can’t do anything. But he at least deserves training camp to find out. Unlike Ricky Williams.

Ricky Williams is the worst 1st round pick Miami never made. In fact, he is the worst 2 1st round picks Miami never made. He was flaky when Miami took him from, ironically, Randy Mueller and the Saints. He busted on the field and at first glance looked like he was worth every bit of the cost. But that of course would change, and change quickly.

We as fans all know the history, Ricky quits, Ricky does drugs, Ricky comes back, Ricky goes away. It’s been hashed a million times over. But again, according to one Greg Cote, Ricky deserves a chance.

Imagine if you will a late December game. Ronnie Brown is injured, Ricky Williams has played his rear off and the Miami Dolphins are going to the playoffs. Then, another failed test. Ricky is gone. Not for a game, not for 4 games or even a year. Ricky is gone for good. New Commissioner Roger Goodell would see to that. He can’t be relied upon. This is not an issue of like or disslike. This is an issue of reliability and dependability. Ricky has neither.

Ricky can play. No question. He is also cheap which some believe alone should be the reason he sticks around. But the truth is, whether you like Ricky or not, he is a distraction, and it’s all negative.

Some will argue that Ricky wasn’t suspended for “pot” last year. I ask how do you know? Because his mom, who was the only one to speak out, said so? Not good enough. But, lets assume it wasn’t. To me that is worse. Why? Because pot I think he doesn’t do anymore. If it were pot, I could say, “o.k. he has kicked the habit”. But if it wasn’t then there is another issue.

Let us say that it was for a substance in a holistic medicine or herbal supplement. Lets say it was a simple mistake and that Ricky was screwed by the NFL to prove a point. Do you not think that the chances of Ricky failing another test because of an herbal substance is more likely? Do you realize that regardless of what causes him to fail a test, it’s still a failed test? And that will result in permanent suspension? There is no worth in keeping Ricky Williams. No matter how nice the guy is. He can not be relied upon. Not as a starter, not as a backup, not as anything. IF there is a team out there, say the St. Louis Rams, who will give up a draft pick for Williams, then from a business standpoint, you have to make that deal regardless of the slot of that pick. Why? Because that pick has more of a chance of being on this team in 3 years than Ricky Williams does. Once Williams’ contract is up, he is gone. Wayne Huizenga will not pay him again.

So I will send my apologies to Mr. Cote. I disagree in a very big way. There are no free passes on this team, or shouldn’t be, unless your name is Zach and Jason. You have to earn your right to play here. Daunte has not done that and Ricky has blown it.

In Cotes’ article he says this: “These are two proven, productive weapons when healthy and unsuspended.” Well Mr. Cote, you are absolutely right. Of course one has been nothing but hurt and the other has been nothing but suspended. They have not earned anything.