A positive something


So much is being made of the Miami Dolphins lack of a starting quarterback, the Ted Ginn Jr. draft pick and all the other off-season moves or lack thereof. In reality, there is a lot of positives to look at as well. I am probably as bad as anyone when it comes to pointing out the negative instead of looking at the positive. I call it the Dave Wannstedt Syndrome. The blinders were taken off, the Rose colored glasses thrown away, and reality sunk in quicker than a rock to the bottom of the ocean.

There is though, some promise. Promise yields optimism and optimism leads to positive thought and this is starting to sound like a really bad Yoda impersonation. Regardless of whether you like everything that Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller have done, you have to like the direction that the team is headed.

Gone are the days of the ball-control, let-the-defense-win-the-game mentality. Now there is a scoring-points mentality. I remember back when Wannstedt was here and he made a comment to the effect of and this is paraphrased of course, “you run the ball to win games.” Then he said, “you throw the ball to score points”. The reason I remember it is because I never got that. Don’t you win games by scoring points?

Cam Cameron is unproven. You can not judge him by what he did in Indiana. I never realized that they even played football there. I’m kidding, but you get my point. He has a scoring mentality, a perfection on offense mentality. We have not had that here since Don Shula was the coach. It’s more than a welcomed change, it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s a hope for better days. Lets face it, the other way has not worked in over 10 years.

Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller will not always make the right decisions or even the right decisions in the eyes of the fans, but they are responsible for them. It remains to be seen what this new mentality will bring out of players like Chris Chambers, whoever is behind the center, or Ronnie Brown. It could be good or it could be bad. It is however, easy to see that at least some good should come out of it. Maybe it doesn’t yield a Super Bowl, maybe not even a playoff birth. Maybe this regime fails as easily and clearly as the others have. But, unlike the other coaches, this one is all about offense. That alone is a positive something.