Dolphins busy this past week


Go figure! I go on vacation and something actually happens while I am gone. No, no, no….it wasn’t a trade for Trent Green, that soap opera is still playing out.

I have decided, after spending a week away in sunny south Florida, to do a weekly review of all the news involving the Miami Dolphins. Although some of the issues and news bits will be posted throughout the week, this will be an opportunity to recap that information in short entries at the end of every week. This will be the first, appropriate since I have been gone and have spent the better part of this morning pouring over a weeks worth of information. Enjoy!

Dolphins sign half of their draft picks.

The Miami Dolphins have signed 5 of the their 10 draft picks to contracts so far. Including RB Lorenzo Booker who was drafted in round 3. His contract was for a little more than 2 million. Also signed are LB Kelvin Smith, LB Abraham Wright, and Punter Brandon Fields, all of whom were 7th round picks. In addition to the 4 mentioned above, fullback Reagan Mauia. Mauia is the first of 2 6th round draft picks.

– Cam Cameron is moving Rex Hadnot to Right Guard.

Head Coach Cam Cameron has announced that last years Center, Rex Hadnot, will be moved to RG and that rookie Samson Satele and Johnathan Ingram will battle for the Center position. Cameron also has expressed his opinion on new LT Vernon Carey by saying, “Vernon (Carey) is really developing. I’m watching him, and Vernon is really coming out and practicing like a pro everyday.” Which of course is a good thing, considering that Vernon Carey is supposed to be a pro.

– Dolphins sign Yeremiah Bell to a 1 year contract.

Bell was a RFA but received little interest from the FA market, he had a solid and productive year for the Dolphins last season. This 1 year contract could net him a very nice payday if he performs as well or better this upcoming season.

– Wr P.K. Sam has second straight 100 plus receiving game.

NFL Europas Rhein Fire and Miami Dolphin WR P.K. Sam registered 9 catches for 114 yards and 2 touchdowns last week.

Trent Green

His agent says that the KC Chiefs will not return his phone calls, Green in yet another radio interview said last week that he is sure that he will be with the Miami Dolphins this year. Green also told a South Florida radio station that he was considering wearing a Miami Dolphins helmet during this past weeks KC OTA’s. Of course he didn’t, but it would have been funny.

– Daunte Culpepper still doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.

Culpepper spent his last few months in Minny sending Emails to the media, he has already started doing the same thing in Miami. Now he is sending a warning to not only Trent Green, but any player coming in to compete for his job.

"“For a guy, for anybody who thinks that whatever their situation is where they’re at and they’re coming here, and it’s going to be peaches and cream, that’s not the case. As long as I’m healthy, I’ll be fine,” he said. “I feel I’m going to be a great player in this league.“Nothing has changed in my mind until somebody tells me different. I’m the quarterback of this team.”"

At first I thought, “great, the guy is going to come out fighting”, then I realized that Daunte has done ZERO in Miami to be warning anyone. When Daunte gets off the stationary bike, stands behind center, and actually goes through the rigors of being an NFL QB in a practice, THEN, start issuing warnings. I hope that Daunte Culpepper becomes the QB he used to be, and if that happens with Miami then it is so much nicer, but until then, the only thing Daunte Culpepper should be taking claim to is the time slot with the trainers.

I think I will end this week’s recap here.