Would Green go to the Falcons?


"Q: “Trent, the Browns want you, will you go?”A: “No, I only want to play for Miami”Q: “Trent, the Vikings and Lions may want you, will you go?”A: “No, I only want to play for Miami”Q: “Trent, Carl Peterson says you will be a Chief, will you stay?”A: “No, I only want to play for Miami”Q: “Trent, Atlanta may want you to play for them, will you go?”A: “Neither myself or my agent, as far as I know, have talked with Atlanta.”"

For the most part, that, in a nutshell is the last 2 months. There is a lot of media converging on the Atlanta Falcons, or rather Michael Vick. His dog fighting ties are not going away. With the trade of Matt Schaub to the Texans prior to the draft, the Falcons have a problem. Vick may not have his mind on football, if he is even there to play. Enter, Trent Green.

Trent Green has been playing the lead roll in the new daytime soap, “I want to go East, Old Man”. Nielson ratings are starting to dwindle. The Miami Dolphins have upped the ante to a conditional 5th or maybe even a conditional 4th or maybe they haven’t, Miami isn’t talking. The Chiefs still want a 4th. In any case, Trent Green is still wearing his practice jersey while attending OTA’s in KC.

Now, it appears that the Falcons are the hot topic. Let’s be clear on this though, so far, there has been no mention of “sources” saying that the Falcons have any interest in Green. This lends support to Greens’ comments that the Atlanta talk is nothing but media speculation. That very well could be true.

The question however is, would Green go to the Falcons? I think he would. In Atlanta he would be given an opportunity by new HC Bobby Petrino to compete for the starting job, and if Vick finds himself on suspension, Green would be almost certainly have that job over Harrington. Yes the same Joey Harrington that was brought in last year as a 5th.

I could see Green restructuring with Atlanta provided that a trade was agreed upon prior to Green negotiating with them. I don’t believe that Green would put himself in the same position he is in with Miami.

What about compensation? Well, the Falcons could offer a 4th rounder next year. I doubt they offer more for Green unless Vick gets suspended before the deal is done, then, they almost have to. On the other side of that coin, Carl Peterson could easily accept a 5th rounder with either A: no conditions, or B: a 6th rounder with easy conditions to a 5, just to stick it to the Dolphins for the stance they are taking.

Despite what is going on now, another team officially entering into the mix for Trent’s services will put the Dolphins at the disadvantage. The Phins will have to cough up more than they want if they really think they need him, the Chiefs will either get what they want or realize that the price they are asking for isn’t what they are going to get, and, Trent Green gets out of KC, which in the end is exactly what he wants.

This is an issue that could play out for a couple more months. Some say that Green will be gone before the first game of the season and that Peterson will hold on to him until after they play the Dolphins in exhibition. Some believe that Green will be gone at the start of training camp. If Atlanta gets “officially” involved? Green will be out of KC within the month, and Carl Peterson will at the very least, walk out of this with his ego still in check.