Jake the… aquatic mammal?


Last week I did a piece over on RealFootball365.com suggesting that the Miami Dolphins might want to consider looking into some off-the-roster alternatives to Trent Green. I even went on Dolfan Radio (the May 25th show) to talk about the Green situation, given my knowledge of both teams, and some possible alternatives.

A few days ago Matt from The Phinsider did a solid job of pointing out why the Dolphins were OK at the QB position, especially with Trent Green on board.

Here’s the thing — Aaron Brooks and Seneca Wallace were talking points, Brooks more for comic appeal than anything else; Kyle Orton would be a better option than starting the season with Cleo Lemon or throwing John Beck to the wolves prematurely; and, yes, I still like Jake Plummer for the Phins.

Matt used some pretty effective stats to refute my quote, but he really missed the point. Here’s what I said:

"Plummer has enjoyed success very close, if not equal, to Green’s, and his health isn’t questionable."

First off, let’s talk about health. Green wasn’t himself last season and neither was Daunte Culpepper. As a lifelong Chiefs fan, I don’t want Trent back. He was never himself after that monster hit on opening day. Is his upside greater than Brodie Croyle’s, at least as far as next season goes? Probably, but I really think he might be done. As some who also enjoys, follows and covers the Dolphins I really don’t want Trent wearing teal either. I think he’s done, same with Culpepper. Put a fork in both of them.

Enter Plummer. For all his faults he is healthy and has taken his teams just as far into the playoffs — short of the Super Bowl. Comparing Jake’s numbers to Trent’s to measure success misses the point. Culpepper’s best statistical season blows Tom Brady’s best campaign out of the water. Which player would you rather have right now? Plus, when you talk about Plummer you have to mention his rushing ability, something Green doesn’t possess at all. Cripplepepper probably has lost at least a step as well, if not everything. Really, I just honestly think that both Culpepper and Green are damaged goods and that their best seasons are definitely behind them. The upside with both is still tremendous I suppose, but so is the downside.

Now, Lemon and Beck both have potential, but starting the season with either would be a huge risk. So why not Plummer? If the Dolphins gave up a sixth-round pick and promised him the starting job, to start the season anyway, he’d be on his way to Miami. He’d also probably be cheaper than either C-Pepp or Green.

It just boggles my mind that most Dolphins fans won’t even consider this possibility. Maybe it isn’t a possibility, but it should be. Jake Plummer isn’t far away talent-wise from either the human-concussion case or the gimp, and isn’t he a safer option? Wouldn’t he give the Dolphins the best chance to make the playoffs? Just because Cam Cameron hasn’t really worked with many scramblers in the past, does that mean that Plummer couldn’t help the Phins move the chains with his legs? Last time I checked the offense was struggling to pick up first downs.

If this Trent thing falls through will everybody at least consider Jake Plummer as a possibility for the Miami Dolphins? Nobody else on the roster or out there will be better next season. Period.

There, I said it… now go check out the guy that probably won’t be the Dolphins QB next season, but should be. And have yourself a good laugh.