Welcome to Miami Trent Green!


Trent Green, “Welcome to Miami!”

All that stands in the way of Green “Officially” joining the Miami Dolphins is a standard physical.

What we do know is that the trade, rather the much publicized divorce between the Chiefs and the former Pro-bowl quarterback, is for a 5th rounder that could escalate to a 4th based on conditional criteria.

What we don’t know, is what this means for Daunte Culpepper.

While Daunte Culpepper continues his rehab the first challenge of the off-season in the quarterback competition may go to Green. The Dolphins conduct their final off-season mini-camp starting on the 7th. IF Culpepper is not healthy, he will fall further behind.

Culpepper only a week ago issued a statement letting anyone wanting his job to know that, “it would not be peaches and cream”, and went on to say that he was the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. 2 days ago it was rumored that if Miami traded for Green, that he, would want his release. I guess we will find out if that is just a rumor.

Green comes with no guarantees that he will start, but it is a foregone conclusion, given the familiarity Trent has with this offense. Green will compete with veterans Culpepper and Cleo Lemon as well as rookie John Beck. It’s not a free ride, but the actions and attitude of Culpepper could eventually pave the easier road, OR, if the Daunte of last weeks comments shows up, it could be a great training camp battle.

Green is a very smart quarterback who knows how to time his progressions, buy time, and think on the move. He is the perfect fit for the Cam Cameron style of offense. Green is a perfectionist as well which will only serve to benefit rookie Beck. Both have very similar styles of play.

It is finally done, Green to Miami. Some will not like this trade very much and after seeing 2nd round picks fly out the window for AJ Feely and Daunte Culpepper, along with a 5th and a 6th for Harrington and Lemon respectively, they have that right. I for one applaud it. Especially given the fact that his arrival means that DC is not close to playing at the level that he should have been. Had the coaching staff thought that much of DC, Green would still be in KC or somewhere else. Instead, Green is on his way to Miami giving them their 2nd healthy veteran quarterback.

Welcome to Miami Trent Green. It may or may not be “peaches and cream“. Either way, it is about time.