Breaking News: Culpepper on trade block


Not even one full day after Trent Green was acquired by the Miami Dolphins, from the Chiefs, Daunte Culpepper is on the trading block. Culpepper sent an email to the media, again, stating that he was called in to the offices and told by Cameron and Mueller that they would be seeking a trade for the QB.

Culpepper was cleared to practice on Monday by Dr. James Andrews and the Miami Dolphins physician team.

Daunte Culpepper however is saying that he does not want to be traded and wants to be released instead so he can work out his own deal with another team rather than play under the current contract that would be carried with him.

According to the email, Culpepper was told that the Dolphins wanted to go in a different direction rather than allow Daunte to compete with Trent Green. Culpepper who represents himself could make a trade difficult by doing the same thing that Green did while attempting to get out of KC.

Daunte says that he plans on participating in this weeks practice, if Culpepper re-injures his knee, the Dolphins will have to pay the entire 5.5 million that Cpepp is set to earn this year. Should the Dolphins decide to keep Daunte out of the practices, it will hurt any trade value that he may have, and likely bring the NFLPA into the picture, much the same way that Tennessee was scrutinized over Steve McNair last year.

If cut Culpepper will leave around 4 million in dead cap space but the Dolphins will save around 1.5 million on the cap this year.

More on this as it becomes available.

Update: Daunte Culpepper in a reported statement said that trading for Trent Green should be done by the Dolphins in an effort to bring in the best players possible for the franchise and that a competition would be a good thing. He said the Dolphins should always be looking for new players to help the team. He also denied that he would demand to be cut should Green be traded for. In light of the actual trade for Green now done, it is only fair to point out that Cpepp is not demanding anything and still wants to compete for a job, he is however saying that he does not want to be traded but rather prefers to be released, saying “I have been through this before and don’t want to go through it again.” The Dolphins have told DC, according to the email DC sent yesterday, that they will try and trade him. Again, in fairness to DC, at this point, he has not demanded to be traded, cut, or anything else. For all the arguments for and against Culpepper the only argument that can’t be debated is the fact that DC has worked his rear-end off in an attempt to get back on the field.