Afternoon Practice Updates Live:


Greg Bedard is at the afternoon practice inside the “Bubble”.  Here are his blog notes click refresh or come back often as like this mornings notes, they will be updated here as soon as he provides them on his own blog.

"– Daunte Culpepper is not on the field for the afternoon practice, just like he said he wouldn’t;"

"– Everybody is accounted for, pretty much. DT Keith Traylor (knee), CB Andre Goodman (shoulder), OT Anthony Alabi (knee) and G Joe Toledo (foot) are either on the bike or on the side;– The team is going mostly through individual drills right now. But I can say that Trent Green has a lot better arm than I anticipated for a 36-year-old man. And, boy, what a spiral. Actually, between Green, Beck and Lemon, the Dolphins have three guys that throw very tight spirals. What a departure from the past that is;– Green showed his newness when, in the drill where all three QBs drop back together and then throw to different targets, Green threw to Lemon’s receiver;"

I have to laugh at that.  At least he threw it to a receiver.

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Continued from the Live blog entry of Greg Bedard, Palm Beach Post:

"– Ted Ginn has also surprised me. He looks a lot more spry than I thought he would. He was able to tiptoe the sideline very well on a few drills. In the morning session, he wasn’t involved much in the 11-on-11 sessions. Maybe he will this afternoon;"

"– Owner Wayne Huizenga, CEO Joe Bailey and team president Bryan Wiedmeier are in the house;– Offensive starters:FIRST TEAM (SAME AS THIS MORNING)– Defense:FIRST TEAM DIMELE Joey Porter, DT Matt Roth, DT Vonnie Holliday, RE Abe Wright (Jason Taylor is not particpating in team drills but looks no worse for the wear), LB Channing Crowder, CB Jason Allen, CB Travis Daniels, CB Will Allen, S/LB Yermiah Bell, S Renaldo Hill, S Cameron Worrell– Chris Chambers is making everything look so easy. He’s made a couple of phenomenal catches and is just abusing DBs;– Jason Allen has been the recipient of more than his share of completed passes;– Lemon just hooked up with Kelly Campbell on a long bomb;– Ginn has dropped a couple passes on comeback patterns;– WR David Sutton is making a name for himself. He’ll be a forced to be reckoned with come training camp;– Somebody needs to stop S Travares Tillman before he hurts somebody. In what is supposed to be a non-contact camp, he’s knocked down both Campbell and Ginn;– Will Allen made a tremendous tip on a corner pattern to Ginn in the end zone. Allen wouldn’t let the rook breathe;– Beck looks a lot more confident in this camp. He’s getting settled; – WR Marty Booker was hurt (it looks minor) when Green threw late into coverage on perhaps his first play with the first team. Will Allen and Renaldo Hill did the damage;– Green’s second pass was nearly intercepted by Daniels;– His third was caught by Chambers (great leap) but thrown into triple coverage;"

So Green is now working with the number 1 unit.  It is expected for him to show little rythym with his new WR corp, and throwing into triple coverage is likely considering he has yet to learn all the hot route reads.

"– Ginn looks OK. He has a slight limp, but he said he has no pain. I’m sure it’s just a strength issue. Very minor;– Ronnie looks fine, is catching the ball real well. You won’t get much info on some positions (line play, RBs) in this camp because it’s really hard to evaluate them when there’s no hitting;" now has a video up of the morning practice.  You must have “real player” to view it.

"– First real 11-on-11 stuff of the day:Cleo Lemon hit David Martin on a perfect skinny post between the LBs and safeties;Jesse Chatman scored on a dump off and was very happy with himself. He also let everyone else know that;Lorenzo Booker made a tremendous stutter step after a dump off and fake about three defenders out of their shorts – much to the delight of his offensive teammates;Sutton made an outstanding leaping catch over S Geoff Pope. I’m telling you, Sutton is a guy to watch.Trent Green is now working exclusively with the first team (and with a lot hand-holding from Cameron);Green tried a fake to hold the safety but Yeremiah Bell wasn’t biting. He came out of nowhere to interept a Green pass intended for Chambers;Green hit Martin on an easy TD.And on that note, practice has concluded. Thanks for being a part of the live blog and don’t forget to tip your webmaster on your way out."