This is Daunte Culpepper's e-mail to the media


This is the content of the email that was sent to south Florida media yesterday afternoon. Daunte Culpepper takes several subtle swipes at the Miami Dolphins.

"“I want to take this opportunity to give an update on my status with the Miami Dolphins. After hearing public comments from Coach Cameron and Randy Mueller yesterday I have decided to aggressively ask to be released. I have written a letter to Randy Mueller and Coach Cameron to that effect and delivered it to them this morning before doing my workout.“I feel it is necessary to obtain a release rather than seek a trade so that I would not bring the excess baggage of my present contract to a new team. I feel like my next team should have the opportunity to get to know me as a man and a player before they make any long term commitment. Even though it is frustrating, I had prepared myself for the possibility that I would not be given an opportunity to compete here since the week before this years NFL Draft. At that time it became obvious to me that my desire to compete would not trump established relationships.“I must say the impatience the organization displayed in both encouraging me to rush back on the field last year and then rushing me out the door this year is disappointing. However, I understand that they have the right to make that business decision. It is now my turn to make some decisions.“The Dolphins have given me permission to speak to other teams. If I am not released then I plan on fully participating in this week’s mini-camp.”"

Daunte is taking up the Trent Green school of release. We all should have known it was coming. Daunte pulled the same stunts with Minnesota. He has that right as he is no longer in the Dolphins plans.

I disagree with his statements regarding being rushed back to play last year, I think that is just a bitter pill because he and Saban both screwed up. Saban wanted the profile QB that he traded a 2nd round pick on, to prove that his decision to trade for Daunte instead of signing Brees as a FA was right.

At the same time, we heard Daunte saying that he would “prove the Vikings wrong”, “I will be ready to start the season”, and “I will make them regret it” type comments. It is typical Daunte.

He has faced adversity two times in his career. When he was injured and shown the door in Minny, and now again as the door is in his face with Miami. He has handled the situation rather poorly both times. Daunte does love his Email.

Daunte has little if any trade value right now and releasing him seems to be the only choice that won’t be met with resistance. The only way Miami can avoid Daunte refusing a trade is if another team picks up his current salary, then Daunte has no control.

The first practice today is at 10:30, Daunte may get his wish right before then.