Throwing Darts


I have decided to throw a couple of darts in the direction of ESPN, my favorite self indulged web site in the world. And with that comment I probably should say 3 darts.

According to ESPN Insider, the Jacksonville Jaguars will not surrender a draft pick for Miami Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper until after his hearing on June 29th. To which I say, Well DUHHHH!”

This comes from ESPN Insider, how much do they charge for that “inside” information anyways?

When did Daunte tell the media that he was now willing to accept a restructured contract and a trade? Must have missed that one….of course, I’m not on Daunte’s email list.

Well, since I have taken my Wednesday morning to point out the wonderful job the boys from Bristol are doing, I thought I might just throw a dart at new “3 and Out” columnist Jeffri Chadiha and what he had to say about DC regaining his “elite” status:

"3. Daunte Culpepper’s futurePut aside for a moment the sheer stupidity of this drama unfolding in South Florida. Regardless of what happens after Daunte Culpepper‘s grievance hearing June 29 – the real question is whether this former Pro Bowl quarterback can reach an elite level again. I believe it can happen now for one key reason: The man has been humbled.It’s one thing for Culpepper to rehabilitate a severely damaged right knee that has been so problematic that it cost him most of the 2006 season. It’s quite another when a new head coach has spurned him for the second time in as many seasons (first Minnesota’s Brad Childress dealt Culpepper to Miami, and now Miami’s Cam Cameron has brought in Trent Green to be his starter). As hard as Culpepper has worked on his knee during the past 18 months, you can bet he is willing to invest even more energy into proving that somebody made a mistake in writing him off."

As much as I and well, Daunte, can appreciate the optimism, I think that what Mr. Chadiha is failing to realize is that Daunte may have been humbled by this recent failure, and Chadiha is absolutely right when he says that DC wants to prove everyone wrong. But the problem is that DC has an “Ego” problem, and whether or not he has been humbled, his desire to prove anyone wrong, as he set out to do when leaving “Small-Pop” (minnie-soda), will again likely put him in a position to lie about his health, hide any pain, rush himself to learn the playbook, and then hit the field like a deer in a headlight because he has yet to gain the confidence in his knee. That is more likely to happen before he returns to “elite” status.

Sorry, Jeffri, but until DC demonstrates a shift in his attitude, then I am not quite sure I would even say he has been humbled.