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"Chad Johnson To Miami" Rumor Squashed, Or Is It?


There has been a rumor floating around for quite some time now that Chad Johnson is looking to be traded and that one team that he would deem an appropriate destination is the Miami Dolphins. In fact, earlier this week we posted video of Chad talking to some reporters and being asked if he would welcome a trade to the ‘Phins. He said he would and urged Bill Parcells to “call him and quit playing around.” How sincere his answer is only Chad knows.

Yesterday he appeared on The Mike Tirico Show on ESPN. I actually thought he was well spoken and as much as the hosts tried to lead him towards bad mouthing the Cincinnati Bengals, he never did. He didn’t go out of his way to endorse the organization either, though. The part of interview that captured the most of my attention was obviously when he was asked about where he would be playing next year. He didn’t specify any teams but didn’t rule out playing for Cincinnati either. What was most important to us is that he said he wants to be playing for a team that has a chance to make the playoffs and possibly win a Super Bowl. Based on that, it would seem Miami is most assuredly out of contention for Chad’s services. but here are some things to consider.

First, he is at the Super Bowl and I think that would drive anyone to saying and believing that they only want to play for a Super Bowl contender. It is what is going on right now and being on location is a huge reminder of how amazing it would be to be a part of (the actual game of course). After the game ends and the true offseason begins those thoughts should subside at least a little bit.

Also,  his mind seems to go in a lot of different directions. One day he is this, the next he is that. He is very creative and is entertaining to watch, but it is impossible to get into his head and know exactly how feels or how he will feel the next day. Is what we heard yesterday his true feelings? I think so, but will those be his same true feelings a few weeks from now? Who knows?

Finally, if you want to get technical, he never said anything about next year as it applies to the Super Bowl contender. He wants to play for a team that has a chance to be in the playoffs an possibly win a Super Bowl. Well, depending on how much you believe and Bill Parcells and the structure he has put in place, one can say the Dolphins are in that category, just not next year and maybe not even 2009. It’s a stretch but Chad is only 30, not 35 or 40. He has plenty of years left and could want to start a stable second half of a career in Miami instead of bouncing around several teams frantically searching for a ring.

So what does this all mean? I still believe there is about a 5% chance Ocho Cinco winds up in South Florida. It’s a great thought and something most Dolphins supporters would love to see but I think a lot would have to fall in place for Miami to be the destination.