Does Miami Have A Lock On Trading Down?


This is nothing but speculation.  There is no new rumor that is flying around the internet, no inside scoop from a source here or there or anywhere.  This is my thoughts.  Educated, bias, unfounded, whatever the case may be, I have to ask, do the Miami Dolphins have a lock on trading down from the number 1 overall pick?  On the surface the answer may be no, or who knows.  Underneath, that is a different story entirely.

I will forget about the Dallas stuff for a second and concentrate on some other intriguing questions.  1st, why haven’t the Dolphins truly addressed their cornerback situation?  I know I spoke of this a few days ago, in mentioning a trade with Atlanta for De’Angelo Hall, but why haven’t they?  2nd, why have the Dolphins not made more of a splash in free agency after Friday?  Sure they signed a special teams guy and resigned Yeremiah Bell, but they have only a few visits scheduled one of which is with special teamer Tab Perry out of Cincinnati.  They have the money.

Remember all that…it will come into play shortly.

Lets move on to the Atlanta Falcons, a team rumored to be a target for the number 1 pick.  Atlanta could 3 ways in this Aprils’ draft.  Trade down for more picks, draft Darren McFadden, or draft Matt Ryan.  All assuming they don’t move up to number 1.

Earlier this week, the McFadden deal pretty much fell apart with the signing of FA RB Michael Turner.  Turners’ contract puts Atlanta in a position of not spending big money on another one.  So, bye-bye Mcfadden.

Now, Atlanta has parted ways with QB Joey Harrington, leaving only 5 year veteran Chris Redman and 2 year veteran DJ Shockley on the roster.  With very little available in the free agent market and absolutely zero franchise QB prospects, the Falcons could look to a trade…which of course there are zero franchise QB’s available via trade as well…at least none that wouldn’t cost say a number 1 draft pick, even with D. Hall thrown in.

That leaves option 3, trading down and out of the top 3.  On the surface it makes sense, but unless they move to a position that could net them say Joe Flacco out of Delaware or Brian Brohm out of Louisville, they will likely lose Matt Ryan to Baltimore.  Realistically, not having a franchise QB on their roster, even if that QB is a prospect, is a little risky when trading down.

Atlanta has just painted themselves into a corner.  Arthur Blank made the mistake of opening his mouth earlier this week to someone, who obviously is a source for a media guy because now their are rumors that Blank is in love with Matt Ryan.  Well Art, your not getting him if you move down, and if Jeff Ireland wants him at one…your S.O.L.

So that brings the circle together.  Does Miami have a deal in place to move down?  It would suggest the lack of interest in a cornerback, as Hall could be involved in a trade to move up.  It would also explain the lack of free agent signings to some degree as the Phins would likely rework the Hall contract, it will be expensive, and if they have a plan in place to add more draft picks in rounds 1, 2, and 3, the rookie pool allotment will be higher and more money will be needed for that.  It all makes sense, under the surface of it all.

Atlanta wants Ryan, the Dolphins want to move down.  Atlanta has the money, the space, and now the need.  The Dolphins are still being rumored to be tied to the Cowboys for McFadden, another play that makes sense as the cost is less for both Jerry Jones’ pocket as well as his draft picks and other compensations.

After all that, there is one more ironic twist to the entire slate of madness.  The connections.  Parcells leaves Dallas last year, he agrees to work for Blank, pulls out to work with the Phins leaving Blank searching for anything.  He takes Miami’s job and rapes the Cowboys of their coaching staff and scouting director.  To think that all of that could put Miami in a perfect marriage for draft picks, players, and an accelerated rebuild.

Stranger things have happened.