Atlanta May Deal, Baltimore May Deal


Let’s just say you heard it here first, or second if you heard this somewhere else.  I have been talking to someone in Atlanta and it appears that the Falcons may be willing or wanting to deal to the 32nd spot with the Miami Dolphins.  The Ravens may too.

It is appearing that the Falcons will take a pass on Matt Ryan opting for a 2nd round QB instead.  Glenn Dorsey is now a likely target for the birds.  The Ravens however want Ryan and may talk to the Chiefs if Ryan does in fact fall past the Falcons.  The Chiefs would be inclined to take Ryan depending on what happens in front of them.  So if this plays out, the Chiefs would have Ryan if they could not work a deal out with the Ravens.  Leaving the Ravens choosing between Brohm or another position.  Suddenly, the Miami Dolphins are in an interesting position as I do not see the Ravens taking Brohm in the first round.

After the first round is complete, teams with the same records begin rotating rounds.  The team that picks first in round 1 now moves to the last spot.  In the case of the Falcons however, they still pick in the 3rd slot because of the De’Angelo Hall trade with Oakland.  They also have two more 2nd round picks.

The issue here is that after the Ravens pick in round 1 there are no teams that really need a quarterback which means that Brohm, Flacco, and Henne all could be at the top of round 2.  Atlanta by moving up and throwing out a 3rd as well could move up two slots, or they could send Miami their own 2nd rounder, pick 5, and their late 2nd rounder for the 32nd overall and still have the 3rd pick in the round.  A move that Bill Parcells may not frown upon.

The move would allow the Falcons to choose the QB they want, instead of wondering what a team like the Ravens may do if they too pass on a 1st round QB.  The Ravens could be interested in moving up as well.

Something to keep an eye on for sure, but it does appear that the 32nd pick may hold more value than the first overall.  If Jake Long is in fact taken in round 1, look for Miami to move the 1st pick in round 2 and gain more selections.   The real logic in this is traditionally the cost is higher to move back into round 1 and with the 32nd pick this year considered the 2nd round, the price is a bit cheaper for some of those teams at the top…thanks of course to the Patriots.