Phins Have Trade Offers For Number 1?


According to GM Jeff Ireland, the Miami Dolphins have fielded several offers for the number 1 overall pick in next weeks draft.  Therein lies the question, is he serious?  Or is this just another smoke and mirror?  Do the Phins really have trade offers?

The fact is that the Dolphins have been reported to want out of that pick so bad that they are willing to take less than what any value chart says.  So what would the hold up be if an offer genuinely has come in?  Perhaps that is in deed the smokescreen.

Ireland, during a pre-draft press conference today, you can hear it on, said that they expect more offers as the draft gets closer, but also stated that the team may not want to trade it.  The words of a classic, offer me more scenario.

With new rumors of the Saints contacting the Rams about moving up from the 10 spot, it goes without question that they have probably tested the waters with Miami.  A few teams probably have, it is called due diligence.  What happens next weekend will be all the matters.

The real story of course is that through all of the PC, Jeff Ireland may have opened a can of worms.  A big can.

"“I’m going after the player who best fits us,” Ireland said.  ”That’s the best way I can say it.  I don’t want bad guys on my team.  Of course I want guys who have great upside; it’s the first pick in the draft.  You hope that this guy is a pillar of your defense for a long time.  Of course we think he’s going to have upside.  I, the economics, to me . . . ”"

At the point of cutoff, Jeff caught the eyes of two grinning reporters.  One of which asked, “defense?”  After Jeff clarified that he meant team, offense or defense and the room laughed, the PC continued.

Much speculation has been made about what the Phins might do with their top pick.  Considering they are only discussing a deal with Jake Long, and Vernon Gholston’s name has been mentioned, the real question is where is Chris Long?

Chris may in fact be the real target in all of this come draft day.  Depending on which mirror you look into on any given day that is.