Final 2008 Mock Draft – 1 for 1


 The NFL Draft is only 3 days away and already teams are starting to make big moves as they jockey for positions.  Already the Chiefs have dealt Jared Allen for 3 picks and the Miami Dolphins have made their choice.  Here is how the rest could pan out come Saturday.

Team1st Round

1. Jake Long –

why?  Well because they already signed him.


St. Louis Rams

– Glenn Dorsey – DT – LSU:

Jake Long is gone and the Rams are fielding offers for the number 2 or number 1 depending on how you look at it.  The Jets and the Saints seem to have the most interest, but I think the Rams shore up part of their run defense.

3. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan – QB – BC:

The Falcons know that if they want a QB, they better just go ahead and take the one that sits at the top.  With 3 teams in need of a QB, KC and Baltimore the others, it is likely that either one of those teams may try and move back into late round 1 to get the next tier guy.  Too high for Brohm, but with a new RB in place, the Birds should just go ahead and take Ryan.


Oakland Raiders

– Darren McFadden – RB – Ark:

Dallas isn’t going to trade up this high and the Raiders won’t trade down despite the talk that they want to.  Al Davis wants a real RB threat and McFadden is the perfect choice.


Kansas City Chiefs

– Vernon Gholston – DE – OSU:

A week ago the Chiefs were pretty much left with nothing, now a young stud DE is sitting here waiting.  After the Chiefs traded DE Jared Allen to the Vikings, it only seems obvious that they will target a top DE here.

6. New York Jets – Chris Long – DE – VA:

The Jets want Matt Ryan or Darren McFadden and failing to move up they will take the player who some predicted would be the number 1 overall.  Chris Long.

7. New Orleans Saints – Sedrick Ellis – DT – USC:

The Saints badly wanted to move up to number 2 to get Dorsey or Gholston, they couldn’t swing it so they swing with Billy instead.


Baltimore Ravens

– Branden Albert – G/T – VA:

The Ravens can wait until round 2 to grab a QB with Brohm the only guy left this high and the Ravens do not view him worthy of an 8 overall pick.  Albert has skyrocketed in the draft and will replace Ogden on the Ravens line.


Cincinnati Bengals

– Derrick Harvey – LB – Fl:

The Patriots trade allows the DE to fall into Bengals laps who were starting to look anywhere to fill a need.  Oline, RB, DB.  Instead they get the DE/LB they wanted…and right before the Patriots pick.

10. New England Patriots – Leodis McElvin – CB – Troy:

Assante Samuel is gone and although the Patriots need LB help and depth, they won’t reach when they can replace Samuel.


Buffalo Bills

– Devin Thomas – WR – MSU:

The Bills lack a big play speed guy and up until only a short two weeks ago it appeared to be Kelly and not Thomas.  Since the Combine, Thomas has done everything right and Kelly everything wrong.


Denver Broncos

– Rashard Mendenhall – RB – Ill:

Oline is very likely here, but Shannahan really loves RB’s and let’s face it, Travis Henry was not all that consistent.  Shanny knows if he is going to win he needs to do it soon as he won’t be coaching forever.


Carolina Panthers

– Chris Williams – OT – Vanderbilt:

The Panthers have a few ways they can go, but OT seems to be their biggest need.  Ryan Clady is another one who could taken here as well.


Chicago Bears

– Ryan Clady – OT – Boise St:

The Bears have problems running the ball, throwing the ball, catching the ball, and blocking.  They also have some turmoil in the locker room brewing with Urlacher.  Clady should be able to help some on the line, but the Bears’ problems are more than one player.


Detroit Lions

– Jonathan Stewart – RB – Or:

The Lions need a running back they can rely on and frankly they don’t have it.  Stewart is coming off toe surgery that should not be a problem.  The Lions will be able to use Stewart from the start and that is more than they can say about any other position they need to fill.  LB is also a possibility here as well.


Arizona Cardinals

– Felix Jones – RB – Ak:

Oh the Cardinals just seem to not be able to get things going in the right direction.  A big trade for Edgerrin James did little to explode their offense, two of the leagues best WR’s have given them no playoff birth, one of them wants to be traded, and yet after all the top end picks they are still trying to find an identity…and success.  James is going to be gone soon, they need a RB and Jones is the only one left on the board this high.

17. K.C. Chiefs – Jeff Otah – OG – Pitt:

The Chiefs made a huge trade this week and needing Oline help as well as DE help with the trade of Allen, Otah will give the Chiefs two young studs in the first round.  Don’t be surprised to see them trade down from here as well.

18. Houston Texans – Keith Rivers – OLB – USC:

The Texans are getting close but they still are not there yet.  Shoring up the defenese is important for a team that is trying to make the next step up.


Philadelphia Eagles

– Phillip Merling – DE – Clemson:

The Eagles have been nosing around Jason Taylor lately and the Dolphins are still wanting a 2nd plus for the 34 DE.  The Eagles say no and ‘voila they get Merling to come in and fill the hole.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

– Dominique Rodgers – Cromartie – CB – Tenn ST:

The Bucs could go WR here but more likely they wait it out and grab one in round 2.  Cromartie is the high profile kid that everyone is waiting to see where he lands.  He could be gone by here and likely will, but if he does fall, as I think, TB will love this.


Washington Redskins

– Calais Cambell – DE – Miami:

With a couple of safeties still on the board and WR a pick for round 2, Cambell is the best bet to make an impact this year and it fills a need for the Skins.


Dallas Cowboys

(From Browns) –  Mike Jenkins – CB – S.FL:

McFadden and Jones are gone, not surprising.  The Cowboys with their two first rounders are going to get other positions taken care of.  Jenkins has had a very solid time of it the last few months and the Cowboys can start penciling him in to their secondary.


Pittsburgh Steelers

– Gosder Cherilous – OT – BC:

This draft has been so heavy on Oline that even Pittsburgh is wondering how they all managed to go before they picked.  Still Cherilous should be able to come in and play well in his first year.

24. Tennessee Titans – Limas Sweed – WR -TX:

The Titans are not holding any smoke and mirror and tricks.  They need a WR and will draft one in the first round.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Kentwan Balmer – DT – NC:

The Seahawks have released Stephen Alexander and still there are no RB’s left at this point worth a first round tag.  Balmer will fill the need on the line for sure.  They could also be the only team who genuinely considers drafting a TE in round 1.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Quentin Groves – DE/LB – Au:

Another team flirting with JT but only offering up a 3rd.  The Jaguars need very little but what they do need is someone who can hit a QB over and over again.  Groves fills that spot.


San Diego Chargers

– Aqib Talib – CB – Kansas:

The Chargers are another team that really isn’t in bad shape anywhere but depth at Corner is a concern as is DL.  The Chargers have only one first day pick so if a team is itching to get back into round 1, here is the partner they seek.


Dallas Cowboys

– DeSean Jackson – WR – Cali:

The Cowboys addressed the CB spot at 22.  They address the WR spot here.  In round 2 they will go after the RB position.  Still wondering where the “excitement” is going to come from Jerry.


San Francisco 49ers

(From Colts) – Marion Manningham – WR – M:

Wherever Mike Martz goes a WR follows.  Manningham has the speed that Martz likes.


Green Bay Packers

– Brian Brohm – QB – Louisville:

Favre is gone, Rodgers is unproven and the Packers have no immediate holes on their roster.  Barring a trade of someone back into round 1 would it really surprise anyone to see GB spend the pick now as they will not likely have much to choose from in round 2.



New York Giants

– Jarod Mayo – LB – Tenn:

The Giants lost a bit of their LB corp to free agency and it has become a need to replenish the depth.  Dan Connor has slipped into round 2 but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t go here.  Mayo is a safer pick right now.