Bored With Spygate


This has become the news that isn’t news. I’m bored. Spygate is overblown, it’s over hyped, and now it just needs to be over. I think a strong argument can be made that the Patriots got off easy with the whole taping of the Jets fiasco last year. I still maintain that Bob Kraft could have done more, should have done more, to show fans and the NFL that the actions of one egotistical coach was not condoned by the ownership. Oh, well, ce’ la vie.

After months of “Matt Walsh” and spygate two, we find out that in reality, he doesn’t possess the “Walkthrough Film”. The one that has become almost as famous as the Zapruder film.  Like a lot of hype, this balloon had little air.

Sure, there were 6 games that found the Patriots taping offensive signals from 2001 including a late season game against the Miami Dolphins. Sure it would be lovely to scream obscenities and demand justice if were not for the fact that even in 2001, the Dolphins let the Patriots roll up a nice big fat lead at half-time and two second half turnovers (fumbles) and key penalties killed the comeback.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the Patriots get nailed again for this.  They are the Patriots after all, play in AFC East and if they want to play this game, I still want justice for the snowplow game.  Last years run in with the Commissioner was over defensive signals, so this could be a new infraction that has not been penalized for. In reality though, unless the commish wants to put a final stamp on this, it’s time to just let the thing go.

Outside of Patriot fans, the NFL media, the NFL fans, even those who are simply part-time fans, all call the Patriots cheaters. Get ridiculed by a Pats fan and all you have to pull out is the cheat card. If that doesn’t work, 18-1 works really well.

The point is that this is already ever lasting. The new infractions will not cost the Patriots another 1st round draft pick, it will not cost Bill his job, and it will likely not result in major fines. In other words, it’s going to stay boring.

So while the news media and the local Florida papers play “Oh my, the taped us” as their headlines, or “Patriots filmed the Dolphins” I do try and remember that this is truly the off-season. That bland nothing that is between the draft and June 1st cuts. I am sure though that everyone can find something more entertaining to write about than “Spygate”.

You don’t see me doing that here now do you?