It was back in 2005 that Ricky Williams returned from a susp..."/> It was back in 2005 that Ricky Williams returned from a susp..."/>

Ricky And Ronnie Together Again


It was back in 2005 that Ricky Williams returned from a suspension and joined Ronnie Brown in the backfield.  Despite the fact that both are still recovering from injuries that ended their seasons last year, both Miami Dolphin running backs were on the field in helmets, running.  For Ricky, it’s a sign of how far he may have come, while for Ronnie, it’s a testament to his desire to play football and rehab from a nasty ACL injury.

Ronnie was reported to be ahead of schedule since he first began rehab, or so it seems.  Proof is on the field as he ran, toted the rock, and looked comfortable.  Still not 100 percent, the fact that he is participating should be enough for now to calm the concerns of fans everywhere.

Ricky is still the enigma in all of this.  Healthy and participating is something everyone expected.  An All-Pro RB when he is into football, the only question around RW is whether or not he stays clean.  While that answer will not come until either 1, he retires, or 2, he fails another test, the simple thought of two very solid and different RB’s in the Miami backfield is always something to smile about.  Even gives a smidgen of hope.

While the RB’s parade themselves onto the field, the focus is still on the start of the first real QB competition since Don Strock and David Woodley.  I still don’t buy the last few years as being real.  The coaches knew who was going to start the practices were window dressing.

Looking at John Beck, it is amazing that he actually does look as though he put on some bulk.  In photos published by the Miami Herald, his arms look stronger and his mechanics look more crisp and polished.  In one photo, he holds the ball at the upper chest/neck level.  Elbow is high.

You can view all ten pictures of the OTA’s here.

For those wondering if the Tuna would make his presence felt, the answer is yes.  White shirt and blue shorts, he looks more like he was parading around Valley Ranch than Davie.  At least his shirt has the Dolphins logo on it. 

One surprise which I found is that the helmets are adorned with the Miami logo.  Parcells has a history of making players earn the right to have that logo by making them practice in white helmets.  Apparently Sparano is calling these shots now as the head coach should.

With a few more days left of OTA’s there will be plenty of opportunity for the players to prove they belong on this team, or at least the opportunity to battle in training camp.  This is the new Miami Dolphins and with the new players comes new attitudes.  For most of these new guys, a competing team was their last team.  That winning attitude needs to be absorbed by the still standing Dolphins from last year.