Who Does He Say Good-Bye To?


Jason Taylor is leaving Miami, for all intent and purposes. Everything left now is the sideshow that is the Miami Dolphins star player leaving the team behind. He wants to play football, but he doesn’t want to play football in Miami. Not for a lack of love for the team, but for the plain simple fact that Miami is rebuilding and JT wants a chance at a ring. Who would he say good-bye to when he leaves?

The faces around Davie has changed. From coaches, to assistant staff members, the trainers, and of course the players. The few players that are on the roster he knows, are faces he hasn’t spent a ton of time with as it is. Last year Cam Cameron brought new guys in and this year Parcells and Co. brought in a ton more. So who is left for Jason Taylor to stroll into the locker-room and embrace when he says good-bye.

Channing Crowder? Crowder is one of only two players that JT has left on the front 7 that he is likely close with the other being Vonnie Holliday. Outside of those two, you would likely have to look back to the secondary and Yeremiah Bell. The rest of the faces are new. Matt Roth may find himself out of town and out of a job this training camp as well.

While Jason will find a few team mates to shake hands with as he leaves, when he leaves, the reality is that he won’t likely recognize enough to feel truly emotional. A bitter end to a great Miami career.

Fans are left now to pick sides. Jason’s or the Dolphins. Fingers will get pointed, Jason will be exonerated by some blamed by others, and the off-season will continue. If there is a bright side to all of this it would be the simple fact that in the end, when this finally ends, and if this ends with JT not in Miami (a more than likely scenario), there will not be enough faces around the Miami Dolphins team complex that know JT enough to get overly emotional over it. For this team, there are not many players left that know JT enough to shake his hand and say, “It was great playing with you man!” Not anymore.