Will Allen has some 'splainin' to do.  The troubles that th..."/> Will Allen has some 'splainin' to do.  The troubles that th..."/> Will Allen has some 'splainin' to do.  The troubles that th..."/>

Water Rising Around Will Allen


Will Allen has some ‘splainin’ to do.  The troubles that the Miami Dolphins starting CB recently got in while standing in the parking lot of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, now seems to be nothing compared to the rising water around the starter.

Forget about the questions of whether there was in fact a gun involved, Allen is soon going to be answering some tougher questions about the money that supposedly was at the heart of the argument to begin with and he could find himself watching the first few games of the season from his couch at home.

To back track for a second, Allen and another man got into an argument in the parking lot, which supposedly is next to a sports bar frequented often by players.  A gun was rumored to have been waved by Allen, and then both men voluntarily went to the police station to file separate reports.  At the heart of the issue is money.

Allen says that the money he “borrowed” was investment related while the other man, who’s name is not released as he is considered a “victim” in this, says that the money was a loan to pay off gambling debt owed by Allen.  Now it appears that the NFL, who would obviously want to know more about the gambling angle, has been watching Allen since before the incident occurred.

According to the Palm Beach Post, NFL security had been notified of a large sum of money transferred out of Allen’s account in a Detroit bank via wire transfer to South Florida.

The NFL is still sitting on the gun related trouble of Marvin Harrison, and they will likely continue to sit on the fence watching Will Allen until the Davie police investigators wrap up their case.  If there is a gun charge, the NFL will likely act upon that and then further investigate the gambling questions.  If no gun charges or any charges are filed against Allen, the NFL will still likely go after him to answer the gambling questions.  Either way, at some point this summer, Will Allen will be explaining himself.

If the gun charge turns out to be a misdemeanor, Allen will probably get a warning or a fine from the league.  If gambling is learned to be involved, Allen could easily find himself suspended.

For the NFL conduct policy covering weapons and gambling, click “Continue Reading”

The following is the leagues policy from the League handbook, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post:

Gambling Policy

The subject of bribes and gambling are covered each summer in special training-camp discussions with players by members of the League’s Security Department.

You should be familiar with Paragraph 15 of your NFL Player Contract (entitled INTEGRITY OF GAME), which stresses these and related subjects, as well as with the text of the following sign which is posted in every NFL locker room: Notice To National Football League Personnel Bribes and Gambling Among the types of conduct detrimental to the NFL and professional football that call for serious penalties are the following:

  1. Accepting a bribe or agreeing to throw or fix a game or illegally influence its outcome;
  2. Failing to promptly report any bribe offer or any attempt to throw or fix a game or to illegally influence its outcome;
  3. Betting on any NFL game;
  4. Associating with gamblers or with gambling activities in a manner tending to bring discredit to the NFL.

Any such conduct may result in severe penalties, up to and including a fine and/or suspension from the NFL for life.

Guns and Weapons Policy

(This policy applies to all employees of the NFL and its member clubs, including players.) Prohibitions. Whether possessed legally or illegally, guns and other weapons of any kind are dangerous. You and your family can easily be the losers if you carry or keep these items in your home.

You must not possess these weapons while traveling on League-related business or whenever you are on the premises of the following:

  • A facility owned, operated or being used by an NFL club (for example, training camp, dormitory, locker room, workout site, parking area, team bus, team plane, team hotel/motel);
  • A stadium or any other venue being used for an NFL event (for example, a game, practice or promotion);
  • A facility owned or operated by the NFL or any League company.

Put simply, the League, the Players Association and law enforcement authorities urge you to recognize that you must not possess a gun or other weapon at any time you are performing any service for your team or the NFL.

Legal Possession. In some circumstances, such as for sport or protection, you may legally possess a firearm or other weapon. However, we strongly recommend that you not do so. Any weapon, particularly a firearm, is dangerous — especially so when it is in a vehicle or within reach of children and others not properly trained in its use.

Understanding the Law. If you legally possess a weapon, you must understand the local, state and federal laws that apply. The NFL Security Representative in your area will help you get information about these laws. You should be aware that if you take a weapon from one place to another — for example, across state lines — a different set of laws may apply in the new place.

Discipline. If you violate this policy on guns and other weapons, you are subject to discipline, including suspension from playing. And if you violate a public law covering weapons — for example, possession of an unlicensed firearm — you are not only subject to discipline, including suspension from playing, but also subject to criminal prosecution.

Remember, be careful and understand the risks.