A Caveman Did It…Lynch Facing Legal Trouble


The Buffalo Bills are the best of the rest in the AFC East right now.  While the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets battle for supremacy at the bottom and the Patriots find more ways to avoid detection in their cheating, the Bills have quietly gone about their business in turning their franchise into something that does not dwell in the cellar.  Marshawn Lynch however is about to throw a wrench in the whole damn thing.

While talk around the league is the fact that the Bills will now give away 8 home games over the next few years to Canada, a sign from owner Ralph Wilson that he is not only unhappy with the current state of the NFL and realizes that he won’t be making any money in Buffalo, the star RB for the team is not making any friends either.

Lynch has been the topic of rumor after a hit and run on a pedestrian back in May.  Lynch’s 2008 Porsche sports utility vehicle was tracked in the crime and initially Lynch said he wasn’t driving the vehicle.  Now, it appears that not only was Lynch in the “night-club” district where the ped was hit, but an eye witness is now saying that Lynch was in fact the driver.  While Lynch’s car was found parked in his driveway by police after the incident, his car showed signs of damage consistent with the accident report.

Should the Buffalo investigators find that Lynch was in fact the driver, Lynch could face charges of a class E Felony for not reporting the incident to authorities.  So while it has not been readily mentioned as of yet, the next question would be “was Lynch intoxicated”?

While Buffalo detectives work the case, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has probably already started his.  Goodell who recently announced at the last owners meetings that he would fine the teams as well as the players for detrimental off-field conduct was not specific in how or what would constitute a “team” fine.

Lynch could face a suspension of a couple games should the Buffalo PD file felony charges against the RB, in addition to any fines.  So while the Bills try and continue their recovery from living in the AFC East sewer for so many years, the guy who has become a serious threat on offense, may also be a serious threat to the Bills.

This was all avoidable of course, calling the police at the time of the incident would have been easy.  So easy a caveman could have done it.  You knew it was coming at some point.