Two offspring of former HC Dave Wannstedt show up in our 4th match-up of the wo..."/> Two offspring of former HC Dave Wannstedt show up in our 4th match-up of the wo..."/>

Ricky Williams Vs. Jamar Fletcher


Two offspring of former HC Dave Wannstedt show up in our 4th match-up of the worst events in Miami Dolphins history. Ricky Williams and Jamar Fletcher.

Ricky Williams came out of Texas in 1999 to the roar of a New Orleans crowd as the 5th overall pick. 3 seasons and 2 more 1st round draft picks later, Ricky Williams was in Miami. Williams immediately appeared to be paying dividends for the Dolphins. In his first season, 2002, with the Phins, he made the Pro-Bowl and lead the NFL in rushing with over 1,800 yards, the trade appeared to be a steal. 2 seasons later after Ricky announced on the eve of training camp that he was retiring. Fans thought it was a joke.

It would later be learned that Williams failed a drug test, his 2nd one, for Marijuana. He made his announcement official on August 2, 2004. He would be ineligible to return. The Dolphins would finish the season 4-12, Dave Wannstedt would resign mid-season during the bye week and Nick Saban would be hired the following off-season. Williams would return to Miami after the Dolphins threatened to sue him for bonus money already paid.

Williams would return but serve an immediate 4 game suspension for his failed drug test. He would split reps with rookie Ronnie Brown, and then after the 2005 season, Williams would fail another test, and be suspended yet again. This time for one year.

Shortly before Ricky was eligible to apply for reinstatement, he failed yet another test. His reinstatement application would be postponed. Ricky would eventually apply for and receive his reinstatement for the 2nd time. He rejoined the team last season and play his first week back and injury his shoulder placing him on the IR list.

Williams is now back at camp yet again.

In 2001 the Miami Dolphins had a problem. They needed a QB. Jamar Fletcher was there in round 1. The problem was that Fletcher was not a QB. While Dolphins fans chanted “this pick is a Brees” showing their desire for the Dolphins and once again Dave Wannstedt to draft Purdue QB Drew Brees in round 1, DW instead opted for the CB who would be slotted as a backup behind starters Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain.

Fletcher, like Eddie Moore, would make no immediate or long term impact on the defense or special teams. Fletcher would not crack the starting lineup on his own merit. 2 years after being drafted number 1, Fletcher was traded to the San Diego Chargers for troubled WR David Boston. The Dolphins would also throw in a conditional 6th round pick.

The drafting of Jamar Fletcher had a lasting impact on the Dolphins as they are still searching for a starting quarterback. Since the Jamar Fletcher drafting, the Dolphins have used Jay Fiedler, AJ Feely, Daunte Culpepper, John Beck, Cleo Lemon, Joey Harrington, Gus Frerrote, Sage Rosenefelds, and Trent Green as starting QB’s. In comparison, since starting the final game of his rookie campaign, Drew Brees has been a starter in the NFL for the last 6 years and has taken the NO Saints to the NFC Championship game.

Jamar Fletcher is currently listed on the Houston Texans roster.

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