Even A Little Praise Is Still Praise


The NFL experts don’t give the Miami Dolphins much in the way of praise these days.  In fact, over the last several years, basically since many predicted Miami would challenge for the AFC title in Nick Saban’s second year, the Dolphins don’t get much of anything…prediction wise.  So when someone, and I really mean anyone, finds something to praise Miami about…well, we’ll take it.

Over at Locksmith Sports, Jimmy Boyd decided to give his preview of the upcoming Dolphins season.  He Emailed me awhile back to let me know he had just finished writing his thoughts on our very own Miami Dolphins.  “Feel free to rip my opinion apart” he told me.  So with my keyboard primed for a good old fashion, “that guy is an idiot” rant, I took to reading his soon to be shredded profile of our favorite team.

O.k. so here I go.  Well, o.k. I got it…Jimmy why the hell did you use the New England Patriots in the first sentence?  Your an idiot.  That, unfortunately is all I got…and that alone is nothing more than reaching.

The fact is, Jimmy nailed it, or at least hit the nail when he swung the hammer.  While he doesn’t go overboard with predictions and his preview is more of what we already know, the truth is he does see through some of the clouds and realizes that this team may not be all that bad.

"The backfield duo of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams rushed for over 1,600 yards in 2005 and the prospects are good in 2008 that they will return to form, he said in regards to our offensive backfield."

The real question for Ricky and Ronnie is their health.  Jimmy points out that the Dolphins have improved their Oline and he even talks about Ted Ginn as a “focal” point in the Phins aerial attack.

Over on defense, he points out some of the changes that have been made but also some of the question marks that remain, primarily in the secondary.  I believe he gives Jason Allen a little too much credit when he says he “constantly improves”.  At least it was positive as I tend to be more critical.

All in all this is a good piece that is probably more optomistic than many Dolphins fans would be.  Jimmy does not disclose who is favorite team is but his approach to the team does not come off homerish.