The Envelope Please…And The Loser Is…


Well, O.k. maybe loser is a strong word, losers may be more appropriate.  Round 1 of the “worst events in Dolphins history” has been completed.  Starting Wednesday we will begin round 2.  Who wants to wait until Wednesday though to know who lost, who, ahem, won, and what the match-ups will be?  I don’t, but then again, I already know how it all went down.

O.k. I won’t tease anymore.  Here are the round 1 results.

Round 2 match-ups will follow the voting results.

Dave Wannstedt Vs. the 62-7 Loss to Jacksonville:  I would have thought this one would have been a tad closer, but proving once again that the fingerprint he left on the Miami Dolphins still weighs on the mind of the fan, Dave Wannstedt easily wins his bracket match. 

SB loss to Skins Vs. Jimmy Johnson:  It appears that the long winded Jimmy Johnson and his play-dough hair were no match for losing to the Redskins.  Fans must have forgiven for JJ for Dave Wannstedt…or lumped them together. 

Don Shula Retires Vs. Loss of 3 to WFL:  In one of the closest matches of the entire bracket, Don Shula’s retirement comes out on top.  This bracket win for Shula speaks volumes to the Miami Dolphins fan base and their love for the HC.  While some may argue that Shula’s time had come, many believe it was the way that he was shown the door, a black mark. 

74 playoff loss to Oakland Vs. Monday Night Miracle:  Living to fight another day, the Jets prove once again that when it comes to Miami fans, there is no bigger loser or in this case winner.  While the 74 playoff game garnered some votes, many Miami fans weren’t alive when the game was played…unfortunately, all the voters were for that Monday night game. 

Ricky Williams Vs. Jamar Fletcher:  There really was no competition here, Jamar Fletcher being drafted over Drew Brees in round 1 by Dave Wannstedt was one of, if not the worst draft choice in the history of the Miami franchise.  For all of Ricky’s fallacies, he still performs.  Fletcher was lucky to ever see a field while he was here. 

Marino Retires Vs. ’85 Playoff loss to Patriots:  Losing a game appears to be, well, part of the game.  Losing a franchise icon appears to be a lot worse.  Marino, as he often did…wins hands down. 

Cam Cameron Can’t Vs. Eddie Freaking Moore:  With the stale taste of a 1-15 season still on the tip of every fans tongue, this match was not even close.  Much like Cameron to taking the team to the playoffs. 

Nick Saban Vs. The Snow Plow:  Only 13 votes separated these two and in the end, Saban was allowed to finally leave Miami for Alabama.  The snow plow game moves on to “blow” over another opponent. 

ROUND 2 Match-Ups:

The Snow Plow Game Vs. Cam Cameron

Marino Retires Vs. Jamar Fletcher

Monday Night Miracle Vs. SB loss to Skins

Don Shula Retires Vs. Dave Wannstedt.