Logos Have Fans In Uproar


Perhaps you haven’t heard the rumor that surfaced in the last few days that the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes would not have their logos appear at the 50 yard line this season.  Or the next for that matter.  The “U” will become a fixture for years to come this August when they begin play at Dolphin Stadium.  With stadium management working hard to make the university’s presence felt throughout the stadium, the rumored “no” logo appearence on the field has fans in an uproar.

According to recent Barry Jackson article over at the Herald, both the Phins and the Canes would be going logoless.  In his article, he cites a June interview with stadium officials.  Here are some of the highlights of his article.

  • Field presentation: Players will continue running though smoke, and the tunnel, onto the field. But unlike at the Orange Bowl, there will not be a ”U” at midfield, or the word ”Miami” — with Canes helmets — in the end zone. Nor will Dolphins fans see their logo at midfield or ”Dolphins” in the end zone.
  • In-stadium presentation: Some Dolphins items — including the Honor Roll — will be concealed during Canes games. The 400-level facade will be covered in a removable wrap featuring UM’s Ring of Honor and acknowledgement of All-Americans, the national championship years and the 58-game home winning streak. ”The lower-bowl field walls will be wrapped in our colors,” UM associate athletic director Jim Frevola said.

So as I became aware of this issue yesterday, I contacted the Miami Dolphins directly and received the following “official” statement from the team.

"“Any reports about the field markings at our games are premature. We are still in discussions with the University of Miami and Dolphin Stadium staff to determine what would work best for all parties concerned. We all are very much aware of the importance of maintaining our individual identities at each of our home games and are working together to determine the best way to do that.”"

Today, it seems that an aggreement between the Dolphins, the stadium, and the Canes has at least eleviated some of anger.  According to a report today, both the Dolphins and Canes will have a circular painted patch of sod that will be installed and removed depending on who has the field.  Scheduled to start after the Marlins have finished their season.  This season, the Fins and Canes share the stadium in the same weekend only once.

While a decision has yet to be made on the endzone cover, some speculate on the use of the word “Miami” in Dolphin Stadium colors, the Dolphin Stadium logo, or possibly each team having one end-zone.  Still, it is nothing more than conjecture at this point.

One more point of interest here, the University of Miami will not share the Dolphins locker room at the stadium.  One of two visitors locker rooms have been refurbished.