Round 2 Begins


Round 1 spawned bitter memories that many fans, o.k. all fans would just as soon forget.  From the meager drafting of bad players to bad coaching, bad bounces, and ugly losses.  Round 2 begins today.  The bracket is set, the issues the same.  What is the worst event in Miami Dolphins history?  It’s for you to decide and then to forget.  We do this not to relive the parts of out bitter past, but to put that past to sleep as we inch closer to what we all hope is a new dawn that brings a return to excellence.  Out with the old and in with the new…so to speak.

Bracket 1:  Cam Cameron Couldn’t Vs. the Snow Plow game

Cam Cameron:  It is really no surprise that the efforts or lack of by Cam Cameron last year would easily defeat the drafting of Eddie “freaking” Moore.  His horrid in-game decisions, clock management, and in team fighting with key veterans led to the worst season in Miami Dolphins history.  The year itself was even harder to watch given the Patriots pursuit of perfection.  While NE ripped off win after win, the Dolphins under Cam Cameron and GM Randy Mueller ripped off loss after loss. 

Cameron began his head coaching career in Miami by immediately receiving a series of “boos” from a crowd of fans stationed inside the Miami Dolphins practice bubble on draft day.  As Cameron entered the bubble to discuss the selection of Ted Ginn, Jr. over QB Brady Quinn, he had not yet spoken a word and already was under a microscope.

Thus began Cameron short lived time in Miami.  With his now infamous catch phrases “Fail forward fast” and “the whole Ginn family”, Cam Cameron took his place in Phins lore along side the likes of Dave Wannstedt.

THE Snow Plow Game is best remembered because it was against an AFC East rival.  While the Patriots would go on to win the game by 3 points, the significance of the game would not be felt until that following off-season.

Forever changing the landscape of NFL winter football, the NFL owners and competition committee would decide that it would no longer be legal to employ the use of a snow plow during game situations.  On the surface that seems simple and even funny, however, as seen in recent years, as snow piles and coats NFL fields, players now have to play within the elements.  Only during half-time or periods of non-play outside of time outs can anything be used to clear snow off a field, unless done so by the hands of players.

Perhaps the stinging issue that set so long in the brains of Dolphins fans was the fact that the snow plow driver was a prison inmate on work permit.  With recent allegations of what has been now commonly known as “SpyGate” by the Patriots, the snow plow game, to Dolphins fans, is simply further evidence that the Patriots as a whole like to cheat…Had to throw that in there.

Now it is up to you.  You have read the issues with each, you have recalled them in your memory.  Now, make the choice.