Tanner Says: "Let Favre Play"


The second I learned of the rumor that Brett Favre was thinking of coming back and then proceeded to read how many NFL fans wanted the record breaking QB to stay gone, all I could think of was that little cocky mouthed 2nd baseman from the Bad News Bears…not that remake, the original.  Tanner was his name.  He ran around the Astrodome and inspired the crowd to chant the words “Let them play” repeatedly until the officials caved.  Well, “Let Favre Play”!

Brett Favre has officially notified the Green Bay Packers that he wants to be released.  He has officially sent a letter to the NFL rescinding his decision to retire.  In the same breath, half of the NFL fan base, even those who live the life of cheese are crying for the 400 year veteran to retire.  To which I say “who’s business is it but Favres?” No ones.  In fact, I say “Let Favre Play”.

If Green Bay doesn’t want the ageless one, there are plenty of teams that do.  So what if Favre waffles more than a Texas Waffle House, he has every right to change his mind.  It didn’t hurt the continuity of the team last season when he took them one game from the Super Bowl.  Last years back and forth media frenzy of “he is, he isn’t” didn’t make Favre any less of the player that he is.  Didn’t force him to get injured or anything else.  All it did was keep Aaron Rodgers sitting on a bench and if you believe what some insiders say, the Packers might be better off with him there again (I don’t think that).

The fact is Favre is not coming off an injury plagued season where he feels he didn’t get the proper closure.  He isn’t coming off a near miss playoff birth or a train-wreck season.  No Favre is coming off a QB rating of over 90 percent.  28 Touchdown passes.  66 percent completion rating.  Brett Favre was the 6th best QB statistically last year.  What has that got him?  A bunch of NFL fans screaming “Favre shut up and go away”.  Perhaps Favre should listen to them and leave a league that apparently doesn’t support him.

Right now, the Packers hold the cards.  Favre can come back and cut, he can play on the bench, he can be traded.  The Pack can do whatever they want, but the more they procrastinate, the more of a public mess this will become for a team that is actually owned publicly…by the fans.  What do you think they are going to say to GM Ted Thompson at next weeks investment meetings?  Which the public are allowed to attend.

The obvious focus will turn to media speculation on where he will go.  A return to Atlanta?  Not likely.  The NY Jets?  Not likely.  Forget about NFC Central opponents…won’t happen.  Tampa Bay?  That would likely be a nice spot for him.  A team that is contending and loves QB’s.  At some point, the Miami Dolphins will be mentioned as well.  Bill Parcells loves leaders.  Miami?  Not likely.

The fact is if Favre was playing at a sub-par level, I would be right along with everyone else and justifiably so.  Favre however is not playing sub-par football and a quarter less of last years Favre is still better than what most teams have on their roster right now.  At 38 years old, Favre has proven that he can take more hits and get back up then 90 percent of NFL quarterbacks.  Maybe this is the year that he goes down and doesn’t bounce back up, but he has every right to make that decision himself.  He has poured his life and soul into the sport, and if he isn’t ready to walk just yet, then I say, “Let Favre Play, Let Favre Play, Let Favre Play”!