Fantasy Football Previews: Outside The Top 5


We have now looked at the QB, RB, TE, WR, and even the defense and special teams in our Fantasy Football Preview.  Tomorrow I will look at my top 5 by positon.

I took the time to get some of the other Fan-Sided bloggers to tell us a bit about their teams and the fantasy guys they may have who could show some value.  While a good handful of those team reps helped us out, Daniel Evans who blogs the network’s NFL Mocks site sent over his outside the top 5 picks.  After your done reading this, hop on over to visit our newest site, 12thmanrising the Seattle Seahaws blog written by David Sanders…or you can go to our new KC blog…

Here are Dans fav’s!

My Top 5 Beyond the top 5:

Well first I will name my own personal top five that way everyone
knows who wasn’t a choice for the next top five. They are Ladanian
Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Brian


Randy Moss: He won’t put up the same record breaking numbers he did
last year but he will be the best fantasy wide receiver once again. I
would expect somewhere in the 15-20 TD range and another fantastic
season in New England. I don’t like taking wide receivers in round one
but Moss is the only one I would consider taking.

Steven Jackson: If the Rams can play like the team they should be then
Jackson will be a great fantasy football option. He is a powerful
runner and has the complete package needed to be a top fantasy running

Tony Romo: I don’t see any reason not to take Romo as the #3
quarterback. Last year he was fantastic until December (like all
Cowboys), so beware when the winter months come around. Defenses claim
that they have figured out the young Dallas star but we will have to
see about that.

Frank Gore: He’s a great running back but beware, Alex Smith is not
going to open up many running lanes for him unless he goes a long way
in his development this season. I would be weary about taking Gore,
but he is a top 10 fantasy player.

Terrell Owens: Get your popcorn ready. Owens will be even better if
Terry Glenn returns to Dallas and is effective, because it will stop
defenses from double and triple teaming him. Either way he’s Romo’s
favorite target in the pass happy Cowboys offense.

On the Cusp: Joseph Addai, Marion Barber, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees,
Marques Colston