Fantasy Football Preview: The Creme'


Nothing fancy, nothing poetic, just my top 5 players at each skill position that you realistically have a shot at getting in your draft.  This is not the Manning’s, Brady’s, Tomlinson’s.  These are guys that fall out of the top 5 slots on draft day.  These are the guys that will make up your roster.


Tony Romo –  Last year was the proof that many wanted, Romo was not a one year wonder and he should only improve on his stats.

Drew Brees – Brees and the rest of the Saints struggled early last year and never were able to regain their momentum from the year before.  A fast start and this QB will really help your team.

Jay Cutler – Diabetes is a real problem and one that can be controlled.  Cutler put up decent numbers last year and should improve.

Matt Hasselbeck – Never has the flair but is always consistent.

Carson Palmer – Palmer will go only as far as his disgruntled Wr’s.

QB Sleeper – Aaron Rodgers.  While the Favre situation warrants monitoring, Rodgers will be a solid starter in many FF leagues.

Running Backs:

Marion Barber – If I am outside of the top 5, this is my guy.  Rookie Felix Jones will not be taking too many touches away from this power runner.

Ryan Grant – Green Bay played well last year on offense and the Packers finally have a dependable RB to give the rock to.

Maurice Jones-Drew – Fred Taylor is getting up there and sooner or later he will start being less involved…I’m guessing sooner.  This little engine not only can, he will.

Michael Turner – Atlanta has their featured back and Turner, make no mistake, will be a featured back.  Turner is finally stepping out of the shadow of Ladanian Tomlinson.  He should do that with the birds.

Larry Johnson – The entire offense of the Chiefs last year was putrid for FF’ers.  That doesn’t mean that will remain the same.  The issue is with the QB slot.  The Oline should be better and LJ should be healthy.  His value is that he doesn’t tend to be drafted until round 3.

SLEEPER – Ryan Torian:  The Denver Bronco rookie is already impressing his coaches and Selvin Young is not all that and a bag of chips.  Keep your eye on this one closely as he could be a very good early pick up in FA or even as a late day draft pick. 

Wide Receivers:

Terrel Owens – There is not doubt that he will play lights out for Tony Romo.  His emotional exit from last years playoff was the most unselfish thing he has done in his career.  With Patrick Crayton lined up opposite him, Owens will make you happy that you used a pick on him.

Wes Welker – If your drafting a league with yardage points, Welker is a must.  If your not, Welker is still a huge selection.  Let the rest battle for Moss and draft him high, the value and the money lies on Welker, Tom Brady’s favorite target.

Braylon Edwards – Derek Anderson may have some questions surrounding him, but Edwards does not.  If the QB can get the ball in reach, Edwards will get you points.

Steve Smith – The resurrection of the Carolina Panthers rests with Jake Delhomme and Jonathan Stewart the round 1 rookie RB.  But that also means that Steve Smith will flourish.  My bet is that they make that turn around.

Anthony Gonzalez – Marvin Harrison is back which means that AG will sit, but not so fast.  Harrison will no longer be used every down or even every series as the young AG has proven that he can play at this level.  Harrison has too many lingering issues to stay on the field full time.

Sleeper – Chris Chambers:  I blasted Chambers in Miami, that is no secret.  His often case of the drops came at crucial times, but in SD he managed to post almost a 1,000 yards receiving and was only there a short while.  He will still have his problems with holding on to the ball, but he is a deep WR who could surprise a lot of people this year.

Tight Ends

Jason Whitten – To me Jason is the must have TE in this years fantasy season.  If your high on taking TE’s early, get JW.  Rumor has it that he will be used as a split WR which will improve his stats considerably.

Heath Miller – The Steelers will now use more of a “committee” at running back, but that should open up the underneath in the passing game.  With Santonio Holmes posting 10 TD’s last year, Big Ben may look even more to the young TE as teams will start to pay attention to the outside more.

Chris Cooley – This guy is one of the more consistent TE’s in the league.  He gets thrown to a lot and with yet again a weak core of WR’s, Cooley will be a big part of the Redskin running game.

Tony Scheffler – Schef finished very strong last year with 5 TD’s in 4 games.  That should continue as the confidence that Jay Cutler has in him improves.  This may be the last year that you can get him low.

Dallas Clark – Many have him rated higher, he should be.  He is a very reliable WR and can get in the endzone.  If your looking earlier than most, he will be there, but he won’t last for long.

Sleeper – Anthony Fasano:  Call it a homer pick, but if you need a back up TE, this is your guy.  Right now everyone is staying away from Miami Dolphins players and rightly so, but Fasano has good hands and with a trio of unproven QB’s and WR’s who have really done little, Fasano could be a go to guy for the dump.