Top 10 Reasons To Like The NFC East


There are a lot of top 10 lists out there, everything from actresses to models, to NFL power rankings, but this one is a little different. The top 10 reasons to like the NFC East. Believe it or not, there are reasons to like the sister division in the NFC, even for Dolphins fans.

Number 10: Zach Thomas

It was hard to say good-bye to the “little engine that could” but we did. In an unceremonious send off, Zach was released and signed with the Dallas Cowboys. After 12 years of faithfull service how can you not feel some desire to see the Cowboys succeede if only for the ring finger of number 54?

Number 9: Jason Taylor

While the departure of Jason Taylor was somewhat less disheartening, the truth is that Jason still gave 11 years of stellar play in Miami. His departure to Washington was less surprising than it was a relief to many. Sure Taylor will be missed, but we all knew that with this off-season of change, it was only a matter of time.

Number 8:  Roy Williams

While the rumors are beginning to fly about the upcoming release of secondary all-pro Roy Williams of Dallas, will it be any surprise to see him in Miami?  Under Bill Parcells Roy Williams was stellar, it was a change in philosophy by Wade Phillips that may have played a hand in his problems.

Number 7:  Paul Pasquoloni

The Dallas Cowboys let the defensive coach leave for the Dolphins without so much as a fight.  Soon after the loss to the Gmen in the playoffs, the cherry picking Bill Parcells began tearing the Dallas coaching staff apart.

Number 6:  Todd Bowles

It has been a long time since the Dolphins had a legitimate secondary coach on their staff.  Like Pasqualoni, the Cowboys did nothing to try and stop the coaching staff bleeding.

Number 5:  The Washintong Redskins

While no other team would apparently step up to the plate to take Jason Taylor for anything less than a fourth round pick, Dan Snyder and the Redskins gave up more than just one.  A 2009 second round pick and a 2010 6th rounder.  Thank you very much.

Numbr 4:  Jeff Ireland

The Dallas Cowboys by far were our favorite team this offseason when it came to actually getting something.  Jeff Ireland came to Miami shortly after Bill Parcells did and Jerry Jones just let him go.  No compensation, no tampering, just an “ole” out the door.  While Jones has said he will not replace Ireland, Jeff has only been an intrigal part in the rebuilding of the Phins so far this season.  Thank you very much.

Number 3:  Tony Sparano

The Cowboys had a short window where they had to allow their coaches to interview for HC vacancies.  Within two days of the Cowboys loss, the Dolphins stole yet another coach from the Cowboys.  A common theme this off-season.

Number 2:  The 4th round rape

If taking the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys was not enough, if taking away Jeff Ireland was not enough, if giving Jason Taylor to the Redskins was not enough, the Dolphins bent the Cowboys over and handed them a “How does that feel” poke?  Sending their 4th round pick in this past years draft to the Cowboys for TE Anthony Fasano and LB Akin Ayodele.  While neither player is a lock to be a star, both players are considered legitimate starters and for a 4th round pick to boot is not just a steal.  Oh and lets not forget Jason Ferguson for a swap of 6’s and a 6 next year.

Number 1:  The NY Giants

While America and the world tuned in to see the Patriot perfection roll through to a 19-0 season, the NY Giants had other plans.  The Giants, a wild card team, rolled into the Super Bowl a large underdog but came out not only victorious, but the best loved franchise outside of Miami.

And that is 10 reasons to like the NFC East!