Terry Glenn Looks To Get Chopped


It appears that Terry Glenn, who early today was rumored to have signed a waiver deal with the Cowboys, later denied those ESPN claims, is not likely to be released.  According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, the veteran WR who has had health issues, still refuses to sign an injury waiver that would pay him in the 500K range.  Instead, Glenn is scheduled to make roughly 1.7 mill.  The DMN believes that Glenn will be released.  He did not fly with the team to training camp.

Owner Jerry Jones will not allow Glenn to practice until the waiver claim is signed.  Should Glenn practice and get hurt, the entire contract would be on the books for the Cowboys.  While trading him is an extremely slim option as teams would not trade for an of injured WR now that Cam Cameron and Dave Wannstedt are not in a position to call the shots, well there is the Vikings and Speilman.  Still, the likely destination is the Miami Dolphins.

Speculation has been circulating through the media for months that Glenn would in fact eventually be on the Dolphins squad.  Jeff Ireland said early in the week that the team was not finished revamping the WR position and that they would in fact be looking at upgrading the slots.  Glenn is an obvious choice because “She” played for Bill Parcells.

Another name that seems to be surfacing is that of Arizona Cardinal WR Anquan Boldin.  Boldin would be an immediate fix to the Dolphins WR corp.  Boldin is extremely unhappy in AZ and has now stated that after this season he will not sign a new deal with Cards.  Boldin will be an FA.  While the team could franchise tag the WR next year, the reality is that with the contract that Larry Fitzgerald signed earlier this year, they won’t have that kind of money to pay another wide-out.

Boldin is in camp and cheap, but that does not mean that the Cards don’t decide that getting something for him is better than nothing next year which is exactly what they will get if/when he walks.  It is something to keep an eye on considering the Dolphins now have 2 second round picks.

Another WR to keep an eye on is recently released SD Charger Eric Parker.  Parker is not in high demand right now, but should the Dolphins not see anything they like floating in the waiver pool, Parker may at least add another veteran to the roster.

There will be a lot of changes to the team in the next few weeks.  Mostly minor, but with a team in transition, some guys could have an impact long term.